astral mandolin #poetry #poem

play in your room the mandolin tonight
paint the air with aurora borealis’ chant
arabesque designs awake my soul
the shining sound the time reverses

play in the streets your mandolin tonight
its cords,
your love for me…
my heart choreographs the scenes…

fragment from the poem “Astral Mandolin”


44 thoughts on “astral mandolin #poetry #poem

  1. suona nella tua stanza il mandolino stasera
    dipingi l’aria con il canto dell’aurora boreale
    disegni arabeschi sveglia la mia anima
    il suono splendente il tempo si inverte

    suona per le strade il tuo mandolino stanotte le
    sue corde, il
    tuo amore per me … il
    mio cuore coreografa le scene …

    bravissima, saluti dall’Italia

    1. Grazie di cuore, Flavio.

      I am thrilled you enjoyed my little poem. The translation made my day. I am so grateful to you.
      Have a beautiful rest of the day.
      Saluti dall’America 🙂

    1. Ivor, thank you soo much. That is so nice of you to do. The music is gorgeous. Thanks a million 🙂

  2. Transported to this place as the mandolin plucks at my heart and I stare at the sky. It’s so soft, and romantic, your words are exquisite. I just want to keep on reading ❤️🌸💜🌸

    1. Ay.. thank you so much my dearest, R. The imagery you created with your comment is exquisite. And so is your heart.
      It’s afternoon for you. I checked the time 🙂 I wish you a beautiful rest of the day. May a warm and gentle sea speak to you the language of love.

      1. Thank you dear G. Yes, afternoon, now. I’m wishing you that sleep comes soon. If not, that the night’s quiet is a peaceful and restful place for you to rest your mind and heart. Love and hugs xoxo

      2. My pleasure, sweetheart. Sorry for my late reply. I’m snowed with work. Your kind wishes are here so I am sure I will sleep well tonight.
        Wising you a fabulous day

      3. I hope the snow melts G… although, it’s prob the time of year that that’s less likely to happen. Snowed under… maybe snowed in is preferable? Sleep my lovely friend xoxo

      1. That is so sweet of you to say. It really is. Thank you so much 🙏💕🌸❤️

    1. Ay… Thank you so much for the praise. It means a lot to me, Drew.
      If they still sell mandolins at Walmart I am getting one 🙂 Great reason to enter a Walmart for the first time 🙂
      Seriously, I am really humbled by your comment.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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