the breath of love and death #poem #poetry

emotions leave the wombs of souls 
nakedness of pearls forgotten on the shore
inside the warmth of the unknown
the mystery of you is locked
somebody’s wearing yellow, sign of death
doors close
the ocean’s mortuary room
your hands stretch all the waves toward the North
my ankles stuck in sand

hibiscuses bloom in the bed
a cat is running outdoors
over the world
the breath of love and death
a verse from you
and then
Pompeian red  

@Gabriela Marie Milton

image: nodff; Shutterstock; [link]

67 thoughts on “the breath of love and death #poem #poetry

    1. Aw.. you are so kind, Ash. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope it’s not too cold and you can take your bike out. Be happy.

      1. The pleasure is always mine. Today is what we Newfoundlanders would call, “cold, wet, and miserable” but, it provides the best mood to read and write. Love those cozy days. Take care!!

  1. le emozioni lasciano i grembi delle anime
    nudità di perle dimenticate sulla riva
    dentro il calore dell’ignoto
    il mistero di te è bloccato
    qualcuno indossa il giallo, segno di morte
    le porte della camera mortuaria dell’oceano
    si chiudono
    le tue mani allungano tutte le onde verso nord
    le mie caviglie sono bloccate nella sabbia

    gli ibischi sbocciano nel letto
    un gatto corre all’aperto
    nel mondo
    il respiro dell’amore e della morte
    un verso da te
    e poi

    Rosso pompeiano

    sento Keats dopo averti letta: grazie e saluti dall’Italia

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Flavio. Your translations make my days beautiful.
      “sento Keats dopo averti letta” I knew you were going to catch that one 🙂 I am honored. Thank you again.
      saluti dall’America.

  2. G, this poem is incredibly beautiful, and so steeped in layers that magnify that beauty. Your work always spans the vastness of time, history, literature, your emotions from such deep places. Someone wearing yellow, the mortuary of the ocean, the hibiscus in the bed, the Pompeian red…. for me, I felt like it was a breath in time for lovers, the moment before a catastrophe, an eruption, the space between love and life and death.

    Truly gorgeous G, I love it so much.

    Have a beautiful weekend

    1. You are so kind, Rachel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from the praise. It warms every fiber of my body. You are an angel.
      Have a magnificent weekend.
      Love and hugs to you.

      1. Your writing deserves all of the praise and the kindness in the world. You do too.

        Gabriela, I know you like to leave your poems open to interpretation of your readers, but I would seriously love to know what meanings are in your mind as you write sometimes, the references I know that are there that I may miss… those layers.

        Oceans and centuries of love and hugs to you dear friend xoxo

      2. Thank you again, Rachel.
        To be honest with you some of my writings are related to real events. However, the majority of them are not. In most cases I do other things and all of the sudden I feel the need to drop everything and write. I write under the distinctive impression that somebody dictates to me. That it’s not me who writes. I do not know why this is happening to me. Probably it happens to others too. Honestly I keep wondering if everything is ok with me. 🙂
        I have a friend who is a psychiatrist. He says it happens to most writers. I do not know, sweetheart. Perhaps you do 🙂

      3. “Honestly I keep wondering if everything is ok with me.” I think that this shows completely the opposite, that you have a creative talent that takes hold and you listen and immerse yourself in it. I agree with your psychiatrist friend ❤️. Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight into your writing 😘💝🌺❤️

      4. Rachel, thank you so much for your kind reply. It means a lot to me. 🙏💕💝🌸🌺🌸

  3. absolutely taken away by the imagery and the impact of the last words ” Pompeian Red”. i think its something that’s gonna stick with me for a long time 🙂

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