Incautious Clearing – a stunning poem written by Flavio Almerighi #guest post #poetry

My Dear Readers,

Incautious Clearing, a stunning poem written by the Italian poet Flavio Almerighi [blog]

Flavio Almerighi was born in Faenza, Italy, in 1959. As a boy he began writing poetry and got involved in radio and the theater. The best year of his life was 1976, when he read The Odyssey over the summer. Among the poets he considers his most important influences are Guillaume Apollinaire, Pedro Pietri, Peter Sinfield, Pasquale Panella, Dario Bellezza and Amelia Rosselli. His poetry collections are: Allegro Improvviso / Sudden Allegro (Ibiskos, 1999), Vie di Fuga / Escape Routes (Aletti, 2002), Amori al tempo del Nasdaq / Love in the Time of Nasdaq (Aletti, 2003), Coscienze di mulini a vento / Consciousnesses of Windmills (Gabrieli, 2007), durante il dopocristo / during the afterchrist (Tempo al Libro, 2008), qui è lontan / here it’s far away (Tempo al Libro, 2010), Voce dei miei occhi / Voice of my eyes (Fermenti, 2011), Procellaria / Storm Petrel (Fermenti, 2013), Caleranno i Vandali / Drop the Vandals (Samuel, 2016). He is a regular contributor to the virtual magazines Versante ripido (Steep Slope) and L’ombra delle parole (The Shadow of Words).

Incautious Clearing was selected from Flavio’s book Storm Petrel.

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23 thoughts on “Incautious Clearing – a stunning poem written by Flavio Almerighi #guest post #poetry

  1. Wow Gabriela, thank you for introducing us to this poem, it’s stunningly beautiful, I can see why you like it. I hope you are doing well darling friend. Do you need chocolates? I’m thinking dark chocolate pralines xoxox

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Rachel. Somehow I am doing better. And I plan to do much better, but I need those chocolates.
      Can I get milk chocolates? Haha! I told you I am difficult.
      Thank you so much for everything my fabulous Rachel.
      I wish you a splendid weekend.
      P.S. Don’t forget to send my chocolates.

      1. Your wish is most certainly my command G, milk chocolates it is. One of these days you’ll have to send me your address and then you’ll find actual chocolates in your mailbox!

        Wishing you a splendid rest of the week too. I’m smiling to hear you are doing better xoxox

      2. Hello, my dearest Rachel. Oh, you are so generous sweetheart. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
        Guess what? After the conference on the 26th I came home with a big bruise on my ankle. I can’t explain what happened. To a certain extent, the bruise subsided but since then I did not walk too much. Running was completely out.
        The consequences? (1) I ate plenty of chocolates (which is not good) (2) tonight I decided on my own that actually that is not a bruise, and I have a blood clot. I got in the car and I drove to the emergency room. The doctor thought I had only a bruise, but he could not say too much without imaging tests. All of the sudden I changed my mind and I refused the MRI. I did not really feel like spending 5 hours in the emergency room. I got back in the car and came home. Now I am eating more chocolate. I guess having to grade so many papers does that to me.
        I hope you had a great week sweetheart. I really do.
        What about you sending me some pictures of your paintings instead of chocolates? That will be beautiful.
        Lots of love and hugs Rachel. The most beautiful summer ever!

      3. Oh G!!! Please tell me you are ok, and the only casualty from this situation is eating too many chocolates (if there really is such a thing?). It sounds painful, and now I know you are a runner. Do you write in your mind while you run? I have been watching the calendar as I remember you saying things would be better after the 14th. That day must be today for you, so I hope right now you are breathing a great big sigh of relief!! I think Of you often. Big hugs and love from me to you G. I’ll send you a photo of a painting sometime, but really I do not have even one I am proud of xoxox

      4. Rachel, thank you for your kindness. You are such a wonderful soul.
        I think I am ok. Anyway, tomorrow I have a doctor appointment and we’ll take it from there.
        “the only casualty from this situation is eating too many chocolates ” and gaining 4 pounds in almost 3 weeks because I did not move too much.
        Yet I am better now. It’s after the 14th. That does not mean that I don’t have to work but the pace is much slower. Oh, well, Christmas is almost here..
        “I’ll send you a photo of a painting sometime, but really I do not have even one I am proud of” Would you let me be one of the judges at least?

        Have a wonderful week Rachel.

      5. I’m pleased you are going back to the doctor. How can I not fret if gorgeous G may be suffering!! If you were a judge, i think I’d always feel like I’d won a prize!!

        So glad that things will slow down, even if only a little. A bouquet of summer roses for you G 🌺🌸🌺🌸

      6. Ay… thank you so much for thinking of me. It means a lot. You would win because you are fabulous no matter the judge.
        Oh, summer roses… real summer roses.. Thank you. Rachel your words make me think of beautiful wild roses; roses who bloom in wonderful souls like yours.
        May your holidays be filled with roses.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t read this poem, Gabriela. I think its rendered as an image which my screen reading software, which convetrts text into speech and braille, is not able to interpret, as it only reads text based material. Best, Kevin

    1. Yes Kevin it is an image. Thank you for trying. Your efforts are always appreciated my dear friend.
      Take care

    1. Il piacere è mio. La tua poesia è squisita, Flavio.

      I hope a got everything right in Italian this time 🙂
      Have a gorgeous weekend.

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