the eye of my heart #poem #micropoetry

the eye of my heart
lost at sea
ribbons of black

@Gabriela Marie Milton

image: S. Splajn; Shutterstock; [link]

62 thoughts on “the eye of my heart #poem #micropoetry

    1. Hey David. Thank you so much. I am thrilled you think so.
      Funny I was ready to get back to your yesterday post to finish my comment. On my way .
      Have a beautiful rest of the day.

    1. Thank you so much Bo. That means a lot to me. Sometimes I get that feeling that nothing is good enough. Do you know what I am talking about?

      1. Oh, yes. All the time. Then, when I’m pleased with what I did, I wonder if I can be objective at all, thinking I may be conceited. I must be.
        The bottom line is it’s ok to doubt. It makes you strive to do better.

      2. I guess you are right, Bo. Sometimes I am very pleased: “Oh, this piece of mine is exceptional” and the very morning I am like “Did I write this?” Interestingly you think. I mostly react. But perhaps is just semantic.
        Hugs. Don’t forget to give B a big hug from me.

  1. Hey there!! This is just so inspiring especially for a beginner like me… I’ve started my blog recently and would really appreciate if you could give a follow:)

    1. Thank you my dear. I am glad you found it inspiring. I will visit your blog as soon as I can.

  2. Ohh wowww… I never really thought you will reply but this is so overwhelming… Tysm… MY BLOG ON WORDPRESS- the same site I made the comment from

    1. Yes, I know, but for some reason I couldn’t connect. And still I can’t connect from your name. Let’s see if I can use the site you sent.

      1. Nope. It just says that you are no longer available. I’ll contact WP later.

    1. It’s said. I know. Thank you for your comment and many blessings. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

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