My Poem You Night Included in Vita Brevis Poetry Anthology, III

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Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor Heyser – Ophelia/ public domain

My Poem You Night Included in Nothing Divine Dies: The Poetry of Nature (Vita Brevis Poetry Anthology, III)

I learned how to read in the mint forest under a pale October moon.
My eyes, blueberries mama gathered in her wicker basket.
The unassuaged yearnings of a golden autumn spread under my skin.
I found the rivers where fish were born, and nightingales sang.
I thought to myself: you, night, how beautiful you are crowned with black poppies and nursing ancient lovers at your chest.
A boat sailed straight through my heart.
The earth stretched its arms to pick up stars.
Then a war started.
A bat-eyed wind blew, and the earth turned toward itself.
And I thought to myself: you night, how painful you are.
Tell me something after I die and before tomorrow’s departure.
Let me wear twelve sage leaves on my lips.
Let my body blossom on the Hill of Slane when the breath of sleep rises from the empty crypt.
You night, how wise you are.

The Anthology

From the publisher:

“From a shaft of sunlight warming the kitchen floor to a lush forest by Walden pond, what is it about experiencing nature that pleases and fulfills us? In the third volume of the Vita Brevis Poetry Anthology, established and emerging poets from around the world show what nature means to them. This is nature poetry at its most precise and moving, continuing the long tradition of Transcendentalism, deciphering ourselves and the world that sustains us — with art.”

Vita Brevis Anthology


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Two poems included in FromOneLine Vol.2 Anthology – Published by Kobayaashi Studios

published by Kobayaashi Studios

FromOneLine Vol.2 Anthology

My Dear Readers,

I am thrilled to be included in the most recent anthology published by Kobayaashi Studios: FromOneLine Vol.2.

From the publisher:

The SECOND FromOneLine Anthology is another stunning edition : published as an A5 sized book, featuring 41 prompt lines, 113 authors, and 457 poems and flash fiction.

Stemming from a Twitter-based prompt, the participants of FromOneLine write poetry or very short prose based around a single offered line prompt – and the results have been incredible. A selection of these writings have been gathered into this second volume to be enjoyed at your leisure. Comes with a bookmark.

Paperback : 234 pages
Edited by Meghan Dargue
Published by Kobayaashi Studios

You can get the anthology here or on the publisher’s site here.

You can also visit FromOneLine on Twitter here.

Excerpt from one of my poems:

Don’t turn your back.
I am the glue that holds together the baked sands stuck on
your skin during endless torrid summers.
Sometimes I look like a four-leaf clover sitting on the lapel
of your black coat on the 15th of every month.
Other times when it is dark, you call me Selena, and you
make my twelve fingers knead your ecstasies and plant
them in whispering tombs.



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Ingrid Wilson’s Reading: ‘Destiny of this earth’ by Gabriela Marie Milton #The Anthropocene Hymnal Anthology #poetry #poem

The Anthropocene Hymnal is out!

My Dear Readers,

The Anthropocene Hymnal Anthology edited and compiled by Ingrid Wilson is now available on Amazon. Please consider ordering here.

Poetry Reading

I am deeply grateful to Ingrid for her beautiful reading of my poem “Destiny of this earth.” [included in the anthology]

You can visit Ingrid’s post below

or here is a direct link to Ingrid’s reading and the text of my poem.

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
I burn in wildfires and spin in the eyewalls of hurricanes that should never be
I sit at the intersection of two bridges that lead nowhere
wonder how many days this earth and I have left
there is no more laughter in the eyes of the stars
there are no more shells on the shore
the waves leave behind the deformed plastic of heated summers
echoes of drunken voices
I vacillate between the poetry of broken glass and the memory of winters
that do not exist anymore
metallic noises breathe the air
and eat from the shoulder of the mountain
a curse floats in the horizon

my earth
in autumn when I used to break the fruit of the vines under my feet
you nursed me under your shades of green
dressed me in small shy roses
covered my face in the first dew of your mornings
now tell me
how to heal the wounds of your forests
placate the jaws of your non-ending storms
erase the negative of love from the face of your cries

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
teach me what saviors do

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The Anthropocene Hymnal Anthology is here – thrilled to be a contributor #poetry #climate change

cover art ‘New World’ by Kerfe Roig,

Time to put yourself first? I don’t think so. It is time to put our planet first. If not there will be no you, I, us.

The Anthropocene Hymnal anthology is here.

Ingrid Wilson, who complied and edited The Anthropocene Hymnal, describes it as “a poetic response to the joint crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.” Ingrid worked hard to raise awareness of the dangers our planet faces. I am extremely grateful to her for her efforts and dedication.

The book will be published on 24 July 2021. The Kindle e-book is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

However, please keep in mind that Ingrid will sell her own version of the e-book on her site. Payment for downloads purchased in that way will be via donation to WWF. If you want to contribute to WWF [] please consider buying from Ingrid’s site.

Read more here.

I want to thank Ingrid for including my work in her project and to everyone who supports her efforts.

From my contribution

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
I burn in wildfires and spin in the eyewalls of hurricanes that should never be
I sit at the intersection of two bridges that lead nowhere
wonder how many days this earth and I have left
there is no more laughter in the eyes of the stars
there are no more shells on the shore
the waves leave behind the deformed plastic of heated summers 
echoes of drunken voices

destiny of this earth
you are my destiny too
teach me what saviors do  

A few reports on climate change

“Record-breaking temperatures hit the Pacific Northwest at the end of June, with an all-time high in British Columbia of 121 degrees.. An estimated 1 billion small sea creatures – including mussels, clams and snails – died during the heat wave in the Salish Sea, off more than 4,000 miles of linear shore…” [Amanda Coletta, and Sammy Westfall, The Seattle Times, July 8, 2021]. Internet available here.

“Officials in the Florida Keys announced what many coastal governments nationwide have long feared, but few have been willing to admit: As seas rise and flooding gets worse, not everyone can be saved.” [Christopher Flavelle and Patricia Mazzei, The New York Times, December 4, 2019]. Internet available here.

“2020 was one of the three warmest years on record. The past six years, including 2020, have been the six warmest years on record. Temperatures reached 38.0 °C at Verkhoyansk, Russian Federation on 20 June, the highest recorded temperature anywhere north of the Arctic Circle.” [State of the Global Climate 2020, WMO-No. 1264, 2021]. Internet available here.

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A beautiful anthology – The Sound of Brilliance: The Short of It – is out #guest post

It is my pleasure to introduce you to The Sound of Brilliance: The Short of It by Susi Bocks. In Susi’s words the anthology features the brilliant work of 41 poets and writers. I know some of them and I truly look forward to reading this beautiful collection.

Joni Caggiano and Jaya Avendel, as well as other wonderful writers, are included in this anthology. Please consider buying it.

Furthermore below is the link for Poets Coffee Table Chat- April 5. You can listen to Susi talking about the anthology, and to various poets – Joni included – discussing multiple issues and reading their poetry. I hope you enjoy.



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Vita Brevis Anthology, Brought to Sight & Swept Away, is out. My poem On Sacrifice and Meaning is included

I am thrilled my poem On Sacrifice and Meaning was included in Vita Brevis Anthology: Sight & Swept Away. Congratulations to the editor – Brain Geiger – and to my fellow poets who are published in this anthology.

On Sacrifice and Meaning by Gabriela Marie Milton

Because I love you, I learned the meaning of sacrifice.

It is autumn; an autumn that came too soon and whose suicidal breath brought dust and diseases.  
The lamb will be born in the spring.

I try to advance but the liquid silver pulls me back.
I cut its hands with a knife.
Every cut fulfills the dreams of the knife; my dreams are still in the waiting room.

I rub my cheeks with rosemary and wrap my body in the alphabet of love.  
On my lips the unspoken words shine. 
How beautiful they make me look.

I restore the degradation of our myth to its rightful fecundity.
The sacrifice becomes a festival, and the festival turns into creation.  

I do not feed on things. I feed on ….

Announcement from the editor:

Day #2 Update

If you missed yesterday’s anthology announcement, you can find it here. Today, your poetry ranked as the #2 bestseller in the new release poetry anthology category!

I can’t thank the Vita Brevis community enough. This type of performance is what keeps Vita Brevis reading-fee free. Thanks for making poetry publication accessible to everyone, and for keeping this little publication running.

And congratulations on almost becoming bestselling poets — let’s get up to #1!

My book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings featured in San Francisco Book Review and Manhattan Book Review.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

My Poem Moonlight Love Included in Words Of Power: A Poetry Anthology #poem #poetry #antology

 Liliya Kulianionak; Shutterstock

Thank you to Kevin Watt for including my poem Moonlight Love in his new anthology Words of Power.

Here is my poem:

Bones, blood, flesh trapped in a brilliant moonlight.
The sand of the shore carried faraway by translucent tongues of water.
Around me the mint grows taller than the trees; lassitude turning from gold to red.
Eyes become the locus where the desert and the sea meet.
Imprinted on my body the number twelve; the twelve horses of the sun-chariot.
He, the seller of time, looks at me.
His voice penetrates the membranes of my cells.
One hour of impossible love for two dimes.
I, who can foresee the future, buy.
The hour wraps around my hips like a passion vine around a tree.
For a second you, the lover of the visible world, hesitate.
Streets inundated by the sweet smell of citrus.
Arms hugging a void.
You cannot eat that citrus and you cannot touch me.
Moonlight love, remind me, why did I buy you?

Words of Power is available on Amazon here.

My book, Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, can be ordered here.

Thank you.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

Two of my poems included in “Pain & Renewal: A Poetry Anthology” published by Vita Brevis Press #poetry #anthology

My Dear Readers,

Vita Brevis just published Pain & Renewal: A Poetry Anthology. I have two poems included: The Dark Flag of Pain and Autumn Healing.

Pain & Renewal features a collection of incredible voices — from Pulitzer and Pushcart prize winners to brand new poets, it’s filled with moving poetry about the highs and lows of the human experience.”

You can get the digital version here.

And you can get the print version here.

Here is a snippet from my poem Autumn Healing:

..this autumn stretches purple shadows
over unending fields of sweet corn and hurt souls
it brings from the depth the lacustrine goddess
who heals all wounds with yesterday’s mirth…

@Gabriela Marie Milton