Aléxandros ho Mégas (Alexander the Great)

My body roped

In chains of memory

My soul all clad

In gray resounding pain

I feel like Aléxandros ho Mégas

Before he died at thirty-three

Regretting that he created

His own astounding legacy.


Grayish phantoms of past lovers

Lost centuries ago in heavy battles

Are whispering the same unnecessary story.

Oh, how I need my long forgotten sonneteer

To tell me how not to succumb

To the old pain of earthly glory.


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….and Edgar Allan Poe is laughing

It’s night

And Edgar Allan Poe is laughing

Sarcastically, morbid,

With no mercy, as he always did.

Don’t sing my praises in your poems

You know I’m not the courtesan

Who whispers crafted loving words

And pantomimes the innocence

To gain the favors of the bruised admirers

Disoriented flying like black birds.


Just come in bed with me tonight

And let’s make love

The love we’ve always made

In an attempt to leave this universe

Devouring each other bit by bit

Like in a painting signed by Salvador Dali

Going beyond the fear of a terrifying death

Each time we knew a hurricane will hit.


Prompt: mercy 


Aphrodite of Knidos

Her words’ perfume inflame the air

Taffeta’s vanished from her skin

Watch Knidos Aphrodite comes again

Sinking the world into delicious sin.


Carnal pleasures burning gods and mortals

The minds engulfed into abiding rattles

While Plato’s watching horrified

Intriguing love affairs ending in battles.


Indifference mirrored in your eyes

While watching Aphrodite’s waving body

My darling, you and Plato are the only ones

Who see her charms as nothing else but gaudy.



autumn reverie

Dead leaves are flowing from your eyes

Van Gogh’s sunflowers vanished in the frost

The trees are sighing symbolist(ic) poetry

It’s autumn in the Northern Hemisphere

It’s spring in Rio de la Plata.


Your heart ferments in reddish spicy rhythms

The glassy luscious skin of grapes is broken

Rejected lovers sunk in neuroses

It’s autumn in the Northern Hemisphere

It’s spring in Rio de la Plata.


I met a poet who once said

I want to die unknown in Rio de la Plata

I thought I’d give my heart to him

When estuary thunders vetoed me

The night we drunk the wine in Rio de la Plata.



tropical love



The tropic dangling its shiny earnings

During its febrile summer nights

You opening the windows of the bedroom

Inviting in its luscious thighs.


Trade winds are playing the piano

Hibiscuses are rushing in the bed

Your hands are looking for my body

Clad in the moons’ prodigious red.


The mattress under us grows fragranced roots

Vivid hibiscuses entangle in my hair

Green ocean waters rushing from above

Caught in tropic’s thunderstorm of love.



betray me



Betray me the night Delilah

Cut in silence Samson’s hair

So I will understand that venom

Can dress itself into seraphic veils.


Betray me the day that Brutus

Betrayed Caesar by the door

So I will understand that darkness

Mostly walks on marble floors.


Betray me on Mount of Olives

The horrid night when Judas betrayed him

So I can bloom into the Sunday morning

Witnessing a beatific era now aborning.


Then let me bathe into the new apotheotic world

And understand the pain of those misunderstood

My hands forever diamonding your painful souls

With faithful kisses carved from scented wood.