My piece “Attention” published by Spillwords Press #poem #poetry #prosepoem

I resurrected him.
It was a mischievous act meant to attract the attention of mortals.
Instead I attracted some demons determined to follow me. I locked them….
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@Gabriela Marie Milton

Image: by Hanna Postova; Unsplash

53 thoughts on “My piece “Attention” published by Spillwords Press #poem #poetry #prosepoem

  1. Gabriela I love your vision, the images you create, the tension and the spirit within the poems you write is intense and very interesting to read. You are a very gifted artist and I greatly admire your work. Your words are beautiful and I am sure you will find, through your poetry, what you are seeking.
    All the best to you,

    1. Thank you so much for the praise and for your kindness. You words humble me. I only can hope I am what you say I am.
      Have a marvelous evening, Francisco.

    1. Hey, Bo. Thank you for reading and commenting, As for the truth we can keep searching together πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, thank you Ash. You are so kind. I hope everything is well and you are enjoying the holidays.

  2. Ahhh one of my favourites, I am so thrilled to see it’s been published. When I first read this I believe I suggested those demons may need a little starvation

    β€œI feed them through cracks which propagate at the speed of light.”

    It seems a good opportunity to ask you how you got on with that πŸ˜‚.

    It’s also a good opportunity to wish my dearest Gabriela a happy happy holiday season. To check in with her that she has been resting, being loved, eating chocolates, and dreaming fragrant beautiful dreams. I wish all of these for you. Love and hugs across that mighty ocean G, from here to there xoxox

    1. My fabulous Rachel,

      Thank you for your beautiful words and wishes. The mighty ocean did not stop them. They are here. Filled with gratitude and friendship I arrange them in my heart.

      “It seems a good opportunity to ask you how you got on with that πŸ˜‚. I don’t feed them anymore. I starve them in purpose πŸ™‚ There.

      I confess. I eat too much. It got to stop πŸ™‚

      May 2020 be a year filled with happiness. May your most beautiful dreams come true. May you inherit an ocean of love. And perhaps you can come just a bit out of those shadows. What do you say my beautiful Rachel?

      Love, hugs, and roses.
      Be happy!

      1. Thank you, my gorgeous G, you allow me to come out of the shadows with the beautiful light you shine on me. Plus, I am very happy to hear about the starving demons. That’s made my day. Rather you eat and they go hungry. It’s the season for eating really. Have you recovered from your injury? Gosh I hope so. And, are you having a holiday?

        I got your love hugs and roses. And your beautiful wishes. I’m so glad you got mine. You are a treasure G, you really are xoxo

      2. Hey sweetheart.
        I did recover although it took longer than I thought. Thank you for asking.
        I am so glad you got got my love hugs and roses. You deserve them.
        I am having a good holiday. I hope yours is as wonderful as your soul, Rachel.

    1. Brad, thank you so much for the praise. You humble me every time you comment on my work.

      I wish you a beautiful 2020 filled with happiness.


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