Introducing Eric Daniel Clarke – Pre-Order Shorts Now #Guest Post

Dear All,

I am delighted to introduce Eric Daniel Clarke – whose book, Shorts – a take on poetry’ – will be published by Potter’s Grove Press on May 12th.

I met Eric in our world of blogging two years ago. Eric is a brilliant writer. He is an English gentleman and a true friend. And … Eric has the coolest and the most endearing hat I’ve ever seen. I am in love with Eric’s writings and with his hat. Please visit Eric’s blog Believing Sight Unseen.

Eric Daniel Clarke in his own words:

‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ the first book of my transition from scientist to writer will be published on May 12th by Potter’s Grove Press. Writing poetry came as a surprise to me. I’d a novel in mind, ‘Believing Sight Unseen,’ it still is; competing hard with the immediacy of poetry.

 I started writing late, creatively, that is. Until 2012 I wrote disciplined non-fiction, lived a scientist’s life of peer review and publication. I worked at boundaries; of the physical and life sciences, of industry and academia, of research and mentoring, of observation and extrapolation. 2012 to 2017 the transition made, not easily, not smoothly, easing out of science, finding my way to write.

Turned out my approach to writing not so different to the way I did science – a little unconventional – using words in place of molecules to explore boundaries; real, imagined, of my mind and yours. In short, PowerPoint bullet points became verse – I like to keep things tight.

You can pre-order Shorts on Amazon here.

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37 thoughts on “Introducing Eric Daniel Clarke – Pre-Order Shorts Now #Guest Post

  1. With your glowing recommendation, I am looking forward to reading his book and his blog. You are as generous and gracious as you are beautiful, Gabriela!

    1. Aw… Brad. Thank you very much. So are you my dear friend. I saw your answers 🙂 I’ll be there to read your new poem and to reply.

  2. Thank you for sharing Eric Daniel Clarke with the rest of us dear Button. I have already looked at his site and his writing is interesting and lovely. What an unusual transition from scientist to poet. Bravo on his publication. Love honeybun

    1. Thank you for being the wonderful soul that you are, and encouraging others Joni. You are a blessing honeybun.
      Have a great day.
      Hugs an d love to you.

  3. Ah, my hat – you know it’s story, Gabriela – a true one, as you my friend – I knew you were going to write something, but I had no idea it would be this – I’m truly grateful, I’m smiling, I may have two biscuits with my tea this afternoon, and pour a cup for you.

    1. Haha! I wanted to write a little story called “How I Met Eric’s Hat” but I thought I would leave that for later. The spotlight should be on your book. Congratulations Eric.

      I am glad I made you smile.
      Oh, I’ll get my cup of tea and my own biscuit! I don’t have to ask you for a bite anymore. That is so sweet of you, Eric. Thank you. What kind of tea is that? 🙂

      It’s a real pleasure to have you as a guest on my blog.
      Sending you love from Her Majesty North American Revolting Colonies 🙂

      1. My pleasure to be here, Gabriela – ah, ‘Her Majesty’ I’d suggest mightily relieved you’re free and have your ‘King’ – but likely not so pleased you have her ‘Prince’. As for me I’ll sip my ‘Dorset Tea’ blended close to our Jurassic coast, the brew of home for me. Have a good afternoon my friend as we go into a sun kissed English evening.

      2. Ouch! Let’s skip the first part and go directly to the tea, not before saying that I am pleased we have the “Prince.”
        “Dorset Tea’ blended close to our Jurassic coast – it sounds wonderful. I hope when I get to England we can have tea together.
        Eric, congratulations again and good luck with your book.
        Enjoy your evening.

  4. I have learned something new, as I was unaware (until today) that Eric’s middle name is Daniel! I look forward to reading Eric’s book. Best wishes, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I will write to you soon. I did not know that Eric’s middle name is Daniel either. I learned something new too.
      Best wishes and I will be in touch.

      1. I don’t reblog those because all have been published so far.
        It was, not sure when, after it first appeared on Spillwords, probably some time last year.

        Btw, the release day for Eric’s book is in May, not March.

      2. I saw the mistake. I corrected it. Thank you for letting me know anyway.

        Yeah, but still some newer followers may want to read those pieces. That’s just me.

      3. Ok.. you know better. Enjoy the rest of your day Bo. Hugs to everyone.

  5. What a lovely introduction, Gabriela. Thank you. And a fascinating perception/comparison of science and poetry by Eric, so unique and intriguing. Thanks for sharing. <3

    1. Thank you so much Diana. I am glad you liked both. Eric’s comparison is unique indeed.
      Sending you love, hugs, and thousand of thanks.

    1. My absolute pleasure River. You publish great books. It’s easy to get excited about. Have a great rest of the week 😊

      1. My pleasure!!! And I am sooooo enjoying Your book. Reading a poem a day…loved the review that said, very appropriately, that Your poetry is like chocolate. I’m the kind that devours a box in a day or so. My beautiful man has one a day and luxuriates in it. So I’m taking a cue from him and partaking slowly…letting Your wonderful words have breathing room. So lovely. 😊❤️🤗

      2. Kathy, you are phenomenal. I have no words to thank you. You left me breathless. Please know that I love your art and your writings with all my heart.
        Sending you love and thanks

      3. Oh, Katy. I got your love. Thank you. Have a beautiful day. Make it beautiful for everyone around. You know how to bring love and happiness in people’s lives💐💕🌸🙏🤗

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