37 thoughts on “Existence #flash fiction #short prose

    1. Aw.. Thank you so from the bottom of my heart for your marvelous comment. I am humbled and honored by it.

  1. That’s, really sad, if your entire existence, is relying on someone else, you need to establish your sense of the self, because, you’re, giving the other person too much control, in defining you into, who you are!

    1. Thank you so much, sweetheart. How could my intelligent and beautiful Rachel not understand this?
      Sending you lots of love and best wishes for the week. I probably should go to sleep. It’s late. I am flying out of here tomorrow.
      Love, hugs, and flowers. A marvelous day sweetheart.

      1. Go and sleep dear friend. I am at the airport myself, eating terrible food. Do something for me and have something good when you’re on your way tomorrow. Safe journeys and sound sleep G xoxo


      2. Safe journey travels sweetheart. I wish I could send you some great food and a glass of read wine.

    1. Good morning, Drew. As always very grateful to you for your wonderful words.
      Be happy. Be loved.

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