tattooed love #poetry


on my right arm

tattoo your love

insert the pigment of the legends

under my skin

battered by oceans

color my arm

in scents of red

snatched from Pompei

when the sun sets

insert my soul

with violent gusts of pain

that Lancelot once felt for Guinevere

so, every night I cross myself

i’ll put that love and pain

into the hands of my own god

and then i’ll sleep.



OpenLinkNight #214




fated loves #poetry


remain with me tonight

when books surrender

their wisdom to the deepest sleep

i want your palms to feel

the purple of the jacaranda in the room

i want your eyes to carve again

old mysteries on naked shoulders

on your white shirt

now laying at my feet

i want you to rewrite in red

the Celtic ancient root

of fated loves

like that of Tristan and Isolde

love without compromise.


Fires of the Mind #Flash Fiction


First, one’s mind catered to the other.


Then they started praying upon each other’s art: one’s imagination crawling on and playing with the other’s like two lion cubs frolicking on Africa’s grasslands.


By the time physical love came into play they were already burning like two pieces of glass in a Murano furnace.

It would have been much easier if they would have kept their art separate. Yet they did not.


you are the only kiss #poetry


do not disturb the hidden shadows

which costume the corners of my room

let them sleep in deep lavender scents

do no weaken them from centuries old dreams

and do not ask forgotten loves

how did they passionately used to kiss


deep in the orange silence of my room

into the mist of butterflies which crown my hair

touch me with a dream I’ve never dreamed

for you are the only kiss

which preys upon my mind

and not my lips.