The Garden of My Youth #Guest Post

A beautiful poem written by one of my friends, Virginia. I hope you enjoy it!


The Garden of My Youth

by Virginia Mateias

(translated from Romanian by the author’s daughter)


With barren feet I step on withered roses.

Out of warm blood-drops,

Memories will bloom

As I walk in the long since deserted house

Straining to hear

My grandmother’s echoing chants,

My earthly father’s forgotten voice.

From specks of dust and wind

I shall reassemble my Mother`s smile,

As my eyes dance away from cracked walls

Then turn to the sky above;

To the aloof,


Nostalgic sky.

Sunset to sunrise,

I will walk the gardens

Till sleep comes for me and finds me

Hidden In a deep fissure

Near a tall window

Because, you see,

I have always needed high, large spaces.

Afterwards, my child will come

In search of me and of a smile

Embedded in bricks and mortar.

The house itself shall fall apart,

Cars will enter the rose garden,

And a new highway will be built over it;

Only then, will my family and I, utterly freed from space

Will move to the sky,

To the best place to look upon

Strange people we have never met

With detachment,


And nostalgia.


In the spring of 2000 the poet, actress, and journalist, Virginia Mateias published her first literary work: a poetry volume in Romanian entitled “Persistenta Memoriei” (The Persistence of Memory). Virginia was acknowledged by her literary critics as “an authentic and spontaneous poet.” “The Garden of My Youth,” translated in English by her daughter, is a poem from her new book “In Umbra Ingerului” (In the Shadow of the Angel). 

Virginia’s biggest passions: nature escapades, and travelling with her daughter on the footsteps of lost civilizations.

34 thoughts on “The Garden of My Youth #Guest Post

    1. Good morning! It’s indeed a beautiful poem! Did you get my comment on your last post?

      1. Good morning. Yes, I did. I am so behind on replying to comments. I will get to it shortly.
        Our of curiosity, did you get any new visitors to your blog yesterday?

      2. So, my dear friend says. Really I am thrilled that you mentioned me on your blog! Can’t thank you enough!

  1. God!!i wished and you appeared. Yeah miracles are happend.most most welcome,on my blog,with love,my dear friend!!

    1. Oh,,,I am humbled by your words! Thank you so much, and welcome to my blog too, dear!

      1. Most welcome, my dear friend!!perhaps i was searching you,and suddenly you are appeared.🌹🌹🌹

  2. Wonderfull imagination of present and future.yeah-as nostalagic.whenever i find myself in some terrible condition then i like to above d sky and its spaces.i feel -they all are my closest friends.wonderful poem ,specially “as my eyes dance away from cracked wall……..nostalagic sky.”most amaging and lovely lines using d metaphors.💖💕💕💕

      1. I am glad to hear your kind words.really it is a great poem for know-i like to be nostalagic.welcome,dear!!💝

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