My poem “in this pink summer of Jaipur” published by Indian Periodical, and a new review of my book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings


in this pink summer of Jaipur
dressed in silk and in monsoonal dances 
choked by smoke
forgotten by lovers
the nuances in which you speak my name sound hollow
and the little girl

who has only a grain of rice
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Thank you again to everyone who bought my book, Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, available on Amazon here.  The book has been a bestseller under Poetry About Love for quite a while including yesterday and the day before yesterday.

The following is another review, one among many, done on an online book club by another reviewer whom I do not know.


This is a mesmerizing collections of poems, ranging from love poems and writings in form of prose poems. This book brings back old memories, it re-ignites the long gone fire of love within the reader. It has an amazing effect on the reader as one reads the poems, one by one….With an excellent lovely language and lavish imagination, Gabriela ignites a fantastic mind full of emotions….I rate this book 4 out 4 stars. It makes me want to write poems. It is an inspiration, an entertainment and a lively way of educating and reigniting your fire of love. I quote a line in one of the poems,” we desperately want to love, to possess each other, caught in a perpetual rush to justify our existence.” It really makes sense and will make sense till the end of time...”

Inspiring reviewers, people who I do not know, and people who I know, is an honor.

You can read the entire review here.

Thank you.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

147 thoughts on “My poem “in this pink summer of Jaipur” published by Indian Periodical, and a new review of my book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

  1. Fascinating and enchanting poem!!! 😍😍😍 I love so much your fabulous poem, touched my heart so much!!! 💖💖💖
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    I send you a very big hug full of affection and have a great Monday!!! 💕
    With love, Ylenia Ely 🥰 xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Ylenia Ely. You are a talented and wonderful friend. I am always touched by your beautiful words. I send you roses, love and hugs. Roses.. What’your favorite color?

      1. Thank you infinitely from my heart!!! 😘❤️
        I love the roses, is my favourite flower!!! 😍🌹my favourite colours is red and green 🥰

  2. Fascinating! I love Jaipur. It’s a beautiful city. And it is “nuanced” and perhaps “choked by smoke” but a beautiful city nonetheless. This poem is just as beautiful .

    1. Thank you so much Watt. Thank you for your beautiful words and for what you said about Jaipur. I’ve never been to India. Surprise! Yet for some reason I am sure that one day I’ll visit and Jaipur will be my main destination. It must be what I read about the city. Or.. I don’t know… something about Jaipur..
      Thank you again
      Take care.

    1. Thank you so much my Queen of Poetry! I hope everything is well with you sweetheart.

    1. Thank you so much Ivor. You are such a great poet and friend. I hope everything is well with you. Sending you plenty of hugs.

      1. Keep your spirit up. All your WP friends are here to help you.

      2. Haha. I’ll get back to you
        …. It’ll take me a few days
        …. To write out the list..
        …. Of what you could send

  3. In your very first line you have captured the essence of Jaipur, Gabriela! I am sure if and when you visit, you will fall in love with the city!
    Gorgeous verse, my dear…I loved the last line. ❤️🤗🌷

    1. Thank you so much Punam. You made me feel good. I really want to visit India. I write about India. I dream about. I dream about walking in the streets of Jaipur. I mean… Well, perhaps next summer I’ll get in a plane and visit.
      Sending you plenty of love and hugs sweetheart.

      1. You are so welcome, dear! I am sure one day you will visit. But please, plan to visit during winters. Summers are killing here.
        Lots of love, dear. ❤️🌷

      2. In the winter I have only a three week break. I may have to spent Christmas there 🙂 That will be great!

      3. Oh, thank you. You are a gem Punam. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words darling. They make me really happy.
      Sending you love and hugs.

    1. Thank you so much Darren. It means a lot to me. Wishing you a wonderful week.

      1. Haha! I wonder how you know. But anyway, thank you so much. Have a lovely day.

      2. You are very graciously welcome so much. I just see a beautiful lady with a beautiful face. You have an exceptional day.

  4. Congratulations.. Gabriela ♥️…. Gorgeous poem dear 💕.. Jaipur is my hometown..I always miss being there… your poem reminded me of all my sweet memories… Thank you so much 😇😇

    1. Thank you so much Sarika. I am grateful for your beautiful words and support.
      “Jaipur is my hometown..I always miss being there… your poem reminded me of all my sweet memories” You made my day. I am touched beyond words. Love and hugs my dear.

  5. “and the little girl

    who has only a grain of rice

    does not eat tonight”

    as I read this I am in tears dearest Button. Your poetry evokes such strong emotions within me. I can sense this little girl. Even the title is beautiful. Congratulations on your new publication and another lovely and truthfully accurate review. I am so delighted that your book is a best seller. Your writing is so profound and moving. Congratulations on your success with your book as well my friend. Have a blessed day and celebrate your wonderful success. Love and hugs and balloons 🎈 coming from NC. Love J (honeybun)

    1. Hello honeybun,
      Thank you so much for your splendid words and for the congrats. I am so glad you liked the poem.
      “I am so delighted that your book is a best seller.” Oh, thank you. You are such a wonderful friend. I am blessed with your friendship Joni.
      From the bottom of my heart to the talented and wonderful woman you are forever love.
      G (button)

  6. I love the poem. What striking photo. Reminiscent of Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” photo that appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 35 years ago.

    1. Thank you so much Timothy. You know I thought about that photo too. It’s a photo that sticks with you. At a certain point during the war in Afghanistan (is that war over?) that photo was resurrected. That is when I first saw it. NG also featured a photo of that girl now – as a mature woman. Very impressive.
      Thank you again and hugs to everyone.

    1. Thank you sweetheart. That’s so kind of you to say. I think I’ll move.
      Love and hugs to everyone.

    1. Thank you so much Shantanu. You made my day. Have a fantastic week ahead.

      1. I just watch one of your videos. You are great!!! Bravo!

  7. You have captured my heart with your sublime poems. I was in the pink city along with the girl who only had a grain. How really amazing Gabriela💕💕 Wow!

    Dear, it gives me immense pleasure to have the opportunity to nominate you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award❤❤ I would gift you all the awards if I could. Your poetry is truly fabulous!
    Love and hugs💕❤

    1. My dearest Ishita, your gorgeous words about my poem are music to my ear. Thank you sweetheart. I am so glad you liked the poem.
      I am humbled and honored by the nomination. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Wendi. I am humbled and honored by your words.
      Sending you plenty of love and hugs.

    1. Hi Nani. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will not forget to glee and spread sparkles. I promise.
      Love and hugs

  8. Beautiful poem! It describes the city of Jaipur perfectly; a city I’d say the poverty of which has been suppressed within those walls and palaces of ostentation built by many grand rulers of the ages. It’s a city filled with the brilliance of art, but its artists go through much in their lives everyday.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. It fills my day with joy.
      “its artists go through much in their lives everyday.” I can only imagine.
      Thank you again and have a fabulous week ahead.

  9. Fascinating….enchanting….the pink city….the pink color….beautiful lines….”she exchanges her grain
    for the fullness of pale stars”….❤️💖….you are amazing G….the way you’ve captured the picture….from your pencil on the paper

    1. My dearest Navin,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I will keep them close to my heart.
      And tell me a story about Jaipur which I’ve never seen. Enchant me. Mesmerize me.
      You tell me the story and I will write it with pencil on paper under the next full moon…
      Thank you so much for your support Navin.
      Much love to you

      1. You’re very welcome dearest Gabriela. How could I ever enchant you….mesmerize you….when you keep amaze me….blow me away….with your crazy beautiful, heartfelt poems….of different shades….on autorepeat….in a heartbeat? Is it ever possible for me? You are one of the greatest G! ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your comment my dearest Java. I am always grateful for your support.

  10. The contrasts within this poem – the beauty of Jaipur, and the small girl with her single grain of rice… which she swaps for the pale moon… it feels like two sides of a coin, the light and dark of the moon, the contrast between wealth and poverty. The insignificance and significance of everything…

    “the nuances in which you speak my name sound hollow”

    The nuances of that line dear G, speak volumes.

    It’s such a delight to catch up on your poetry dear friend. You have been in my thoughts. Love and hugs to you xoxoxo

    and the little girl

    who has only a grain of rice

    does not eat tonight

    1. My Fabulous Rachel,
      It’s way after midnight here and I just got up. I slept for 6 hours (it was supposed to be an afternoon nap) so good morning to me and what a joy to find you here sweetheart. If I don’t reply to your comments or I reply late please know that I have problems with my comments. WP is trying to fix the problem.
      Anyway, sweetheart I am glad you enjoyed the poem.
      “it feels like two sides of a coin, the light and dark of the moon” Oh, how much I love those words. Thank you for their beauty.
      “You have been in my thoughts.” Thank you so much Rachel. I am thinking about you too and I am afraid you are not quite ok. I do not know why. It’s just a feeling. I know I owe you an answer sweetheart. I apologize for not writing yet. I will soon.
      “It’s such a delight to catch up on your poetry dear friend.” Thank you a again Rachel. It means so much to me. After I reply to your comments I am going to check your site. I miss your poetry and when it comes to notifications you know how it goes.
      Sending you plenty of love and hugs

      1. Ok, I am sorry you are awake and possibly will find it difficult to go back to sleep after a 6 hour nap, BUT I just sat down to WP and I am so excited we might get an EVENING CHAT!!! Hooray!

        I am feeling ok, I promise. I even went away for a long weekend – just a few hours drive away, but to a beautiful lakeside town. Think, majestic mountains, an emerald lake… serene bliss. Freezing cold though – it’s quite high altitude. Frosty mornings and a sprinkle of snow on the mountains.

        How are you sweetheart? Are you taking a vacation soon?

      2. YAY! An evening-morning chat with my fabulous Rachel. I am so happy. I am glad you went away for a long weekend sweetheart. That is really fabulous.
        “Think, majestic mountains, an emerald lake… serene bliss. ” I am thinking and I am longing. And I am thinking “Frosty mornings and a sprinkle of snow on the mountains.” I want to feel that snow sprinkle and the cold. I hope you had a great time !
        It’s so hot here. Yes, the AC is on, but..
        How am I? I am ready for a vacation which is going to start on the 8th. But you know in my small circle of friends I think all of us are unwell one way or another at this point. We rented a small estate for 10 days. It’s pretty cheep now. Presently we are quarantining ourselves (of course in our own homes). No one will get out till the 8th when we will get in our respective cars and drive to that estate. We are operating under the assumption that every one that we see or meet is contaminated. I don’t think we are well 🙂 However, I hope we can get a rest, enjoy the swimming pools and the tennis courts.
        I am so happy you had a long weekend Rachel. It’s cold there. I miss cold weather. That’s the first for me. Send me some
        Much love sweetheart.

      3. Oh! You need cold weather? How about we swap, because I could really do with some warm weather. Although, it hasn’t been too bad yet…. it will get a lot colder. My AC is now set to heat function. Actually I am getting a fire installed in the next couple of weeks, and I am really looking forward to that. I love to sit beside a fire until i need to dress like its summer 😂.

        Your vacation sounds divine – swimming pools and tennis courts, an estate… I can nearly see the rolling lawns and you with your sunglasses, sipping a drink and reading (and writing) by the pool. In my imagination this is a very glamorous scene.

        How do you mean you are all unwell? From covid? Or just generally? I think a precautious approach is a good one. Things are very slowly going back to normal here – tentatively. We have not had a new case for 11 days now so the restrictions have loosened quite a lot. So many people are still very affected though.

        I’ll send you just enough cold to make you embrace your summer all the more. Love you xoxox

      4. Oh, sweetheart, I am sending you plenty of warm weather. And I hope the picture you painted becomes really. Thank you so much for that.
        “We are unwell” I mean we are so afraid of the virus that we do not want to be in contact with anyone. We order food now – don’t even go to the market anymore – the university will open sooner because they want to finish the semester by Thanksgiving but none of us wants to teach in person anymore…things like these. I think we are highly exaggerating but if you ask me to go out to the market now I will not do it anymore. NZ was not so affected. You guys handle the situation very well. We did not.
        And the political situation here is highly upsetting to say the least but we can talk privately about this.
        Sending you plenty of love and warmth sweetheart.

      5. Ahh yes I now know what you mean. Everyone is impacted… directly and indirectly. And agreed, the political situation is extremely upsetting. I’m so glad you’re getting a holiday xoxox

  11. Oh.the pink summer in pink city”Jaipur”,most enchanting and fabulous poem specially for me💕💕.thanks for sharing it. A lovely piece of my love,dear G!!🌹

      1. Yeah.i liked it very much because i had studied at Rajasthan University,Jaipur.that is my first love💖.you are most welcome,dear G!! I am going to buy your book-“Passion-love poems and other writing”.

  12. Dear G!! I just bought your book”Passion….”on i will read it after lunch.i am feeling so much ecxited🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹to see that on kindly.

      1. This time i was reading of your poems on kindle.most amazing and interesting.Metaphors are like diamond.sometime,i feel that you are talking with me face to face.yeah.every poem are touching my heart like tides and ebbs of ocean of your passion.”Love in blue and black”now i was reading and thinking from where you have gathered so much precious gems.gorgeous.🌹 uncomaparisonable and near to heart❤so much passionate,my heart are becoming☺ Really,you are amazing poetess.dear G!!xxxx

    1. “could see the the city again through your lines.” Your words melt my heart. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much for your nomination sweetheart. Congratulations to you too. I just left a comment on your blog.

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