My new piece “Exiled” published by Indian Periodical #poem #prose poem #short prose

You, evening of ours, how beautifully your lips tasted; stars in your unbraided hair spread over still waters like lily pads; rosy skin like the flesh of a pink grapefruit freshly open.

I still can breathe in your aromas of cherry flavored cigars and sleepless expectations.

Exiled under this oak tree…

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My poetry collection Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings is available on Amazon here .
Passions featured in San Francisco Book Review
Passions featured in Manhattan Book Review.

Thank you.

image:  Anna Ismagilova; Shutterstock; [link]

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116 thoughts on “My new piece “Exiled” published by Indian Periodical #poem #prose poem #short prose

    1. Thank you Ely. You are such a sweetheart. Sending you the most beautiful flowers. That and love.

  1. What a beautiful poem….with such an amazing imagery… you’ve blended the different elements…..fruits, nature, body, soul, cigar, fragrance, love, passion, pain…. “Exiled by my own will, lizards running at my feet, I wait for the pain to stop. It never does”….it’s like I can smell, taste, feel & live this imagery….please keep surprising & mermerize me with your beautiful poems, dearest Gabriela 🌹 ❤️ ✨ 🤗

    1. My dearest Navin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your delightful comment. Your words brighten my days. You are such a sweetheart.
      Yes, I get notifications. I read your most recent posts. Talking passion. WOW. I will be there to comment in the evening.
      Sending love, flowers, and the scent of a summer ready to close its wings.

      1. You’re most welcome dearest Gabriela….you take me to the journey through your writings….which I’m thankful for….I’m delighted to know that you do receive notifications….coz I was worried if I were gonna end up at the same place with those issues….sending lots of love, chocolate & flowers….have a wonderful day 🌹

      2. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you, Navin. Have a beautiful evening. I will visit with you soon. Sending you lots of love and a rose.

  2. Rosy skin like the flesh of a pink grapefruit freshly open.
    Wow G! It begins on such a wonderful note, and then all your beautiful words that string cigars and lizards and love!
    You are the queen of atmospherics and that occasional poetical drama. I was hooked till the end, and no matter I read it again and again and again, I still cannot come to terms with the fact that this soothing musical almost, came to an end. That’s how nourishing it was.
    No mentioning how grapefruit is one of my favourite citruses!

    1. “You are the queen of atmospherics and that occasional poetical drama” Oh, you are such a darling Shanyu. You really are. Am I repeating myself? 🙂 You are fantastic. Can I be the Queen of Hearts too? I want to faint when Romeo passes by 🙂

      Thank you so much for your delightful words about my work, Shanyu. I am so grateful to you for your support.
      Sending you lots of love and plenty of grapefruit. Can I send mangoes too. Mango is my favorite fruit too.

      1. You are the queen of hearts too. I’m sure Juliet’s quite envious already. I did not use the phrase though, it really reminds me of the one in Alice and the wonderland. She was a great character actually, but you know…
        And there, you are always welcome thy queen of hearts and atmospherics.
        I have come to like mangoes only this summer, and they pair really well with my favourite fruit too. Bananas and mangoes and pineapples, just a perfect tropical fruit bowl. Maybe a few grapefruits and granny Smith’s. Perfect then.

      2. Am I the queen of hearts? Aw.. thank you so much.
        “She was a great character actually, but you know…” I am with you my friend.
        ” Bananas and mangoes and pineapples, just a perfect tropical fruit bowl. Maybe a few grapefruits and granny Smith’s” That is right. You know what’s good 🙂
        Coming back to Juliet look at this clip from the movie.. It’s a dream

  3. Oh, so gorgeous, Gabriela. What luscious imagery. I love the line, “exiled by my own will.” How hard that is.
    And congrats on the features in the San Francisco and Manhattan Book Reviews. That’s awesome. <3

    1. Hi Diana,
      Thank you for the congrats and for your magnificent words. They mean so much to me. They humble me.
      Sending love and hugs.
      Enjoy the rest of the day.

      1. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸One rose in your teeth, one on your ear, one in your hand, and one between your toes.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    1. Oh, Eric, thank you so much. Your comment is divine and it touched my heart in ways that you probably can guess.
      Have a lovely evening.

  4. Magnificent piece of art in poetry.. kudos to you , G. You are the most fabulous thing that happened to poetry. Hugs hugs hugs for this stupendous piece. 💖🤗💖

    1. Oh, my dearest Yassy, you humbled me beyond words. You praised me and supported me when almost nobody did. I do no forget Yassy. My gratitude to you is eternal. I want you to know that.
      Take good care of yourself sweetheart.

      1. Merci. Merci. Merci 🙂 Blessings and love right back to you.

  5. Dearest Button big congratulations on another fabulous publication.

    I love every line, so lovely the way you express love with “rosy skin like the flesh of a pink grapefruit”
    “Exiled under this oak tree, blue shadows under my eyes”

    “flowers bathe in clear rivers”

    The ending was unexpected and uniquely beautiful. Your writing is such a blessing to read. Love is so descriptive and wondrous in your words my dearest friend.

    Sending you love and many hugs.
    Love ❤️
    Honeybun xoxoxo

    1. My Dearest Honeybun,
      Thank you so much for the congrats and for your beautiful words. You know how to touch my heart. I am very grateful to you. I am thrilled you like those line and the ending.
      On another note, I hope you are doing well and your evening is filled with love and blessings.
      Sending a million hugs
      G (Button)

      1. Yes I am doing well my dear friend. Counting all my blessings every day. Hope your days are filled with love as well. Thank you for all your sweet words and hugs. When does a hug not brighten your day coming from someone you love.

      2. I am glad you are well Joni. I am ok. Trying to survive; counting my blessings every day. Sending you more love and the beautiful scent of night flowers.

      3. Thank you for the sweet flowers. The house smells of fresh blue night flowers.

        These are crazy times and it is especially hard for anyone alone. I pray for those that are alone. I am hoping you have some classroom time but worry about your safety. So I have mixed feelings but keep you in my prayers. Your work is gorgeous dearest Button. I am grateful for my writing right now too. We have shelter, food, hot water, and showers. I am grateful everyday for these blessings.
        Love you Button

      4. It makes me happy you liked the flowers honeybun.
        Yes, those are crazy times and I have a crazy amount of work to do. I am teaching online and I am not alone so I should be safe and fine. It’s just that with the exception of my blogging friends anyone who wants to talk to me needs an appointment 🙂 That’s the way it goes these days.
        “I am grateful for my writing right now too. We have shelter, food, hot water, and showers. I am grateful everyday for these blessings.” I am grateful for these blessings too and for many more.
        Love you
        G (Button)

      5. Well I am so glad you are not alone, I felt it inappropriate to ask and none of my business. I am so grateful to hear that however. It sounds like you are busy and I thought as much. Take great care of yourself beautiful Button. Thank you for your love my friend. ❤️💕🌺🌸🤗💖honeybun

    1. Hi Rebecca, my most sincere thanks for your beautiful comment. I am truly humbled by the praise.
      Sending love

      1. That’s so sweet of you to say Rebecca. Thank you again for the bottom of my heart.

  6. Congratulations!!! Ran over to read. Gorgeous!!! Wow! After all this magical Gabriela poetry I will probably just float through the rest of my day! Huge hugs and Thank You!!! 🤗❤️😊

    1. Katy, my dear, you are fantastic. You are magical. You spread so much light around you.
      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. May you be forever happy.

      1. My pleasure, sweet Gabriela! And You know who I’m quoting when I say, “You’re talkin’ ’bout Yourself, now!” And wow! Thank YOU!!! May You be forever happy as well! Let’s do that! 💖🙏🏼😃❤️🤗

      2. It’s a deal, beautiful Gabriela!!! And Thank You! It has been a splendid weekend indeed! I hope You’re having a wonderful one as well! Top it with a huge hug from me!!! 🤗❤️😊

      3. I am glad to hear Katy. I am trying my best 😊

  7. Most lovely poem.congratulation for publishing your amazing poem,dear G!! My dear friend,i want to ask a question -this magazine is related from India?

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