Hidden in Childhood scheduled to be released on January 31; Pre-Launch Zoom Meeting- Radio Show- Updates

Hello Everyone,

Literary Revelations is thrilled to let you know that Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology is scheduled to be released on January 31. On January 31 I will post the Amazon link where you can buy the book.

Contributors please check your email in the beginning of next week for updates. Those of you who are interested in our anthology please check my blog, the Literary Revelations website, and my social media: Twitter @shortprose1 & IG @gabriela_marie_milton. I cannot tell you how excited I am. The book will be monumental. The paperback version will have 450 pages; 450 pages filled with the light and the shadows of your childhoods; 450 pages filled with tears and smiles. It’s an incredible book.

Zoom Meeting – Radio Show

On Saturday, January 21 a pre-launch meeting for Hidden in Childhood took place. I am most grateful to those of you who participated and to Victoria Onofrei of Bloomsbury Radio for inviting us to her show, Victoria in Verse.

We expect the radio show to be broadcast on Sunday January 29, at 6 pm London time. If no delays I will send our contributors the link where they can listen to the show.

Several thoughts about the zoom meeting: I have participated in many literary meetings, but never in one like ours. You recited your poetry beautifully, you poured your heart into every verse, you shared your experiences in a very meaningful way. You opened up your souls and spoke about the abuses you endured, the trauma that is still with you. You shed tears. Thank you for every tear you shed. Thank you for every word you spoke.

Most of the time people want to convince us how great and confident they are. They want to be perceived as winners. Sharing feelings during a public event is not in the cards. Please know that those of you who shared your feelings with sincerity and took off the mask of hypocrisy are the real winners. Our contributors are all winners. You conquered my heart and you will conquered the hearts of those who will read this anthology. My love to all of you.

Below please find the Amazon Description I wrote for the book

From authors featured on NPR, BBC, and the New York Times, and from emerging poets, comes a monumental anthology in which every poem sends shivers down your spine. Childhood’s joy and trauma expressed – with stunning talent and sincerity – by over 150 poets in more than 280 poems. Childhood spaces magnified by the human memory, populated by good and bad, by trips to hell and heaven, in an almost Hieronymus Bosch type of atmosphere.  Over 150 voices call you to read this book. Read it. You will learn that childhood never goes away. You will be reminded of the beauty of the seraphim and the need to protect children from any form of abuse. 150 voices knock on your door. Open the door. A chorus of childhoods will tell you that our children need love.  

Literary Revelations is proud to bring you this anthology and deeply grateful to all contributors for pouring out their hearts into the pages of this book.

Gabriela Marie Milton
editor, author, publisher  

A screenshot from our Zoom meeting.

43 thoughts on “Hidden in Childhood scheduled to be released on January 31; Pre-Launch Zoom Meeting- Radio Show- Updates

  1. How wonderful…I’m looking forward to ordering this amazing book…lovely to see you & other faces in the photo, Gabriela ✨💟💫

    1. Navin, my dearest thank you again for your wonderful contribution. I truly hope you will like the book. Glad you enjoyed the photo. You were missed. Have a beautiful weekend my friend and thank you again

  2. I was sorry to miss the Zoom meeting, but I cannot wait to buy the book! I will listen to the radio broadcast when the link is available. We all appreciate you so much, Gabriela!

    1. That’s ok hon, we all have lots of things to do. You do not need to apologize. I appreciate you too Dawn. Have a gorgeous weekend. Sending love.

  3. Sorry to miss the meeting. We had a storm here in Abruzzo. Internet was very slow. Can’t wait to have a copy of the book in my hands. Very exciting. Thank you.

  4. This was a wonderful meeting, Gabriella! I was there too, I waved at you when I entered, again my microphone played tricks on me. Yes, I know, don’t say anything…

    It was wonderful seeing you!

    1. Thank you so much for being there hon. It means the world to me. Oh,II am so sorry I did not see you. You know how much I love you hon. Next time we really need to see each other.?Sending you love and lots of thanks for your beautiful poetry 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. So my camera didn’t work either? Jesus… I thought at least you could see me. Anyway, I really loved being there, and listening to the readings.
        I agree: next time better (with technology).

      2. I did not see you hon. I am so sorry. We should definitely do a Thor show so I can see you. Sending love ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I love this Gabriela and hearing the recording on Bloomsbury Saturday was so inspirational. I’m so sorry I was off on my time and missed this. The stories and poems shared were truly heartfelt.
    Congratulations on the release. I’m so honored to be included with such outstanding authors. ❣️

    1. My beautiful wonderful Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being You. I am thrilled you submitted and you are in this journey with so many of us. Thank you for your support and kindness.
      I am so sorry you missed the show hon. Next time. Enjoy the day 🙏🌺🌸🌹❤️

      1. It is my pleasure Gabriela!
        I’m so delighted for you and the great energy and love pouring out from so many in honor and support. It is well deserved!❤️💕❤️
        Yes, next time-:)

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