I am the one – poem by Gabriela Marie Milton translated into Italian by Daniela Cerrato up at Gioielli Rubati 146

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My poem I am the one translated into Italian by Daniela Cerrato is up at Gioielli Rubati 146.

Those of you who can read Italian please visit Gioielli Rubati 146 here.

My most sincere thanks to Daniela who translated my poem.
Grazie di core, Daniela [visit site].

Deep thanks to Flavio Almerighi [visit side] too, the founder of Gioielli Rubati, who featured me in previous editions, and who translated into Italian several pieces included in my book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings [available on Amazon here].

I am the one

I am the voice of your past loves
resounding in your wildest fantasies
dressed in roses at the altar of your dreams
I am the one you’ve never had
my soul flows from the tears of the Nile
from the hands of children who still beg
through ruins, darkness, and deep pain
through wars which they will never understand
I am the last who will be saved
for I have sinned under the shadow of His cross
when Spanish fountains cry in the sunset
I am the Desdemona who you’ve never met
today Granada’s just the place
in which García Lorca once was killed
I am the feather of a gold macaw bird
and in the city where bells toll
I am the one whose cries you’ve never heard.

Io sono l’unica

Sono la voce dei tuoi amori passati
che si fa eco nelle tue fantasie più selvagge
vestita di rose all’altare dei tuoi sogni
Sono colei che non hai mai avuto,
la mia anima scorre dalle lacrime del Nilo
dalle mani dei bambini che ancora mendicano
attraverso rovine, oscurità e dolore profondo
attraverso guerre che non capiranno mai.
Sono l’ultima che si salverà
perché ho peccato all’ombra della Sua croce
quando le fontane spagnole piangono al tramonto
Sono la Desdemona che non hai mai incontrato,
oggi Granada è il luogo
in cui una volta fu ucciso García Lorca.
Sono la piuma dell’uccello ara dorato
e nella città dove suonano le campane
sono la sola di cui non hai mai udito i pianti.

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87 thoughts on “I am the one – poem by Gabriela Marie Milton translated into Italian by Daniela Cerrato up at Gioielli Rubati 146

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Rene. You made my day more beautiful. Rene, I am so sorry I am behind in my readings. I will visit your site soon. Can’t wait to read your gorgeous poetry.
      Sending love. Have a beautiful day.

      1. I truly love everything, I mean everything that you write. Your muse is ethereal. Don’t worry, I know we are all multi tasking like crazy these days. Take care my dear. 💞

      2. I took my breath away Rene. Thank you. I don’t know what else to say.
        I do worry and I am eager to read you because your poetry is gorgeous, I will be there soon.
        Oh, I got to mention the sandals. You know what I am talking about. They are splendid. I have something very similar – use to wear them in Miami. I put them on after I saw your picture 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t go anywhere because of my shoulder but I still put them on. You inspired me. I don’t have a tattoo. I may get one.

  1. So beautiful every word in this piece Button. One is flooded with emotion and heartbreak too. Yet there is something so surreal about this gorgeous piece.

    “I am the one you’ve never had
    my soul flows from the tears of the Nile
    from the hands of children who still beg
    through ruins, darkness, and deep pain
    through wars which they will never understand
    I am the last who will be saved
    for I have sinned under the shadow of His cross”

    It brings tears to the reader.

    Have an amazing day,

    1. Hello sweetheart, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.
      Have a blessed and beautiful day.
      Sending love.

  2. Your words are always so touching reaching far and wide with honesty and truth never sugar coated but always delivered with such beauthy Gabriella. I also love Joni’s piece and seeing her featured is so lovely❣️🤗🌈Happy Sunda❣️

    1. My dearest Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by your words. Have a beautiful Sunday filled with magic and scents of roses.

  3. Deeply stirring and compelling!
    For love never found but still searching; in a world of conflict and ruin.
    Congratulations and thank you. 🙏🕊✝️🕊🙏

    1. Lawrence, thank you so much for your beautiful words and your graciousness. Your comments always touch my heart. Enjoy the rest of your day/evening.

      1. Hello Gabriela, such a beautiful angel name! I’m more than happy and honored to be allowed the opportunity to speak to your work! I wish all the same for you my Sister and Friend!

        A while back a nice Christian woman blogger had that difficulty after having been a follower for some time, who had the same thing happen after I had set my account to private for a short time then switched it back to public. Let me try to make sure you are in my list of followers and selected to share notifications!

        Meanwhile I hope you and yours have a beautiful Memorial Day holiday full of God’s grace and blessings! I hope you don’t mind but I want to share the latest blog posting link to you here directly; as it should fit well with you and all of our brothers and sisters for this Memorial Day!

        Thank you for the good you do in making a difference!
        Hugs and Love,


    2. I have no idea why I cannot get to your site. When you get a chance please leave me the link.

      1. Hi again, just sent you a longer comment explaining, but, I will do as you suggested here to make sure we get this straightened out!

        Thank you for your patience and understanding too!

        I just entered this into my browser and it worked; let me know if it does for you, and use my email lmor3@aol.com if you still have any difficulty or questions about anything.

        Thank you.



    1. Thank you so much Timothy. It’s fun indeed. I listened to your collaboration with Ressa. It’s splendid. I am a bit slow on commenting because of my shoulder but I will get to your site soon. Hugs to everyone.

      1. Thank you so much for asking David. I dislocated my right should on May 13. I was at the gym. What can I say? It happens.
        Enjoy the rest of your day. Is you mom still with you?

      2. Great. I hope she has a wonderful visit and a great Shabbat with you guys.

      3. Thank you David. That’s very kind of you to say. Enjoy the rest of your day.

      4. You got to trust that I understood what you meant 🙂 🙂 🙂

      5. You need to have Maya and Mr. Churchill lie on your shoulder and purr to help it heal. Give them scritches for me with you good hand.

      6. Oh, they do. Maya especially. Thank you for the scritches. They are sending everyone purrs and treats.

  4. holy friggin’ shamoley, Gabriela – that’s amazing! how… how do you know that this translation conveys your thoughts and feelings well enough? Do you know Italian?


    1. Hi David, the translation is made by a wonderful poet and translator who I trust. I can read Italian too.
      My native language is a romance language. However, I am fluent in two romance languages, so I can read and feel Italian 🙂 This translation does convey my thoughts and feelings.

      1. Ay.. Good luck to you and to your mom Bo. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending love. Please keep me updated.

  5. Wow, my dear Gabriela. This is so beautiful and tragic. My heart aches. Gorgeous. And what an honor to have one’s work translated into another beautiful language.

    1. Thank you for the praise Diana. You and your words mean so much to me. I will always be grateful for your support.

    1. You know me better than I know myself. Thank you and sending plenty of love 🌸🥰❤️🌹🌸🥰❤️🌹

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