The splendid poetry of Ty Gardner #guest post #MasticadoresUSA update

Dear Readers,

It is with the outmost pleasure that I introduce you to a fabulous American poet: Ty Gardner. I discovered Ty on Twitter about a month ago. His talent captivated me. His poetry is life and it’s beauty. His poetry is all of us.

The rambling roads are calling home,
and the paper trails of prose-poemed passages 
we vowed to roam echo visions of misted-morning veils 
o’er mountain…

Please continue reading Ty’s poem Siren Songs of Rambling Roads at MasticadoresUSA.

Visit Ty’s Amazon site here. Pick one of his books. Read it and you will know what I am taking about. Visit him on Twitter.


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Thank you

@Gabriela Marie Milton

Jazz by Michael Stang #guest post #poetic prose #MasticadoresUSA

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Dear Readers,

Here is a fabulous piece written by Michael Stang, editor at Storymaker, an astonishing writer whose work is often curated on Medium.

His piece Jazz is now up at MasticadoresUSA.

“… Doesn’t take much to live. Life takes everything. Rules given to ourselves by ourselves. What we know has cracks we…”

Please read the entire piece here

Relish it.
Meditate at.
Thank you.

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@Gabriela Marie Milton

MasticadoresUSA – Editorial Announcement

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I am deeply grateful to Juan Re Crivello for choosing me as the first editor of MasticadoresUSA. Juan is a wonderful author and editor. Two years ago he founded Gobblers/Masticadores that has already passed one million views.

Hello to you my dear readers, and also to my fellow editors of the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, and other editions of Gobblers/Masticadores. I am Gabriela Marie Milton, 2019 Author of the Year at Spillwords Press NYC, author of Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, and author of the forthcoming collection of poems and poetic prose entitled Woman: Splendor and Sorrow to be published by Vita Brevis Press this summer.

MasticadoresUSA publishes poetry and short stories only in English, and only by writers based in the USA. I will be the editor of this new part of Gobblers/Masticadores for 6 months, and I plan to make it a success. So: Pick up your pens. Tap your keyboards. Mesmerize me. Enchant me.

If you want to submit, contact me at In addition to the piece, you want to have published, I will need your name, and your site. Please submit your work as a docx attachment – not in the body of the email. Limit your submission to 2 pieces until you hear back from me. I plan to post three times a week. I will announce the schedule soon.

Those of you who want to publish in any language other than English, or who are not based in the USA, please visit Gobblers/Masticadores and contact the appropriate editor.

Several words about the founder of Gobblers/Masticadores Juan Re Crivello. Juan is a Barcelona based author. He is an active blogger in the digital editions of El País, Clarin, and Le Monde. You can find his bio on the Masticadores site. His publications can be found on Amazon here.

Do not forget to visit MasticadoresUSA. I just added a post featuring a beautiful piece by Rene Hunter [link]. I will feature another author on Sunday.

Looking forward to your submissions

Best wishes to everyone


@Gabriela Marie Milton