my poem “the breath of love and death” selected as a featured piece at Spillwords Press (NYC) #poetry

“Dear Gabriela,
We have selected your poetry to be a featured piece on Spillwords once again!”

I am honored and deeply grateful to the Spillwords team for featuring my piece “the breath of love and death.”

emotions leave the wombs of souls 
nakedness of pearls… 
continue reading here.


My first featured piece was “atrocities.” You can read it here.
Thank you.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

image: VladislavNice; Shutterstock; [link]

71 thoughts on “my poem “the breath of love and death” selected as a featured piece at Spillwords Press (NYC) #poetry

    1. Thank you so much, Bojana. Those beautiful words coming from you… You know how much they mean to me.
      Love and hugs

    1. Aw, Ash, thank you so much for the congrats and the praise. You are a real friend.
      I am kipping my fingers crossed. You know why.
      Have a beautiful day.

      1. You’re very welcome G. It’s always a highlight of my day when we chat. And I know right? My parents were in town and as always they go to see her. So I wrote a text to my mom in hopes she would either listen or read it and she did. Now it’s a wait and see…OMG! stay tuned, Might be a 50 page blog post to celebrate lol…Take care!

      2. I am glad she read it. As I said I am kipping my fingers crossed. I am waiting to hear from you.
        1000 posts to celebrate!!!!!!

    1. Eric, thank you so much the praise. For a true artist like you to call me “true artist” means a lot. I hope you know how much I admire your work and how much I admire and respect you as a person.

      “Something in the air felt across the Atlantic.” What was that? Did you catch it? 🙂

      “the world awaits ‘you’” Oh, that “you”
      I guess I should run way from home like I used to do when I was a child. I can’t leave the world to wait too long 🙂
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Eric. Catch my thank you. It’s coming from my heart.

      1. You are very kind, Gabriela, I sketch out feelings you fill the canvas with glory of the written word; each to our own, our differences our closeness, respect and admiration mutual I assure you. Things sensed and felt across the sea, vibes from exchange of comments between you and those who come here to applaud you, there’s always something for an English mind to magnify believe me!

      2. Eric, thank you for your beautiful words. All I can hope is that my kindness matches yours. I read your comment and I stopped here: “there’s always something for an English mind to magnify believe me!” This sentence is an enigma for me. Perhaps one day I will understand how an English mind magnifies things.
        However, please know your comment made my evening really wonderful.
        Enjoy your weekend and thank you once again.

  1. Most congratulations for publishing you wonderful poem”the breath of love and death” last line is amazing but having a touch of pain but it is reality”…..the breath of love and death,a verse from you then a pompiaen red”marvellous,dear G!!

  2. Ahhh G. This is one of my (many) favourites of your work, and I am not surprised to see it published. You deserve all the accolades in the world for your poetry, and as I said before, I wait for the day that I hold a book of your poems in my hand. I will treasure that book and can guarantee you it will be dog eared from being reread and loved.

    It must be your evening dear G, I hope you are relaxing, and I wish for you the sweetest and most beautiful dreams. Or even dark, dreamless sleep. That could be good too.

    Love, hugs, and chocolates xoxox

    1. Oh, Rachel, the beauty of your soul always shines. Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.
      I hope I can finish my book sometimes in December.
      It’s late evening here and I just got home after an exhausted day. I have to read about 200 pages till tomorrow at 9 am. I wish I would relax but there is no relaxing till .. I have no idea till when.
      I keep your wishes close to me Rachel. They will certainly help me though this night of work.
      Love, hugs, and chocolate right back to you, Rachel.
      Thank you for everything

      1. Oh G, that is a lot of pages. Your poor eyes!! I hope that what you’re reading at least is interesting and enriching for your beautiful mind. I have just finished my work week and plan to position myself on the couch for the next while. Happy Friday xox

      2. The readings were very interesting. I did not expect that. So everything was ok.
        Thank you for your kind wishes sweetheart. Yesterday (Friday) I came home and I positioned myself on the couch too. I slept.
        I hope your weekend was beautiful.
        I wish you a week filled with sun. Could you please step out of the shadows? Just for a bit. You are too talented to let the shadows cover you.
        Sending you plenty of love.
        Now I have a go and read your new poem.
        See you on your site.

  3. Congratulations! That’s phenomenal!! Your poems are always very deep and seem so mysterious. It makes me think of a flowering vine that’s been turned into words. (Odd way to put it, but to be honest I’m pretty odd! Lol.)

    1. Thank you for the congratulations and for the beautiful comment. Flowering vine.. It may be odd, yet it’s a fabulous image.
      Thank you for the following too.
      Please know that I love your writings.

      1. You’re welcome!! And thanks. I’m glad you liked it. Lol. Oddly enough, I had already been following you but when I went to click your name I clicked unfollow by accident. You’re welcome though! It’s a pleasure. 🙂

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