Literary Revelations Publishing House: updates and more #poem #poetry #publishing

Literary Revelations Publishing House- Updates

Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to remind you that Literary Revelations will open its website in early November. Please read more about us and our mission Here.

Our Motto:

“Audentis Fortuna iuvat.” Fortune Favors the Bold.
Literary Revelations favors the bold and the talented.

We will open with a call for submissions to a poetry anthology, and a very exciting interview.

Are you ready to explore your childhood and tell us what you see there? Are you ready to bring us the magic, the joy, and perhaps the pain of your childhood? Our anthology will be entitled Hidden in Childhood.

This is not a book for children. This is a book for adults. We expect you to tell us how the experiences of your childhood formed you. We will be ready to listen to you. We will be more than proud to publish your poetry. To inspire you we have chosen three quotes:

As a small child, I felt in my heart two contradictory feelings, the horror of life and the ecstasy of life.
― Charles Baudelaire

For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.
― John Connolly, The Book of Lost Things

The child, in love with prints and maps,
Holds the whole world in his vast appetite.
How large the earth is under the lamplight!
But in the eyes of memory, how the world is cramped!

― Charles Baudelaire

More information about the anthology and how to submit will be available on the website of Literary Revelations in the beginning of November.

Meantime if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below.

More Updates:

I am very pound I have several poems included in two anthologies.

On October 10, 2022 Vita Brevis Press lunched its forth anthology entitled: What is All This Sweet Work?: A Poetry Anthology About Love and Loss. The book is a stunning collection of poetry edited and curated by Brian Geiger. I am deeply grateful to Brian for including my work in this anthology.

On June 25, 2022 Meghan Dargue launched FromOneLine Volume 3, a superb book of poetry and flash fiction. My thanks to Meg for including me.

Best Wishes

Gabriela Marie Milton
Pushcart Prize Nominee
#1 Amazon Bestselling Author
Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women (ed.), Experiments in Fiction, 2022.
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose, Vita Brevis Press, 2021.
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, Vita Brevis Press, 2020

65 thoughts on “Literary Revelations Publishing House: updates and more #poem #poetry #publishing

  1. This is so exciting, Gabriela. I look forward to the launch and the timing is perfect for some poetry. Congrats too on having your poems included in two new anthologies. I’m unsurprised that your talent is taking you places. Hugs.

    1. Diana, thank you so much for your kind comment and your support. You make me feel special, and that means the world to me. Sending you love and good wishes. Thank you for being YOU. Happy Writing!

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Karima. I am glad you think so. I hope you are well hon.

  2. Smashing good idea Gabriela! Las remembranzas de la infancia, de la niñez, de la juventud son fuentes de grandes poemas en todos los idiomas. Como dijo Antonio Machado:
    “Mi infancia son recuerdos de un patio de Sevilla,
    y un huerto claro donde madura el limonero;
    mi juventud, veinte años en tierra de Castilla;
    mi historia, algunos casos que recordar no quiero.”
    Un fuerte abrazo de Valencia y te deseo mucha suerte,

    1. Francisco, muchísimas gracias gracias por todo. Me alegra que te guste la idea
      “En el corazón tenía
      la espina de una pasión;
      logré arrancármela un día;
      ya no siento el corazón.”

      Un abrazo y mucha suerte.

    1. Liz, my dearest, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. This publishing house is very dear to my heart and I really appreciate you being here for me. Thank you once again. I hope everything is well with you.

      1. Wonderful. Good luck from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to read it 🌹🌺🌸

  3. Many congratulations, and continued success to you, dear Gabriela. I’m excited for your new venture, and to see it flourish and grow, as I know it will. All my best, always. 🌻🍂🌺🌹

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words Jeff. I am humbled by your support and by you being so kind to me. Have a great day my friend.

  4. Dearest Gabriela congratulations on your latest publications. Also congratulations for your new anthology and of course your publishing house. It is all wonderful news. Blessings to you and success on all of these beautiful adventures in writing. Love ❤️ Joni

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Joni. Thank you for your kind words and for the blessings. Sending love. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time in the mountains.

      1. We really have, it was truly nice to get away and it is always so wonderful to get home again also. Blessings and much love coming your way. Big hugs too. ❤️🦋🤗🙏🥰🎊🎉🎊

  5. Dearest Gabriela… not sure where my message went but glad I checked in to see it never came so I could let you know that I couldn’t be happier for you!
    Congratulations on this great news.
    You exemplify the meaning of “ask a busy woman to get something done if you want to see results”.
    What don’t you do and how you juggle it all is unfathomable to me and such and inspiration. And how uncanny it’s on the day we posted “Strands into Gold” because everything you touch does just that. Enjoy the process and new endeavor with your mom smiling down on you so proud .
    I’m personally proud to know you.

    1. Hon, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gorgeous comment. I am humbled by every word you wrote. You know busy. You do the same. The woman you describe is you too. Love you with all my heart. I hope you like the theme of the anthology. I hope it will inspire you 😊 sending tons of love and hugs your way. Have a beautiful weekend ❤️🌺🌸🌹

      1. It’s my pleasure and so glad they touched you in such a meaningful way. YES, WE know busy… could we not? 🤣😘
        But all good for our souls purpose and destiny.
        I do love the theme and you. I am looking forward to inspiration to breath into me as the winds find their way through the ethers. Tons of love to you too for a wonderful weekend. 💗😘🥰

  6. You are a very talented writer, so the publications didn’t come as a big surprise. I love the idea of a new site and will sharpen my pen to deliver some poetry. Thanks for creating a haven for poets.

    1. Oh, wonderful. Thank you for your kind words and I am looking forward to reading your poetry 🌸

    1. Thank you so much hon. I will be honored. The plan is to launch the new publishing house tomorrow. The call for submission will be posted tomorrow too, so please be on the watch. Sending love ❤️❤️❤️

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