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I can still hear that deep voice of his and see his striking profile against the walls of the Chartres Cathedral: tormented French Gothic autumn; agonizing blue eyes; gelid rain lingering on stained glass and trickling on my face like liquid wax at the feet of saints.

“Clara, Miguel needs to stop. He needs to give up. Make him do it or I will.”

Nobody could make Miguel give up. The verb “to give up” was not part of Miguel’s vocabulary.

Miguel was not General Santa Anna who lost the Battle of San Jacinto. At heart Miguel was Cortés. Cortés who conquered an empire. Cortés who enrolled God to help him. Cortés who destroyed and rebuilt.

Jacques had no chance.

Now, when I look back, alone in the mist of those haunting memories, my eyes lids heavy, my body weak, my lips cracked by fever, Angelo was right when he said:

“Wait, Clara, wait, you don’t know Jacques yet.”

In fact, none of us knew Jacques.  Not even Angelo.

How ironic.

Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image: Kees Zwanenburg; Shutterstock; [link]

51 thoughts on “Miguel #short prose #flash fiction

  1. How beautifully descriptive and creative Gabriela. I love historical fiction. So many great lines. Lovely! Always a delight to read your work. Have a blessed day my dear friend. Love 💕 Joni

    1. My dearest Joni, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful comment. You are a gem.
      Have a blessed day, hon.

      1. Thank you, thank you… I hope the weather treats you well. May the muse be with you.

  2. Oh Gabriela. These characters. Give me MORE of them. I can’t even decide which one I’d choose if I could select one to have dinner with. The dialogue is mesmerising. Actually, I don’t think I’d choose one, I’d choose to sit at a table beside them and eavesdrop while surreptitiously trying to read their body language.

    “Clara, Miguel needs to stop. He needs to give up. Make him do it or I will”

    I need MORE of these characters. Oh, the day when I read your book in print. That will be a delicious and decadent kind of day. Xoxoxo

    1. Rachel, sweetheart, I am so sorry for my late reply. I was so overwhelmed with work.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and for your beautiful comment.
      “I need MORE of these characters. ” You are a gem. You will have more soon. I am afraid you may say stop. That’s too much.
      “delicious and decadent kind of day” those are fabulous words. Can I have one tomorrow?

      1. I could never say that is too much. This is a case of “enough is never enough” I am sure.

        As for a delicious and decadent kind of day, I absolutely wish and hope you can have this kind of day tomorrow. Why not?? I hope there is not a good answer to that question.

        Love and hugs dear friend xoxoxo

      2. Thank you for the wishes and for your kind words my dearest Rachel. ” “Enough is never enough.” Can I have more time to think about this sweetheart?
        I worked a lot today. Perhaps tomorrow… There is always the promise of tomorrow.
        love and hugs to you.

      3. I didn’t go to bed yet. But you are right. I’ll make this weekend count.
        Rachel you did not post recently.
        You ok? Now I am worried about you.

      4. Oh G, you’re awake still? It must be close to 1am? Are you working at this hour? That time of night can be quite reflective, both calm and emotional I think. Dear Gabriela, you ask if I’m ok. Truthfully, I feel like my mind is a little tangled at the moment. I can’t seem to work out how to find the paths that are best for me. Also, my kitchen has not magically appeared yet. Maybe next week.

        Sleep dear friend xoxox

      5. Yes, it’s about 1am. I am still working. Don’t worry about that. Rachel your answer worries me. You know how to reach me if you feel like. No pressure. Only if you feel like. Please know I am thinking about you. As for the frustration with the kitchen I understand. Remember I told you I was going to start to remodel the house in January? It’s February and I did not start yet. Basically I am paralyzed. I don’t understand how it’s going to work. Am I going to have a bunch of people that I do not know all over my house? Talking about living in the shadows. You know what I mean.
        I am worried about you Rachel. Write me if you feel like.

      6. Don’t be worried dear G. I’ll try to Houdini my way out of this tangle. I think things will improve soon…. I’ll email you, thank you for being a wonderful friend. I hear your frustration about the house. It’s very hard to have people there when you are there too. That’s partly why I moved out of mine. But then once you’re out it seems like you never get to go back in…

      7. You will, Rachel, you will. You are strong. I don’t think I am as strong as you are. I don’t want to move out of the house and I do not want any people that I do not know running all over my house. I have no idea how I am going to solve this one.

      8. I don’t recommend moving out unless you have to (my place was unliveable really). Maybe you could set hours that the tradespeople could work. So it was only while you were at work? I’m sure you’ll solve it. I know you will.

      9. I don’t have to move out. The house looks great but there are some small cracks at the corners of a door or two. I may be dreaming, but to the best of my knowledge that means foundation problems. If it’s the foundation it’s going to be hell. It will make painting or a new kitchen look like a walk in the park.
        Anyway I’ll figure it out.
        Lots of love Rachel. Please take good care of you.

      10. I’ll cross my fingers and toes it’s nothing too fundamental dear G. I hope you are asleep by now dear friend, ready for your decadent and delicious kind of day (I just put these words in a poem). Xoxox

      11. Oops I accidentally sent before I’d finished. I hope you don’t remain paralysed much longer. I know that feeling and I don’t like it. I hope you’re ok too. The worrying is mutual xoxox

  3. Dear Gabriela, I hope you are very well!
    I am writing to you today on the behalf of the magazine I work for as feature editor. We’d love to publish a poem by you.
    If you are interested in this collaboration, I can give you all the details about our printed and online based publication.

    All my best!

    1. Dear Finametta. I got two comments from you. I hope you got my reply to your first comment. Just in case you did not I am really interesting in a collaboration. Looking forward to hearing from you,

  4. Dear Gabriela, I hope you are very well!
    I am writing to you today on the behalf of the magazine I work for as feature editor. We’d love to publish a poem by you.
    If you are interested in this collaboration, I can give you all the details about our printed and online publication.

    All my best!

    1. My dearest Fiammetta, I hope you are well too. Thank you for writing to me. I am definitely interested in collaborations. Please send me the info anytime. Looking forward to your reply

  5. Beautiful writing Gabriela! Great characters and very interesting the dialogue that creates the dynamics so quick and so clear. Lovely!
    Take good care and all the best, wishing you a lovely weekend and sending you a double triple abrazo from Spain! (actually it is now 25 degrees in Valencia! Springtime has arrived at the end of January, incredible!)

    1. Thank you so much, Francisco. I am glad you enjoyed the piece.
      25 degrees, spring in Valencia. May roses bloom and may your weekend be scented with love. Enjoy every minute. Make every second count. It’s 5 degrees here but I’ll survive. I always do. I want to faint and have Prince Charming save me (haha!) but I am terrible. I never faint and I always save myself and others.

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I saw you posted quite a bit. I am going to read and watch the video (Ataturk) on Saturday morning. And leave plenty of comments on your blog while your enjoy Valencia. Who said life is fair?

      A double quadruple abrazo from the US!

      1. Thank you Gabriela, it is always so nice to hear from you! Yes, the piece was quite interesting and I liked it very much…I hope it doesn’t go too far below 5 over there…here we will enjoy 25 degrees all weekend with plenty of sunshine! Take good care and enjoy your Friday and the weekend!
        Miles de abrazos de Valencia!

      2. It’s great to hear from you too, Francisco. Plenty of sunshine. Send some my way, please. You have two magnificent poems on your blog. My comments will be there tomorrow morning.
        Yes, probably I should take care and stop blogging while I am driving.
        Big hugs from America.

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