My book “Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings” now available for pre-order

My Dear Readers,

My book, Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, is now available for pre-order.

You can pre-order here

The paperback version will be released on April 20th.

Below please find the acknowledgments I included in the book.

I am deeply grateful to Christina Schwarz, the author of the
New York Times Bestseller Drowning Ruth, for reading the
manuscript of my book and for offering me her wonderful insights
into my poetry.

I am also thankful to the great Italian poet, Flavio Almerighi,
for translating several of my poems – included in this book – into
Italian, a language that I love deeply.

Last but not least, I am grateful to you, my dear reader –
wherever you are in this world – for your willingness to spend time
with my poetry and to walk the roads of passion and fantasy with

Welcome to my book, my dear reader. For you, I wrote these
poems. For you, I opened the doors of passion, love, and
imagination. Look no further. Come with me, and together we will
defy mortality.

More from the back cover here

Thank you.

© Gabriela Marie Milton

176 thoughts on “My book “Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings” now available for pre-order

    1. My dearest Cassa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You are a gem.
      Have a wonderful rest of the day sweetheart.
      Stay safe, Be loved.

  1. I am so looking forward to reading a compilation of your works. May your release be met with great success and always know that I love your words!

    1. Brad, I am humbled beyond words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me. When do I get to read your poetry book?

    1. Oh, Eric, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I know. The feeling of holding a book in your hands. There is a dreamy quality about it.
      Have a beautiful rest of the day and thank you once again.

    1. Thank you so much Timothy. You touched my heart. You pre-order my book. You gave me cotton. I am so grateful to you. Maya says hello to everyone. And .. my pear is in bloom too 🙂

      1. The pear tree is Marina’s. You have a big cottonwood tree that the owls like to sit in and hoot. Your cottonwood is female. Give Maya hugs and kisses for me. I’m looking forward to your book.

      2. I know that pear tree is Marina’s. I was talking about my pear tree. I have one too. I hope my cottonwood and the owls are doing well. Say hello to them from me. Maya got the hugs and kisses. She is happy.
        Your words made me very happy too.
        Thank you.

      3. My apologies. Since I just posted about Marina’s tree I wasn’t thinking about you having a pear tree. We had a hard frost last night, so I don’t know if our fruit will survive it.

      4. I am really sorry to hear about that. It was cold last night here too. I looked at the picture of your pear. Does it make (that’s not the right word, is it? 🙂 ) fruits? Mine looks like yours but it doesn’t. It just blooms.

      5. When it doesn’t freeze our tree bears fruit. How old is your pear tree? It may need another pear tree to pollinate. Ours is obviously self-pollinating sense we don’t have another pear tree on the property.

      6. Bear fruit. That’s it. Thank you Timothy. Three years old.

      7. It could. Depends on the type of pear tree. But at least you can enjoy it’s blossoms and foliage.

      8. I enjoy that very much. I actually was told that it’s a decorative tree only. Yet it looks exactly like yours.

      9. Years ago one of my aunts planted a couple of crabapple trees that were supposed to be non-fruit bearing “ornamental” trees. They grew into large trees that bloomed every year but didn’t produce fruit for the first 20 years. The trees were great shade for our deck, but then in the late ’80s, they started producing fruit. The two trees produced lots and lots of crabapples that were not good for anything but jam or jelly. In the Fall we would sit on our deck under the crabapple trees and we would get bombed by falling crabapples. The trees started dying 12 years ago, so I cut them down and put a canopy over the deck.

      10. Oh, I am sorry the tress died. The story is great Timothy. “In the Fall we would sit on our deck under the crabapple trees and we would get bombed by falling crabapples. ” I wish I would have been there. I hope my pear will produce pears in seventeen years. If It does I’ll send you some 🙂

      11. I would think it would start producing fruit before then, but then you just never know what trees are up to.

      12. Haha. And you never know what owls are up too. Please keep us posted.

  2. Congratulations my dearest Button. I, along with my sweetie are going to wait, as hard as it is, for the book. My books are precious to me. I like the touch and feel of books. I still have poetry books from high school. I am not one to lend my books either. Your book will be a gift to one another. It will be a treasure for us both. Love, hugs and congratulations again Button. I am so happy for you!! 💕❤️😘🌺🥰

    1. Good morning my dearest Joni and thank you for your magnificent comment.
      “I like the touch and feel of books. I still have poetry books from high school” I know what you are talking about. Your words resonate with me. You are such a wonderful person and such a great supporter Joni.
      Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
      Have a fabulous day
      Gabriela (Button)

  3. Ok! M-am trecut și eu pe listă 🙂
    A month full of impatience. Waiting to touch you, to kiss you, to 😉 it’s about the book, think so…

    1. Haha. Mihail, you are a gem. You really are great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here I go:
      Multumesc din inima.
      O zi buna.

    1. My most sincere thanks. I am humbled by your words. Thank you very much.
      Stay safe and inspired

    1. Thank you so much Manuela. That is so kind of you. I wish you a wonderful evening. Please stay safe.

  4. Congratulations! I wish you all the luck in the world for your book Gabriela! And I cannot wait to read it. Enhorabuena! Se que va ser todo un exito! Maravillosa que eres,
    un fuerte abrazo de Espanya!

    1. Maravilloso que eres, Francisco. Gracias de todo corazón.
      Un fuerte abrazo, un arcoiris en el cielo,
      y un beso para ti

      1. I’ll give you one back. In this way you have two (you are much more talented than I am) and I’ll have one. I am happy with one 🙂
        Thank you, Francisco. You are a great artist and a great friend. I hope you enjoyed your shopping.

      2. Supermarket shopping is now my new thrill! Imagine that! Yes, I enjoyed it, thank you Gabriela and thank you for those kind words. I find two rainbows 🌈 to be rather lovely 😊 but…I hope at least one of them pops up in Valencia as it’s been raining here for two days! Take good care have a lovely night, Bona nit,

      3. Francisco, your answer put a smile on my face. I probably should cry and not smile but I am tired now and my reactions are not on the beaten path.
        Yeah, what a thrill to shop at a supermarket 🙂 And then the rain. I am telling you. Even if you are so passionate sometimes your words bring out s Jacques Prévert atmosphere:
        Il a allumé
        Une cigarette
        Il a fait des ronds
        Avec la fumée
        Il a mis les cendres
        Dans le cendrier
        Sans me parler
        Sans me regarder

        Il s’est levé
        Il a mis
        Son chapeau sur sa tête
        Il a mis son manteau de pluie
        Parce qu’il pleuvait
        Et il est parti
        Sous la pluie
        Sans une parole
        Sans me regarder..

        Now I am ready to cry,
        Sending you a kiss. I hope one of the rainbows got there.

      4. Quite beautiful! J’aime ces mots…
        If the rainbow 🌈 is on order, it hasn’t arrived today, grey skies in the Mediterranean, perfect for a day in the castle but not for a day in the beach…take good care and stay safe my dear friend.
        Un beso 🌹

      5. I.m glad you liked it. I’ll check the order for the rainbow. It may have been delayed.
        “grey skies in the Mediterranean,” I know. I am coughing.
        Two besos Francisco.

      6. Take good care of yourself Gabriela…take something for that cough as your health is very important. Grey and cold but it’s another day God made and the 34th since lockdown. Stay safe my dear friend,
        Love and well being and two kisses I send you from Spain…(recuperating Spain)

      7. Thank you so much Francisco. Unlikely I will take care of myself. Too many other obligations. But I admit this cough is a bit scary.
        Good wishes and love right back to you.
        Thank you for the flower. That’s sweet and makes me feel better 🙂

      8. I hope you feel better soon, take good care and stay safe…just finished 3k footing/aerobic in the flat…now some down time and a las siete de la tarde, el vino 🍷. Alzaré una copa por tu salud, querida amiga. Mil abrazos y acuérdate que me has dado todas las flores de abril así que te envío la tuya…un beso y una 🌹

      9. Thank you, Francisco. I feel better today.
        “just finished 3k footing/aerobic in the flat…now some down time and a las siete de la tarde, el vino 🍷.” Wonderful.
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      10. I am so glad to hear that! Stay well, stay safe and yes, physical activity is a good way to go through he confinement period…have a great evening and a lovely weekend!
        Abrazos fuertes de España,

      11. Thank you Francisco. You are right. Yesterday I could not break the fever until I walked on the treadmill. Take care.

      12. I hope you feel better Gabriela, take good care of yourself and I’m glad to hear that walking did you well. Please let me know how you feel in the morning. I hope you have a restful sleep. Un fuerte abrazo, cuídate mucho 🌷🌻🌹

      13. Oh, you touched my heart Francisco. Thank you. Thank you.
        I do feel better. Just go off the treadmill now.
        Dos abrazos y dos besos 🙂

      14. Three kilometres…takes me 35 mins…doing jogging and footing around my flat…I do it every day since I do not have a treadmill…gets me ready for the 7p wine time and I don’t have to feel guilty about eating all that cheeze and longaniza every afternoon 🙂

      15. Lord what a question I asked. Oh course it means three kilometers. I’ve been leaving in the US for too long 🙂 1.86 mile in 35 minutes with some aerobics I assume. I do only 1.4 miles in 35min with some light aerobic right on the treadmill
        “gets me ready for the 7p wine time” Beautiful…
        “I don’t have to feel guilty about eating all that cheeze and longaniza every afternoon” Haha, I’ve been eating a lot of cheese and I feel so guilty. But it does me stop eating now.. It is what it is.
        Have great night Francisco.

      16. Thank you 😊 Gabriela. You too, have a lovely evening and stay safe…this will pass, although slowly. We will be locked down for another 15 days, until 09 MAY, but our government is going to let the peques out on 27 APR! I cannot believe it! Anyways…I hope the running of the 1,4 miles did you good.
        Ciao bella!

      17. Eso mismo…es una tontería y nosotros somos unos chalados, porque tenemos que creer que los peques van a salir solos…claro que tendrán que salir adultos con ellos…pero bueno, un abrazo querida amiga y que estés bien…

    1. Thank you so much Jen. It means a lot to me when we can communicate. It feels like a miracle. Sending you plenty of love and blessings.
      Please stay safe.

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Punam. Your comment means so much to me. it brightens my day. Also thank you for letting me know that is not available in your region. I expressly asked for India to be included (I am assuming now that you are in India, although it’s a bit late to be up at this hour in India) because most of my FB followers are actually Indians. I am overwhelmed by their love for poetry.
      Thank you again sweetheart. Lots of love to you.

      1. Dearest Gabriela, it’s not too late…just 11.30 pm in India! Maybe it will be available soon.
        I am not surprised that you have many followers here, you write so beautifully.
        You are welcome, dearest. ❤️

      2. I have my time wrong! I’m sorry and thank you so much for your beautiful words sweetheart.
        Have a blessed and restful night.

    1. Hello Charlie,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I am really humbled by your words. I will definitely stop to read your riddle as soon as I can.
      Thank you again and have a beautiful evening (it’s actually afternoon in California) 🙂
      Stay blessed and inspired my dear friend.

      1. You are welcome my friend. 🙂

        So far, 2 of my readers solved all of them. It took a long time but I guided them with hints.

        Read the comments and I’ve made a full description of what it all means. 🙂

      2. Haha. So you had to guide them. I am glad they solved everything at the end. I am going to read the riddle and then the comments. 🙂

      3. Trust me…you will love it. And there’s more to come Next Monday and I would like for everyone to try even if they aren’t good at riddles. Again. I will guide all readers with hints. 🙂

      4. I trust you Charlie. And next Monday I’m not going to be so busy ( at least that’s the way my schedule looks right now) so I’ll be there 🙂

    1. My dearest Java, your words made my afternoon so beautiful. Thank you so much for your continuous support and kindness, sweetheart.
      Love and hugs to you.

    1. Hi Bo, thank you very much. I hope everyone is well.
      Sending you guys plenty of love.

      1. Bo that is so nice of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🌸

      2. Bo, I only think of how great you are. I think how talented you are. I think of what a great fighter you are. I think of what a great mother you are. Those things speak to me deeply.
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
        Big hugs to everyone. Especially to little B.

  5. The day has come…. I had a huge smile and the biggest feeling of excitement to press that preorder button ❤️❤️❤️. Seriously, I’m not going to be able to contain myself when I get the paperback.

    Gabriela, I am so happy for you and proud of you. Your talent and friendship has inspired me countless times. I am completely in love with your writing. I wish I could celebrate in person with you, but I am certainly celebrating in my little corner of the world. I think later I will put on some music and have a little glass of bubbles in your honour. What music would you suggest dear friend?


    Sending you so much love and hugs.

    1. Oh, my fabulous Rachel, are you in a little corner of the world? Oh, no, sweetheart for me that place is bigger than life because you live there.
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words and for your love. Know that your talent and your friendship inspired and helped me a lot. Do I need to tell you that I am in love with your writings too? Rachel you are such a talented and fabulous person. You are as magnificent as a summer dream. I am beyond grateful for your friendship and for everything you have done for me.
      “I wish I could celebrate in person with you” Oh, how I wish that too. When your book is going to be out we’ll do that. There will be no travel restrictions then.
      “I think later I will put on some music and have a little glass of bubbles in your honour.” Thank you. I’ll do the same. I will drink in your honor. I don’t know knows about finishing the glass 🙂 Cheers to both of us. To friendship and love. To loyalty and beauty. To you and me.
      I am going to listen to this song before I go to sleep tonight. What are you going to listen too?

      I’m going to listen to this. What

      1. “You are as magnificent as a summer dream.” This is you dear G, but for you to say that to me, sigh… I feel like I just got a little bit of your poetry for me ♥️. Cheers to friendship and love. To loyalty. To you and me. Indeed.

        I am going to listen to this song you sent me before I go to sleep, in my celebration to you. I love the video that goes with it too.
        As my addition to this playlist I add this one “back it up” – Caro Emerald

        So much love and congratulations to you dearest G xoxoxo

      2. You are as magnificent as a summer dream. Those beautiful summers by the sea, smell of the slat mixed in with that of tropical essences from the sunblock; the breeze turning pages from a book.
        I love the song. I love Carol Emerald. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything Rachael.
        Sending you love, hugs, and chocolates. I did not sent you chocolates in a long time. So please enjoy them.

      3. I was just in the mood for chocolates Gabriela, how did you know? Sometimes I think you just sense things – yes, I think this is is the case, most definitely. I keep watching the video and listening to the song you suggested. I love it so much. I’m putting it on a playlist – please tell me others to add to this playlist some time.

        I never had champagne, because I cannot drink a whole bottle if I open one. I did have a glass of red in your honour instead. I send you the bottle of champagne. Lots of love xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Rene. Very grateful to you for your support. Sending you lots of love and good wishes.

      1. Thank you so much Rene. You are a sweetheart. Be loved. Be inspired 🌸🙏💐🤗💕

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your wonderful words mean a lot to me.
      Sending you love and hugs sweetheart.

    1. Good afternoon Drew,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind wishes. I was and I am very grateful to you for your support. You are wonderful.
      I saw the post about Ali’s grandmother. I am very sorry for your loss. It seems like she loved you very much. May she RIP.

      Have a gorgeous rest of the day. Stay inspired and loved.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dearest Leonie. You touched my heart. God bless you too sweetheart.

    1. Oh, Michelle, thank you so much. You are so kind. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

      1. You are so kind. Thank you again. Stay safe and inspired Vidur 🙂

    1. You are so kind. Your kindness humbled me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🌸

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