Wooden Bed #poem #poetry


I know some fields
in which the flesh of poppies smiles
when blonde sunsets play classical guitars
I know the coffee shop in which you stop
the gypsy lady who foretold our luck

inside the shadows of the night of eucalyptus
winds unbraid their fragrant hair
a moon serves wine in crystal glasses
inside the mirrors blue souls dance in pairs

I have to go
I can’t write more
send my kisses to the ocean’s waves
don’t sell the wooden bed in which we first made love
the dress embroidered by my mother’s hands
save the letters that my father wrote before he died
I’m rushing
guards are coming
my wrists will be soon stamped

yours forever,
from a concentration camp


I am your soul #poem #poetry


look for me my love
my body shines like lightening
striking down from Mount Olympus
I’m the tremble of each tear
which poor hungry children shed
I’m the prayer of the lonely
the garden where the virgins blush
the mystic bite of occult ecstasies
I’m hidden in the Sistine Chapel
in haunted graveyards at midnight
I’m bursting from the keys of the piano
which plays alone Beethoven’s  5th

call for God
breathe me in
I am your soul


23 April 2018 Barista Favorite: i am your soul/short-prose-fiction — Go Dog Go Café

image:  DarkGeometryStudios; Shutterstock; [link]

Hellenistic Reverie #poem #poetry


caressed together by the waters of Corinth
inside the darkest forests chasing statuary nymphs
the decadence of Hellenistic love
blissfully raining laughter from above

“the condo of the virgin” sitting empty
the goddess long dissolved into the néant
you softly reading Hebrew texts in Greek
the painful comedy of life on sale this week

first published in Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine; November 25, 2017

Aquatic Sorcery #poem #poetry


Liquid shoulders touched by wings of albatrosses shiver.
The occult aroma of the volcano goddess cries.
A lily and a rose light candles in the dark.
My pregnant soul invokes my ancestors.
Ecstasy encroaches its eight hands around your naked chest.
A lonely pearl looks for its shell.

Tears shed in silence.
Aquatic sorcery of immortal dreams.


image:  Kiryl Lis; Shutterstock; [link]

Author of the Month – Spillwords Press (NYC)


My Dear Readers,

My pen name is Gabriela M. I was nominated for author of the month at Spillwords Press. My poem “Forgotten in the Port of Naples” was nominated for the best publication.

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my poems: “Somewhere along the border” and “San Salvador” published by Tuck Magazine


two new poems: “Somewhere along the border” and “San Salvador” published by Tuck Magazine

“mama, I can’t see the road
the desert’s cold
there is no moon
I’m hungry and Juan is crying”

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seduction #poem #poetry


the rhythm of castanets awakens the moon
on opal rings your kisses spin
a cricket’s hitting a crescendo
waves tattoo dark shadows on your skin
sonority, you who vibrates the souls
of those who haunt at night the Port of Cartagena

I toss in smells of apricots and plumes
the Hand of Fatima takes off my veils
your forehead sinks into the sweat of lovers
who sever their veins
oh, dream of the unknowns,
you, latency,
the sigh of blood which flows
in spring both mud and flowers grow

didn’t you know
that when you said I love you
you stepped on roads of fables and folk tales?
you glued your heart onto a purple sunset
smells of lilac and of roses, impregnated strolls,
it wasn’t me
it was you who stole his soul


image:  Anna Ismagilova; Shutterstock; [link]