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I seek you
like roots seek water
the thirst which blasts within the rhythms of castanets
in Andalusia of the flamenco dancers dressed in red
I see you
the face of the lost stranger
dissimulating grief in autumn shadows
killed by the aurora borealis in the southern hemisphere
I feel you
dreams of wild young tigers
ravaging the flesh of prey with their teeth
in the Sahara of my burning suns the fate plays games

fragment from the poem “Passion”; from the upcoming book Passion: Love Poems and Other Writings
@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image:  agsandrew; Shutterstock; [link]

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      1. You made me go back in time. Do you remember when we used to post in that community pool?

      2. Yes, yes I do. I have always enjoyed our back and forths. I’ve spoken many times of how flattered I am to have you as a fan. Blows me away actually, considering someone of your talent who took notice of what this guy has to say from a poetry perspective. Maybe someday we will cross paths and I can thnk you face to face.

      3. I’ve always loved your writings. I enjoyed our back and forths too. We’ll cross paths. Canada is not in another continent. Till then make sure you stay on guard for her. Have a lovely day Ash.

  1. These lines have such intense imagery. So many examples which provoke such emotion. “the thirst which blasts within the rhythms of castanets” just beautiful Gabriela. Love 💕 Joni Hope you have a blessed week my friend.

    1. Thank you so much, hon. Your fabulous words make me happy. Have a fabulous day.

    1. Thank you so much, Nico. Your kindness and that of my followers is more than enough. Pace and blessings to you.

  2. Love this poem! It has everything that makes a poem great, meaningful words that tell a story and express passion and clear, vivid imagery…”the face of the lost stranger
    dissimulating grief in autumn shadows…” this is a fantastic line…enchanting and intoxicatingly beautiful Gabriela, a most definite work of Art!
    With great admiration,

    1. Sorry I pressed send by mistake. I am humbled and grateful for every word you wrote. Each brings joy into my life. The word that I am most grateful for is ART. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      1. Francisco. I enjoy every painting and every word you write . There. The feeling is mutual. You are a great artist. Did I write great? I should have written fabulous. Because your work is fabulous.

      2. Thank you Gabriela, and I am so very glad that you like my work. I try to paint what I hear, from the jazz that is always playing in my head, and write about the things that go on around me, sometimes they have to do with me, other times not…after all, art is always contrived to be “artistic” as I believe it. I always follow the “rule” Stanislavsky wrote which says that “raw emotion is not art” therefore, an artist must always create the emotion and then express it with 100% realism…reality must be broken down then re-created artistically, so it is still a reality…does that make sense? I know that to you it will because you are an artist…thank you so much Gabriela, for your support, friendship and camaraderie on this universe. You are certainly a special writer whose words touch the heart and soul.
        Mil abrazos de Valencia,

      3. My pleasure, Francisco.. I read your post post about Stanislavsky’s views on art. I am still digesting it.
        ““raw emotion is not art” Agree.
        “reality must be broken down then re-created artistically,” Agree.
        “an artist must always create the emotion and then express it with 100% realism” I don;t fully understand this one. Perhaps you can help me here.. I am having trouble with the !00%.

      4. I am glad you agree with Stanislavsky…what I meant to say…I think better in Spanish…is that emotions, in art, mostly in the theatre and for the actor, must be created out of the life experiences of the actor and then made to fit the emotion that is expected from the script. Meaning that if you must express happiness because your child graduated from Medical School, then you draw upon past emotions in your life which made you happy and you apply it to that incident in the drama or in the play you are acting in…I take this and try to apply it to other art forms which are completely different but in the end, the result is art, it is not fully real, not even realism in art is real, it is created but from materials that are real for that artist. I don’t know if I expressed or explained that too clearly…I hope so. if not, we’ll discuss it. I love discussing art.

      5. It’s not fully real. Agree. This is the key. Thank you. Can I get all this in Spanish one day? 🙂

      6. See, Francisco, in my mind, reality is a relative concept. It is not necessarily enxogenously given. Oh, I agree, bombs falling from the sky are real. Things alike too. But listen to Rimbaud “Truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking. Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.” Whose reality is this? Again I am open to listen to you.

      7. I agree with you, for me reality is also a relative concept…and Rimbaud’s words, they are too lovely, it is definitely the reality created by the poet for his incredibly beautiful work. I was referring more to the more mundane day to day reality of things that are rather common to all of us. In other words emotions, feelings and generally life, not works of art…Am I making any sense?

    1. Ah, Brad.. your beautiful words and your support mean a lot to me. You inspire too, Brad. You are a great writer too. I am humbled by your comment. Thank you again.

    1. Hi there. I hope you are doing well too. My site is this one where the conversion is taking place. My name is Gabriela and the name of my site is I generally check your site. You may have not noticed me there, but..
      Have a lovely rest of the day.

    2. As I matter a fact I checked your site. It looks like I read your last post and also give you a like,

  3. “In the Sahara of my burning suns, fate plays games”
    Such an awesome line here. I took it as the mind plays games in your journey to fulfill your destiny. As long as we choose love in a burning passion, we will always be there! Thank you for this! Gorgeous! ❤️

    1. Aw.. thank you so much. I am deeply grateful for your comment.
      “I took it as the mind plays games in your journey to fulfill your destiny.” Indeed.
      “As long as we choose love in a burning passion, we will always be there!” I can’t agree more.
      Thank you again!

    1. Hi Billy. This is so sweet of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      “enigmatically beautiful…” I love that.
      May your day be fabulous and filled with joy.

  4. I seek, I see, I feel – this passion that your words convey… I feel gripped by it, a desperation and a need and a thirst for it. This passion wraps itself around the world, from Andalusia to the desert, and most certainly to the Southern Hemisphere. I can attest to that dear G. I felt it here. This is completely magnificent, I mean completely.
    “like roots seek water
the thirst which blasts within the rhythms of castanets
in Andalusia of the flamenco dancers dressed in red”.

    Completely magnificent, underlined, caps lock, bolded.


    1. My fabulous Rachel. I am so sorry for my late reply.
      I saw your comment on my phone when I was about to enter class. Apparently that was almost two days ago. I am so sorry I did not reply immediately.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful comment.
      “I felt it here. This is completely magnificent, I mean completely.” Thank you. And you are completely magnificent. I mean it.
      underlined, caps lock, bolded and melted in chocolate all for you together with hugs and a sea of love. I changed my mind, an ocean of love.

      1. Wonderful G. Please never apologise for a delayed reply. I never expect anything, I promise. I mean that. But to receive this, all melted with chocolate and sent with an ocean of love…. I am feeling blissful. I hope you are doing well dearest G. It’s midweek. I don’t know if that is good or not. I hope for you it is. It’s Friday for me tomorrow. I don’t know how that happened.

        It’s windy tonight, so I’m sending this comment and my love on it’s way in the breeze. I don’t think it will take long to reach you. Xoxox

    1. Oh, my dear. Thank you so much. Your words really humble me. You write well. You are you. And this is the most important thing.

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