who are you? #poem #poetry #published

who are you?
which gale winds have blown you here?
which fallen saint showed you the way?
besieged by you, old loves abandoned in dark cemeteries
lament like choirs in my Hellenistic Greece
virgin thighs ferment inside your blood
scared azaleas tremble on my pillows
step in my room
and know no fear
unravel poems from your battered heart
scent the roses with my fantasies’ Levant
weave lies into the brocade of my sofas
make those satyrs with horse ears to shut up
let’s dwell in silence for a minute...
then tell me how you landed here
and who are you
my darling soneteer?


First published in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine


Who Are You? Poem by Gabriela M.


65 thoughts on “who are you? #poem #poetry #published

  1. This poem dances like poetic paper in a beautiful gale, embraced by squalls and whistling a momentous persona. But I do wonder, who may this be?

    1. Aw… thank you so much for your beautiful words, Watt. They dance in my heart.
      “But I do wonder, who may this be?” πŸ™‚ Oh, you know imagination has no limits.
      Thank you again for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me πŸ™‚

  2. Good morning G,

    You always have such a beautiful, delicate touch. The opening questions filled us with intrigue making us anxious to arrive at the very next line. Your words jump off the page and into our imagination and hearts.

    Forget the soneteer. More appropriately, we should be asking who is this great poet G? And what island breeze brought her here?

    1. Good morning Drew,
      What a beautiful comment. Thank you so much. I am delighted by it.
      I hope none of my words jumped in your morning coffee πŸ™‚
      “we should be asking who is this great poet G? ” I ask myself the same question every day. So, we are in the same boat πŸ™‚
      Have a magical Sunday, Drew. I hope the sun is shining today.

    1. Hey, Daniela. Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment. Did I get the “music ” right in this poem?

      1. Oh, you are so sweet. Thank you so much. Yes, I know that.
        Have a beautiful rest of the day πŸ™‚

    1. I can’t thank you enough for the kindness you show me. I am so humbled by your words.
      Please know that you inspire me too.
      May you have a beautiful rest of the day.

    1. Hey Scott, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the poem.
      It’s a painting of a street – Athens, Greece,

      1. Athens it gorgeous. The entire Greece is breathtaking. I have plenty of pictures, but I was looking for a painting. I found that one on Pixabay [no attribution required] πŸ˜‰

      2. Oh, yes, they are beautiful. But so is Athens. Athens is a large city but it has a lot to offer 😊

  3. the gale winds and fallen saints seem to have sent a seductive soneteer, never a good idea to ask “who are you” πŸ™‚

  4. This is a beautiful and intriguing poem, Gabriela, which makes me think of Lord Byron who was, “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. Best wishes – Kevin

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kevin. Lord Byron? Romanticism? The Greek War of Independence? πŸ™‚
      Best wishes to you too.

  5. Stunning! I’m not nosey by nature,πŸ™‚ but this beautiful write did leave me wanting to know more!😊

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