my poem “the breath of love and death” selected as a featured piece at Spillwords Press (NYC) #poetry

“Dear Gabriela,
We have selected your poetry to be a featured piece on Spillwords once again!”

I am honored and deeply grateful to the Spillwords team for featuring my piece “the breath of love and death.”

emotions leave the wombs of souls 
nakedness of pearls… 
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My first featured piece was “atrocities.” You can read it here.
Thank you.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

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“atrocities” – featured poem at Spillwords press

Good morning Gabriela,
We want to congratulate you as we have selected your poem to be a featured piece on,
On the day of publication – 7/6/19 at 3:30am Pacific Time (PT) – “atrocities” will be displayed in our FEATURED POSTS section on the front page.”

My most sincere thanks to the Spillwords editors for selecting my poem “atrocities” as a featured piece.
it rains atrocities on fields of love
predatory nights, barbed wire walls…
You can read the entire poem here
Hugs to all my followers.
@Gabriela Marie Milton
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