Young Autumn by Gabriela Marie Milton #poetic prose #short story #literature

image: Gabriela Marie Milton

Lethargic trees, nights dripping verses in our bed, Baudelaire’s ennui silhouetted against my soul. A young autumn, breasts stuck to the moon, cloudy eyes caught between sunrise and sunset.

There are too many eyes in this place: mine, yours, those of the portraits and the photographs on the walls, why do we have so many portraits and photographs?

Facing the armoire, left arm under your head, you sleep. Black dahlias invade the bedroom. I listen to the sound of nothingness.

I sit in front of the computer. On the screen, Sebastian’s letter.

Anastasia, I have no idea why Jacques fell in love with you. Your mild manners, your lipstick always in the right place, banal essences of Coco Channel on your clothes. Why do you dress in black all the time? Oh, wait, I know, Baudelaire, À une passante,  

La rue assourdissante autour de moi hurlait.
Longue, mince, en grand deuil, douleur majestueuse,
Une femme passa, d’une main fastueuse
Soulevant, balançant le feston et l’ourlet

That’s the way you got Jacques. Soft black fabrics, mixtures of innocence and mysteries, the majestic air of an untouchable nun burning with desires.

I try fitting in one of your dresses. Why do you pick taffeta all the time? It’s so yesterday.

I look down. Ravishing view from your balcony. The moon bathes in the water, nightingales sing, the air is soft like the touch of a virgin… Beauty and then forever night… How I long for the forever night… the black of your dresses…

I am not in our bedroom anymore. I hang onto the balustrade of my condo’s balcony. Void. Impulses of self-destruction. I taste their ashes.  A mannequin floats in the air. I am scared…

Jacques’ arms wrap around my shoulders.

Anastasia what are you doing in front of the computer?  It’s 3am. Back to bed.

Sebastian….  Sebastian’s letter on the screen…. Read it.

What letter, love? There is no letter on the screen. There’s a website that says, “Travel to Corsica.”


Gabriela Marie Milton
Pushcart Prize Nominee
#1 Amazon Bestselling Author
Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women (ed.), Experiments in Fiction, 2022.
Woman: Splendor and Sorrow :I Love Poems and Poetic Prose, Vita Brevis Press, 2021.
Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, Vita Brevis Press, 2020.

75 thoughts on “Young Autumn by Gabriela Marie Milton #poetic prose #short story #literature

    1. Thank you so my dear Jaya. I am so glad you liked the piece. Also glad you are having so much fun in school 🙂

  1. Ah Baudelaire now you touch me! ‘When, by decree of the supreme powers, The Poet appears in this bored world,His mother terrified and full of blasphemies clenches her fists towards God, who takes pity on her” Salut

  2. There is a danger and unknown component here that invites the reader into a complex emotional state, one of confusion, awe, rapt attention, and concern. Gorgeously created, Gabriela. 🌹🌸🌺

    1. My dear Jeff, apologies for my late reply and thank you for your wonderful comment. I am really glad you liked the piece. Sending hugs. Have a beautiful evening and a great week ahead.

      1. Oh, it’s okay, it happens to us all. You’re most welcome, Gabriela. Thank you for the hugs, my dear friend. Big hugs and a wonderful evening and coming week to you too. xoxo

    1. Ho Dawn, thank you for your wonderful words and sorry for my late reply.
      ” I just wrote a poem myself entitled “Baudelaire.” I will check it out soon. I can’t wait to read it.
      Have a beautiful week ahead.

      1. Dawn, I have a lot of work to do these days and I may miss it. Let me know when you know more. Thank you.

  3. oh my Gabriela,
    I so love this post my dear poetess that truly inspires me to reach deeper and stand in awe like the willow trees that sway me to bed as my computer keeps the light on.. Love it! 💗

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words my beautiful Cindy. Sending lots of love your way. Have a great week.

    1. Aw, hon, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really made my evening. Love you with all my heart.

  4. GABRIELA!!!!!! Oh my LORD! JOYOUS are the days I walk into Your brilliant words!!! This, once again and as all-ways…completely transported me. You write feelings, thoughts, energies. Your imagery is astounding. I absolutely LOVE this piece. And I love You! Thank You!!! 🤗❤️🙏🏼💐🦋💕😊!

    1. My fabulous Katy. You are an angel. I am so humbled by your words. I love you too hon and I am deeply grateful for your support. THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. Thank you so very much hon. I am glad you enjoyed the piece. Sending lots of love your way.

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