“atrocities” – featured poem at Spillwords press

Good morning Gabriela,
We want to congratulate you as we have selected your poem to be a featured piece on Spillwords.com,
On the day of publication – 7/6/19 at 3:30am Pacific Time (PT) – “atrocities” will be displayed in our FEATURED POSTS section on the front page.”

My most sincere thanks to the Spillwords editors for selecting my poem “atrocities” as a featured piece.
it rains atrocities on fields of love
predatory nights, barbed wire walls…
You can read the entire poem here
Hugs to all my followers.
@Gabriela Marie Milton
image: artistaV; Shutterstock; [link]

94 thoughts on ““atrocities” – featured poem at Spillwords press

    1. Thank you, Bojana. I am so happy to hear from you.
      I was thinking about Visual Verse … I do not know if I can do it, but certainly I am looking forward to reading your next post.
      Hugs πŸ™‚

      1. I am sure they do. Let’s see if I can make it πŸ™‚

      2. Bojana, I looked at the picture. I will not be able to make it. I just can’t. I am looking forward to reading your piece on that picture.

    1. Gina, I am so humbled by your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      1. I am very grateful for your friendship and I am happy to read your fantastic work too, Gina. I see I am behind on reading.

      2. I have been away for sometime, so not much from me, am looking forward to catching up with your writing too, it is always a place I find deep inspiration and comfort

      3. I noticed you did not post too much. I thought about you. I hope everything is well.

      4. i am good, just tied down with work and family commitments. its been very busy in real life, hardly time to blog, many apologies for not being more present

      5. I am glad everything is ok with you and your family. That’s the most important thing.
        Many hugs, Gina.

      6. thank you for the hugs and yes they are all good and very important to me. warm thoughts and blessings on you always!

      1. Thank you again. Know that so is yours. It gives me great pleasure to read your work πŸ™‚

    1. Aw.. thank you from the bottom of my heart πŸ™‚
      Have a magnificent rest of the day.

    1. Hey Daniela,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the praise. You made my afternoon more beautiful.
      Hugs and love to you.

  1. I can start in the same way as this email: good morning Gabriela, congratulations….”

    I love this poem, it lingered with me long after I first read it. I can see why it’s been featured. Spillwords clearly recognises amazing writing when they see it. My deepest congratulations dear friend xox

    1. Good morning my dearest R,

      You maybe still asleep πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your words of praise. You know how to melt my heart.
      Wishing you a fabulous week

      1. I wish you a fabulous week too…. Like, an exceptional one, a truly great one, one where something really terrific or joyful happens xoxox

      2. Thank you, sweetheart. I love so much the collaboration piece. You both are great.

      3. And it is the glory of free that you achieved. I have no words to describe how talented you are πŸ™‚

      4. You always make me feel like I am talented, and you always have the most beautiful words – for everything. You are such a kind and genuine and generous soul. I’m lucky to have your support and I’m sorry for being gushy…. I’m just in that kind of mood. πŸ’•

      5. Thank you for your kind words. You deserve the praise. Your mood? You are fine, don’t worry about.
        Take care of yourself.

  2. congratulations, the way you conjure up images is magic. Love the concept of pain being the first dimension, it does compete with time.

    1. Thank you so much. I am trilled you liked that line. To some extent I do believe pain is the first dimension.

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