for you #short prose #flash fiction

Memories of a humid summer, dripping with love, when you finished your book.

In the night red wax trickles over a torn page that says, “for you- whose love fills my life with joy and makes all things possible.”

My arms ache.

I try to pull you back from a memory abyss filled with pain.

Can I still make all things possible?

The walls stay silent.



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  1. Good morning G. Haunting and beautiful. You have such a remarkable ability to set haunting, melancholy moods in the images you paint. It is not enough to make us see your images – you make us FEEL them.
    That is wonderful writing.

    I smiled reading this. Yesterday, your comments arrived on my post as I was immersed in my manucript and today I was taking a break from novel and here you are writing about the completiuoin of a book. Perhaps, that is why this resonated with me.

    Another gorgeous post. I am certain your grocery and to do lists are hauntingly beautiful.

    1. Good morning, Drew! I hope it’s a good one!

      Thank you for your generous comment! It brightens my day!
      I really want you to finish your book. I want to read it. And I can’t wait to read the dedication too 🙂

      Drew, you are a fantastic writer and a good friend. Your support means a lot to me. Now more than ever. I keep receiving all sorts of crazy comments. To summarize them “your writings are too sensual. You should not write like this. You are a woman.” I am sooo tired of being lectured, and being told what to do.

      That is why I am so grateful to all readers who support me.
      You are my cheerleader.

      Thank you for everything you have done for me!

  2. This is extremely disheartening. There are so many disturbing statements in your reply.

    First, your blog, books, manuscripts, and poetry are forms of self expression. You have every right to compose and create whatever your heart desires. I have read poets and writers here in wordpress who may not be as talented as others, but I praise them for their desire to write and express themselves. I encourage them to stay inspired. Whether it be poetry, sketches, photography, music, or paintings, man and woman were meant to create. It is a crime that anyone tries to obstruct or undermind one’s need to be creative.

    “You should not write like this. You are a woman.” Perhaps, these messages were sent through a time machine or some other time traveling portal. For only someone living in the dark ages could think this to be true. Women have every right to compose anything they want, including subjects these prehistoric critics may think only belong to men.

    The traces of sensuality in your poetry are always penned so beautifully with gentle images. Always written with the delicacy of a rose and with class and dignity of the poet who composes them.

    I can only imagine your critics’ comments to author E.L. James of Fifty Shades Of Grey. If they could they would probably nail her to a cross.

    Sadly, reality tv and social media has taught the world to be critical. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone wants to impose their ideals. Whatever happened to the old rule –
    if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. Guess, I am old school.

    Please, don’t ever allow anyone to fill you with inhibtions. You are one of the brightest
    stars here in the universe of WordPress. It would be a shame if you let these dinosaurs douse your light. Your followers, my selfish self included, would be the victims of this tragic loss of SPF, an inspiring fountain of creativity.

    One final note: SPF in D.C. UGH. Can’t get over it. That is the equivalent of hanging a Picasso in the bathroom. Must I speak to your travel agent? Next time go somewhere inspiring. A place that inspires and reflects the beauty of you.

    Always a pleasure to read your words. And I continue to insist, I am your number one fan,
    Forget your critics. Write to your hearts content.

    Stay inspired.

    1. Drew, first, thank you for praising my work. I am humbled by your words. It was raining here. It stopped when I read your comment 🙂

      Generally speaking we are still in a patriarchal era. Patriarchy was constructed in a long socio-historical context. It will take a long time to undone it. To make my case stronger I read two posts today written by two women who basically said the same: stop lecturing me (for one reason or another). In all fairness some men get lectured too.

      Your voice- as well as that of others who think like you – helps a lot.

      Yes, I get inhibited from time to time. Therefore your support and that of other readers adds sunshine to my day.

      D.C. It was work Drew. There was no way to avoid the trip.

      “A place that inspires and reflects the beauty of you.” Aw… that is so gorgeously said. A tropical island…

      Till I can get to that island I will dwell a bit longer in your wonderful comment and finish my Starbucks mango dragon fruit refresher. I just brought it home.

      Looking forward to your post on Monday. I’ll be there on time 🙂

      May the sky rain love on you forever!

    2. I agree with Drew, don’t let the comments of others drag you down. You’ve got this! Also, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you’re writing speaks for itself on a higher level. As always, I enjoy reading your work and hope you keep it up. #hatersgonnahate #beastmode #writelikethebossUR

      1. Thank you so much, dear. I am humbled by your comment and your support!
        May you have the most wonderful day ever!

  3. When you stop to think about it, the world is backwards. WOMEN create all of the people in the world. Every single one of them!!! And men have caused ALL wars. Yet, we are patriarchal. Seems to me women should serve a great role. I am an eternal optimist, yet I must admit, we won’t see a real change in our lifetime.

    I suspected D.C. was about work. I was only teasing you. I could only dream about the beauty you would create if you wrote from a tropical island. Sigh.

    Enjoy your Starbucks mango dragon fruit refresher.
    Monday’s post. We shall see what you think.

    “May the sky rain love on you forever!” Gorgeous sentiment. Thanks.
    I would settle for you raining beautiful poetry on us until eternity.

    1. To some extent you are right. However, matriarchy is considered by many (with the exception of some radical feminist groups) an archaic socio-political system.
      Scarcity of resources and other historical conditions gave birth to the present patriarchal system centered on physical force and war as means of obtaining resources and most recently political power. There are new studies which claim that with the inclusion of women in structures of power war is less likely to occur. I am not totally convinced. Patriarchy influences – for lack of a better term- both men and women. You can clearly see that a majority of women seek mainly validation from men.

      We need to create a system based on equity. A system in which both men and women can equally contribute. As you said, it’s not going to happen in our lifetime 🙂

      “Monday’s post. We shall see what you think.” Don’t you already know? 😉

      “I would settle for you raining beautiful poetry on us until eternity.” Getting ready to write 🙂

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Drew!

      1. I did not finish my refresher!!!
        Ok. I’ll stop talking.
        Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

      1. To say the least. Anyway, if no to May’s way – which I admit is not a good way – what else Eric? Free fall?

      1. I hope I am as wonderful as you are my dear. Thank you for your beautiful words💕🌷💐

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