Lonely Saturdays #poem #prosepoem #poetry

The ankle of an iceberg cries. Its tears fell on my body.
They crust on my skin like cold wax on a rack of votive candles.
Seconds hurt like lonely Saturdays.
I lie in bed.
Roses scent the air.
My dreams burn. Ashes of our nights of love cover the sun.
My eyes dilate under the gravity of time.
I taste figs and wild forest.
The room moves on another longitude.
Is it morning?
Is it Saturday?
Where are you?

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@Gabriela Marie Milton

image: bruniewska; Shutterstock; [link]

90 thoughts on “Lonely Saturdays #poem #prosepoem #poetry

      1. I am so sorry to hear that. I know it’s tough on you. When did he get sick? Is he feeling better?
        I wish him a speedy recovery.

      2. “worse in the evening”, I know. Try to get some rest if you can. You do not need to reply to this comment. Take care of you and B. I hope things get better soon.

      3. I am glad he is resting. You can blow plenty of steam on my site if you want. I’m listening.
        You are going to make it Bo. Adrenaline kicks in. Probably after your student leaves it’s going to be more difficult. Hang in there, Bo.

  1. Random beautiful thoughts feeling the sleepy head of a lovely woman as she wonders where her lovers gone. Such visual phrases, I could see the drips of the iceberg. Brilliant Gabriela! Have a blessed weekend. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Oh, hon, thank you so much for a beautiful comment. I am humbled by your words. You have a blessed weekend too. Be loved, my dearest Joni.

  2. Wow–that’s so lovely and moving. An iceberg screaming. Oh my, I’ve never thought of that before. But, of course, I’ve walked across ice-covered lakes in winter and know that that ice can groan and cry. What an image, that iceberg. Perfect piece for this Saturday. Thank you!

    1. My dearest Rebecca, I am humbled by your comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words.
      “I’ve walked across ice-covered lakes in winter and know that that ice can groan and cry.” Me too. That feeling was in my soul when I wrote the poem. I am so glad you found it in my words.
      Wishing you a splendid Saturday and thank you again.

    1. Thank you so much dear. In my heart I wish that sentence would not be in your head. But, life is the way it is. Sending you plenty of love.

    1. I am thrilled you did. Hugs and may your weekend be beautiful as your soul is.
      Xoxo 😘

  3. I cannot get enough of reading your poetry and this one, in particular speaks to me in pictures that paint emotions, feelings and memories…the colour and shape of things abstract that reflect reality. “My dreams burn. Ashes of our nights of love cover the sun.
    My eyes dilate under the gravity of time.” This verse is incredibly powerful, I can see the sun, covered with the ashes of nights of love and passion. Loved it to the Nth degree Gabriela, this work is priceless!
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend, here it is a lovely Saturday afternoon, cold but sunny.
    Abrazos valencianos,

    1. Thank you so much, Francisco. I am beyond grateful for the high praise. I am glad – it’s more than that but I can’t find the right words here – you liked the piece. Extremadamente contenta? Not strong enough to reflect what I feel.
      “I can see the sun, covered with the ashes of nights of love and passion. ” I wish I could see what you see.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I read your new piece. I am still under its spell. Once I dispel the spell ( 🙂 ) I will comment on it. It’s exceptional.
      “a lovely Saturday afternoon, cold but sunny.” And why aren’t you at the beach, matador?
      Abrazos americanos

      1. No, not the beach, although it would have been nice but I spent a few hours walking along our park, which we call “the river” (used to be the Rio Turia but it was re-directed and the river bed became a beautiful park that is 7k long and crosses the entire city)…anyways, yes, I loved that last poem you posted and you make such perfect images that one can see many things within those phrases. Take good care and have a lovely morning in America.
        Abrazos ibericos del mediterraneo,

      2. It must have been nice. Are there any urban legends following the re-direction of the river?
        Oh, I forgot to ask you: are you a fun of Valencia CF?
        You take good care too. Thank you for the “Abrazos ibericos del mediterraneo”

      3. I will research the urban legends reference el rio, which is officially called Jardines del Turia. Well, actually I am and have always been a lifelong fan of FC Barcelona, Visca Barça always! But Valencia CF is my hometown team (Levante UD also) so I usually don’t tell many people I am a Barça fan, hehehe…
        And the abrazos ibéricos del mediterráneo are my pleasure!

      4. “Actually I am and have always been a lifelong fan of FC Barcelona” Ay… do not worry about. Your secret is safe with me. Half of the people I know are fans of FC Barcelona. The other half roots for Bayern Munich. I was in Berlin when Barça booked the place in the 2014/15 Champions League Final. I remember that day like it was yesterday.
        “Jardines del Turia” It sounds a bit like “Jardin des Tuileries” 🙂
        Francisco, what’s the difference between ” abrazos ibéricos del mediterráneo” and “abrazos italianos del mediterraneo”? I am kidding. Thank you for the “abrazos ibéricos del mediterráneo.”
        que tengas un lindo domingo

      5. Thank you Gabriela, it is a beautiful Sunday morning sunny and warm (unusual for the time of year but welcome)…yes, I remember that champions league final, 3-1 in favour of Barça over Juventus and Barça also won La Liga and Copa del Rey, el triplete that season! Wow! The difference, hmmm, I would say they are very similar but ours are perhaps a little better, 😃. Well enjoy 😊 your Sunday in America, May it be lovely and muy agradable…I look forward to your next poem. Be well, be creative y ¡abrazos 🤗 de Espanya!

      6. Francisco, I was sure you will remember that 🙂
        Anyway, I am having trouble leaving comments on your site again. This time the system will not let me to outsmart it. On Spring I tried three times. The second and the third time I got a message “duplicate comment.” The comment may be there somewhere. It may be in your trash or spam folder. Or, I have no idea.. Here is what I said on Spring.
        “Francisco, I love the personification of Spring in this piece The entire piece is sweet. In some places it sounds innocent like the prayer of a child or a very young lover.
        And I’ll dream your warmth restores me,
        and I’ll kiss your flowers new,
        If you promise to love me,
        You play with words. You play your guitar. Words become chords.

        I watched the video too: beautiful paintings and drawings. So is the music. I really enjoyed it.
        “Un Manchego en la Luna” is a classic: Juxtaposition of irrational imagines tied to a real place (the realm of rational). Magnificently executed.
        It breaks my heart but I do not know what else to do to get the comments to your side. If it happens again perhaps you want to talk to the WordPress. I cannot speak on your behalf, because you are the one that are not getting the comments.
        “it is a beautiful Sunday morning sunny and warm” I am waiting for a poem called “the summer that came too soon” 🙂
        Have the loveliest Sunday ever.
        I am going to go back to sleep for an hour or two before I post.

      7. Gabriela, I will contact WordPress, but I searched and I cannot find a spam folder or a trash on this blogsite. I thank you so much for the interpretations you’ve made, I am more than thrilled that you have liked the poems. And I thank you so much for looking at the video and I am so glad that you have liked the music as well. You know how to interpret these poems in a very unique but very clear manner. Your heart speaks as it does with your poetry, with kindness, wisdom and perfection and I greatly appreciate it. Yes, it bothers me tremendously that you are having such trouble with leaving comments. I cannot understand it but I promise to chat with WP and find out the reason. A poem called “The Summer that Came Too Soon” is a great idea…hmmm, let’s see what comes from such a lovely title as the one you’ve given it…
        Sleep well and enjoy a restful Sunday in America,
        Ciao bella,

      8. My pleasure, Francisco. Your work is truly beautiful. I greatly admire it. Your site is a WP site. All WP sites (or blogs) have spam and junk folders. Under my side/wp-admin/ comments. If you did not built your own site perhaps you can ask the builder of your site to show you. Who knows what you may find in those folders. Just a suggestion. It’s a good idea because you may find real spam in your folders and those links can drag down your site when it comes to google ranking. Please do not take it as an imposition. Again it is just a suggestion. No lecturing, nothing like that.

        “The Summer that Came Too Soon” is a great idea…hmmm, let’s see what comes from such a lovely title as the one you’ve given it…” let’s see you 🙂

  4. G, the images here and the unfiltered expression are delightful. You pull the reader into sensing everything you describe with wonderful word play and evocative phrasing. In a word, “captivating”!

    1. Aw.. thank you from the bottom of my heart, Brad. Your comment is magnificent and it really makes me happy. You made my Saturday, my dear friend.
      Brad, where are you located? If you don’t want to answer it’s ok.
      Have a fabulous weekend.

      1. Just paying it back, as your poem made my Saturday as well! I am happy to answer your question. I am in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am also available to you through my personal email on my contact page, should you have any comments or questions that warrant privacy. You have a great weekend too, G! ❤

      2. Thank you again for your kind words and for letting me know, Brad. I really appreciate it.
        I’ll try to make the best of this weekend 🙂

  5. Gabriela. This poem has bought tears to my eyes. I read it, I read it again. I felt each word in my soul. The feeling of sadness, of separation, is immense, it stretches the world and bears the weight of gravity in your words. “seconds hurt like lonely Saturdays”. They do, I wish they didn’t. This line G… Your Saturday is my Sunday. And you know I have a thing about Sundays… the desolation and finality of them. Sometimes a poem touches me in a way that is so personal. This is one of them. Just this morning G I wrote a(nother) poem about Sunday. How could I have known that I was responding to you. I must have been. That I was writing from another latitude while you had written about the real-time equivalent Saturday. As though my soul was already touched by your words. I will stop here G. But there is more. I feel like I need to say thank you for writing this. Thank you for touching my soul like this. Thank you for being you. And then, I will send you all my love and hugs. Xoxoxox

    1. Oh, my dearest Rachel, you are a sweetheart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support. Someday I would like to put a smile on your face. Till then I trust that you can do that by yourself.
      “Your Saturday is my Sunday” this is always so clear to you and so confusing to me 🙂 Did I make you smile?
      “And you know I have a thing about Sundays… the desolation and finality of them.” I know.
      “Just this morning G I wrote a(nother) poem about Sunday. How could I have known that I was responding to you… As though my soul was already touched by your words.” Thank you so much for these words Rachel. They mean a lot.
      “Thank you for touching my soul like this” Thank YOU for touching mine Rachel. Thank you for being a true friend and for being fabulous.
      Sending you big hugs. Make sure you catch them. I am adding chocolates and flowers.
      Have a magnificent week.
      to your site to read your poem.

      1. You put a smile on my face just now G. So often you do this! And I just caught those love and hugs, oh, and chocolates and flowers, so they definitely helped too. You treat me so kindly. I hope you have a great week too dear G. I haven’t finished the poem yet, but I’ll post it when I do. Sending you a big warm blanket and wishing you a sunny spot behind a window (guessing its cold there at the moment? Xoxox

      2. I looked for it. It wasn’t there. I felt like a little kid who couldn’t find her fav toy. I really wanted to read something from you. Now you have to appease me. How many chocolates do I get?

      3. How many can you eat??? I’ll give you that many and double it 😉. Is there anything else that might make up for this??? I’ll try and finish it tonight?

      4. Please finish tonight. I’ll be happy tomorrow. But still what do I do till tomorrow? There are 5 chocolate bars on the counter in the kitchen. I am going to go downstairs and eat one now. If you promise me you finish tomorrow. If not I will eat all of them right now.

      5. Ok, now you have me laughing. If I was there, I might choose to sit up and chat with you and then I would not write my poem. In which case, I’d get to watch you eat all five 😂. (More likely I’d eat them with you).

        As I’m not there, I’ll write the poem instead. So, you’re off the hook.

      6. I already ate one. So please write the poem. Can’t wait to read it. It’s almost 2am here. I’d better go to sleep and you go write. See you tomorrow 💝💝💝💝💝

      7. Hey! That was five!! I said I’d write the poem!

        Please sleep well dear friend. You are up so late
        (That’s at least 3 nights’ supply).

    1. Thank you so much, Gina. Your beautiful words bring joy and comfort. Have wonderful Sunday 💕🤗💝🌞

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Nico. May you have a fabulous rest of the weekend 🌞

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