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I wish to see you walk through the Arco de Elvira, to find out your name and shed a tear.” Federico García Lorca.


a violet sunset laments in the city
saps of triolets flow on my neck
ah, Granada
I stretch inside your memory
like felines on grasslands
a lily cries
my bracelets dangle
the eyes of candles flicker in your Spanish nights

fingers of lascivious desires
steal from my neck the saps of triolets
play your magical guitars
unleash the beauty hidden in your walls
the frenzy of the flesh which dies
into the ardent gestures of your dance
under La Puerta de Elvira
yesterday two lovers met
and I,
I wait in tears
for the love
which knows the mysteries of triolets


published by Spillwords Press on February 26, 2019


60 thoughts on “triolets #poem #poetry

  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

    Good morning G. An intriguing finale that spurs the heart and teases the imagination. Beautiful images so expertly painted by the WordPress Michelangelo of poetry.

    When I woke, I thought it was going to be a beautiful day, you just made it even more beautiful.

    1. Good morning, Drew! Oh… Thank you so much for the high praise! I am really glad that it intrigues and it teases you 🙂

      Drew, can I please be Leonardo, instead of Michelangelo? Only for one day 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Bill! I am thrilled you liked it.
      On a different note, do you get my comments to your poems?

      1. My pleasure!

        Hmmm… not sure that I do. Thank you for asking. Do you recall roughly when the last might have been? Maybe a spam filter is blocking. I’ll check and see.

      2. I left several comments. I recall I left one on a gorgeous poem … oh, Argentine… and probably one the other day. Thank you for checking 🙂

      3. Well…I didn’t see any spam. It’s probably just me being stupid. I’m really good at that. 🙂

        Please send again if you’d like! Love to hear your thoughts.

      4. It’s not you. It happens. It’s WP. I am going to read again during the weekend and comment. Have a fabulous evening (morning) 😊

  2. I knew from “a violet sunset laments in the city” this piece was going to be beautiful and tragic all at once. I love reading as you weave complexities into your poetry. Astonishing and all things magical, my dear G! 🌸💜

    1. Thank you so much, my lovely K! Your comment is so wonderful and it makes me so happy!

      I hope you have a day filled with love and joy!

    1. It’s a pleasure to have you here. However the art work is not mine. It’s just a painting that does not require attribution.

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