Introducing a wonderful novelist: D. C. Gilbert #Guest Post

My Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to introduce a wonderful novelist, Darren Gilbert, whose book Montagnard was recently published.
Do you want to know more about Darren and his beautiful book?
Here is Darren in his own words:

Montagnard is my second book in the JD Cordell series, and while a sequel, it stands well on its own. It is a story that begins in the jungles of Vietnam, then whisks the reader to Niger and the Middle East and on to Thailand before returning them to Vietnam. While Montagnard is undoubtedly an action and adventure novel, to me, it is so much more than that. Themes such as courage, honor, loyalty, comradeship, and revenge wind through its pages. And, there are several strong women, a K9 warrior, gritty combat scenes, and a smattering of martial arts. There are even some great moments of humor.  But more than all that, it is a story of love. Love of family, love of country, love of freedom. It is a story about the bond between a warrior and his K9 partner.  It is the story of the relationship between those who have shared and survived life and death situations together, it is a story of friendship, and it is a story of redemption.

To be honest, I have probably been a writer my whole life. I have written lots of stories that no one will ever read.  Most new writers will understand. There is always that nagging doubt; who would ever want to read that? Or, what if nobody likes what I have written?  Finally, I decided to take the plunge. Serpents Underfoot, my first book and the first in this series is, by most accounts, a fairly good read. But it was my first, and I made several newbie mistakes getting it out.

The response to Montagnard genuinely humbles me. I guess that is because it tells a tale that is near and dear to my heart. I am a veteran who loves his country. I am a dog lover, and I have had the honor of knowing several strong women in my life.  I am also somewhat of a romantic fool. And, I genuinely love my characters. They are, I guess, composites of myself and people I have come to know and respect in my life.  But then, I think that is what any good writer does, isn’t it? They write stories that share a little bit about who they are, both in their lives and their dreams.

Darren’s book is available on Amazon here.

Please visit Darren’s site here. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you

45 thoughts on “Introducing a wonderful novelist: D. C. Gilbert #Guest Post

    1. Thank you so much Ishita. Your kindness and your support are precious.
      Sending you love.

  1. Gabriela. Thank you for the opportunity and such a great introduction on your blog. I really appreciate it. I have found the community of writers across all genres to be very friendly and supportive. It is quite a remarkable thing.

    It can also be inspirational. I just purchased my second book of poetry, and of course, it is all your fault! 😉

    1. Darren, it is real a pleasure to introduce you to my followers. I hope they enjoy your wonderful book. You are right. There is a wonderful community of writers on WP.

      I am thrilled you purchased your second book of poetry.
      “it is all your fault!” Ouch… 🙂

      Darren, you are an inspiration for me. I am going to write a poem called “it’s never my fault” 🙂 and dedicate it to you. I am not kidding.

      Have a wonderful day and thank you again for agreeing to be my guest.

  2. It sounds like an excellent post and perhaps a truly positive read with everything going on politically in our world. I love that it is a story about love. I also find the K9 history to be very fascinating. Thank you so much beautiful Button for telling us about this read.

    I think that everyone who has served their Country is a hero. I believe that every service man and woman has a great story to tell and it sounds like this is a precious and candid story. My best to DC Gilbert and thanks to you my dearest Button. Love ❤️ and hugs Honeybun

    1. Hi honeybun. You are a gem. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Sending you a ship filled with love. I’ll send another one when my short vacation is over.
      G (button)

      1. You are so welcome. I know how short a vacation can feel. I hope you are being blessed and enjoying yourself beautiful Button, my treasured friend. Thank you for your ship, its contents were delivered by kind soldiers that got to enjoy a slice of North Carolina, that said to tell you thanks for your gorgeous big heart. I told them to buy your book and lay on the Carolina coast with friends and loved ones and read your lovely words . . . off they rushed to do so. Talk soon enjoy your blessings my friend. I love you sweet Button, yours honeybun. xoxoxo

  3. What an exceptional introduction to a great writer. You are forever so generous and kind, Gabriela! And Darren’s writing is worth the accolades. Hope you are well, Poetess!

    1. Hi there Brad. Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope Darren reads you comment. I am well Brad. I hope you are too.

  4. I love mysterious thrillers, and DC Gilbert’s books remind me of novels I have read by a local author, so I look forward to checking out Montagnard! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Good morning G,

    This was a lovely introduction to this author.

    Now, his comment that our characters composites of yourselves and people we know. That set my mind off……my poor characters. lol

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Good morning Drew and thank you for the visit. I am sure your characters are fascinating.

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