There is nobility in giving. Thank you to Brad Osborne

There is nobility in giving: the kind of nobility that those who rule the world in bullet points will never know.

Thank you to my blogger friend, Brad Osborne, for the joy he brought in my life yesterday. Brad wrote a poem about how much I inspire him. I am humbled by his words and I will never forget his noble gesture.
Please visit Brad’s site at commonsensiblyspeaking

Brad’s poem for me is called “You take me there.”
Here is the first stanza:

How is it that with simple phrase
You ply the paths inside my mind
Transported back to younger days
My life, somehow, put on rewind

Please read Brad’s entire poem and post here 

Thank you all.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

48 thoughts on “There is nobility in giving. Thank you to Brad Osborne

  1. Well I am feeling guilty because I should be getting ready for church but I just had to read and comment on this beautiful tribute to you Gabriela. What a beautifully written, well expressed and true piece. He is a very good writer who I look forward to reading now. Thank you for sharing his information, and his lovely words. You have a way with poetry that makes one continue to think about what ever picture you paint with your phrases for long after they are read. What a beautifully kind and gracious tribute Bob wrote for you. Well deserved. I know your heart is touched by this gesture. Have an especially blessed day my friend and know that your words are sealed with emotion that touches every reader. Love and hugs Joni.

    1. Joni, sweetheart, thank you for your wonderful words. Yes, please visit Brad’s site when you have time. I know you are in a rush. Thank you again and have a blessed Sunday hon.

      1. I will thank you Gabriela. You have a blessed day to my dear friend hugs and love 💕 Joni. PS such a sweet thing Brad did and I know how touched you are. Can’t wait to read his poetry. 😘

      2. Thank you again sweetheart. Brad will be thrilled if you can read his work. Now, hon, make sure you are not late for service.
        Plenty of love and blessings.

  2. You are too kind! Just simple words, from a simple man, that echo what your writing means to thousands of your readers! A huge, collective thank you from all of us!

    1. Brad, thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are simple man and simple women who makes us great. My heart is in debt to everyone of them every day.
      Have a beautiful Sunday and thank you once again. I hope the weather treats you well today.

      1. I am sure they can save your work. When you write do you back up: cloud, memory stick, etc?

  3. This is so wonderful, a beautiful poem by Brad, and so resonant to me, who is inspired by you all the time. This has bought such a smile to my face. You inspire and touch the hearts of so many. Love and hugs xoxox

    1. Thank you sweetheart. I just extended an invitation to you and Watt. So please let me know

      1. You are looking at the invitation. Sorry, I did not email you. I should have written “I would like to extend an invitation.” Really Rachel I will be delighted to have the two of you on my blog. I am not going to contact Watt. Could you please do it and let me know when you can? Is this acceptable?

      2. I just responded to you, I think the world is tilting a little and there’s something parallel and mysterious happening 😂. It’s like I’m time travelling.

        But yes, of course, I am absolutely humbled and excited to be asked for you to share that piece. I’ll email Watt, and check with him.

        I think my heart may have just done a little happy dance. Thank you dear G xoxox

      3. Don’t say mischievous because I feel like sending you the picture of that guy – you know the one with the suit – well actually you told me to take way his suit… I can’t stop laughing Rachel. You are so darling.

    1. Good evening my dearest Drew,
      Wasn’t he sweet? He really melted my heart. Oh, I do not know if I deserve and what I deserve, but he certainly made me happy.
      I hope the sunset was beautiful in the island.
      Have a restful evening.

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