Greenlandos – a fabulous book by Virginia Witch – very short excerpt

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This winter Literary Revelations will publish a fabulous book by Virginia Witch entitled Greenlandos.

Greenlandos has a very strong ecological message. If you love our planet, you will love this book. Greenlandos has 156 pages containing a stunning tale and wonderful illustrations. It is a book for children 12 and up as well as, for adults. It is real a winner.

You can read more about the book here.

Today I would like to bring you the very first short excerpt from the book. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 9 – The Mysterious Belladonna

As chaos engulfed Greenlandos, the Thorns’ Jail stood eerily silent, devoid of any wardens. The emergency situation had summoned every enforcement officer and prison warden in Greenlandos, dividing them into units to assist the injured. Special Troops embarked on rescue missions while, on the city’s outskirts where impoverished citizens resided, homes crumbled under the weight of enormous, terrifying ice blocks.

Awakened by the deafening hail striking the prison roof, Belladonna’s senses snapped into focus. Stiff from her prolonged inactivity, she painstakingly reactivated every muscle. Stretching her long legs, she flexed her palms and gingerly rotated her head and neck. The realization struck her like a bolt of lightning: Something is very wrong!

Still reeling, she surveyed the prison. Not a single sunbeam had ever penetrated the tiny window. Belladonna rose cautiously, her ears tuned to the dissonant sounds echoing the chaos of Augustus’ Feast. August Feast? But how? she wondered. I’ve only slept for a day, and we haven’t even reached August yet!

Crawling to the window, Belladonna stared at the large ice balls falling from the sky, her spine tingling with a cold shiver. It’s already begun, she thought, her mind racing with agitation. I need to get out of here! But how? If she ventured out now, the ice balls would surely kill her. Determined, she decided to seek help from the Secret Service. Belladonna took out an earring and pushed on it until she heard a voice:

“Agent 00, you’ve been missing for 27 hours! The Emergency State has been declared! You must reach the Science Center immediately, with the key witness.”

“Tendril 001, I’ve been locked in the Thorns Jail! I can’t get out of here because of the ice bombing!”


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Heaven and earth #short prose #flash fiction #prose poem

Heaven and earth change places.
The core of the earth shines. Rays pierce waters, beamed from below, springing from the phosphorescent floor.
Dark corridors open in the walls.
I put my hand in the water.
My hand metamorphosizes into bright silver.
Noise. A nymph?! Oh, that pristine beauty which always dethrones Aphrodite’s pagan looks.
I don’t want to leave. This is the only place I’ve known where any remembrance of human neurosis dissipates like morning fog.
“Clara we can’t stay here. We need to leave.”
“Miguel, I am not leaving. You said everything for me.”
“Clara, they don’t sell the damn grotto. If they did, I’d buy it for you. We need to leave.”
“I am not leaving.”
The light from the water floats inside his eyes.
How beautiful.
How seductive.
Is he angry with me?

(excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers)

Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, my poetry book, will be available for pre-order on April 14th; publication date April 20th.

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Lack of Boundaries # Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers (66 words)

Jacques, Miriam, Miguel, and I: What can I say?

As time passed we became like tropical lianas hanging on a giant tree. We used to think that it was the tree of friendship and love.


Once Jacques said:

“It is nonchalance that destroys love and friendship.”

To which Miguel replied:

“No, it is the lack of boundaries.”

Time was going to prove him right.




image: KireevArt/Shutterstock