untranslated love #poetry

give me the stars

that shine under the bridges

where poor children spend their nights

the blood that leaks from wounds of war

when the last piece of bread is turned in tar


give me the language of your alabaster gestures

the guilty passion of Tristan for Queen Isolde

the mystery of painted nudes on walls

the cries of nuns under an angel’s lacerated wing

your untranslated love coiled in a tarnished ring



image: LanaBrest/Shutterstock

55 thoughts on “untranslated love #poetry

  1. This is very deep keeping in mind the current state if affairs in the world. You are a poetess with a heart. Bravo. Great to know you thought of all those hungry kids.

  2. As ever, the imagery is stunning. And those images give credit to the less romantic, almost ugly aspects of love, the wounds that love makes one willing to suffer, and highlights that there is a form of beauty in that. That reality isn’t depicted often enough, so I really appreciate seeing it here.

    1. David, I really appreciate your comment. Your insights about my poetry are excellent. Thank you so much for reading!

  3. I love this poetry under the light of an alabaster moon when the blood runs out and I am immobile! masterful, brilliant work that stops my breathing.

    1. Ah, you are too kind to me today! Thank you for your beautiful comment!!!! I “stole” the word “untranslated” from Cummings: “Its misered bounty.—Hark! No whisper mars
      The utter silence of the untranslated stars.”
      Or maybe I didn’t. Maybe that word just came to me 🙂

      1. ah, my comment is too far from my feeling. only a pale reflection of the bright star! I think all the “thefts” of the author are from one source and our words are just a game of lights and shadows. a, no – the context is important!

      2. Ah.. I wasn’t totally honest with you. The phrase “untranslated love” just came to me. Only after that I thought about Cummings. And I went and read his poem again. “our words are just a game of lights and shadows. ” That reminds me of something… From where did you get this? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope you know I am kidding!

      3. “just came to me.” ah, that’s the criterion for me to say yes, it’s real poetry! It may then be that someone else has written this way, but that’s just proof that the authors were “in the same place”! ah, unfortunately no life is enough to have time for all the beautiful things and words and to be able to remember. Perhaps only if the moon is a balloon … Cummings.

    1. Aww… thank you so much!!! I am really flattered!
      May you have a marvelous day! Oh… I forgot GM 🙂

      1. Ay… que tu día sea mágico! Looking forward to reading your next post!

      2. Muy feliz de escuchar eso. Espero que encuentres el coraje de dejar un comentario. Tus palabras son tan bienvenidas como el sol de la mañana y igual de brillantes. Y te doy mi palabra, nadie nos interrumpirá jamás. Bueno, solo si es para felicitarte o darte un halago.

        I hope my Thursday post will be inspirational.
        Cuidate Amiga.

      3. El coraje? No entiendo. Estoy más que feliz de dejar comentarios en tu blog! The comment that I left the other day on your post must be in your spam folder 🙂 Looking forward to your Thursday post!

      4. It’s not quite a treasure… but.. What can I say? I am flattered by your words!

    1. My dear Megha, you are such a great poetess and you are so generous! Thank you so much for your comment. It humbled me!

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