All’s well that ends well (a collaboration) – a stunning piece by Rachel and Watt #Guest Post

My Dear Readers,

A stunning piece by two magnificent writers: Rachel and Watt.
I am thrilled to have them as my guests today.
Below, please read their comments on collaborating with each other, and their piece All’s well that ends well.

Rachel: regarding Watt and I’s writing, it has always been a remarkably easy process.  We both admired each other’s writing, and in his words: “It’s easy to tread each other’s tracks without losing our own essence.  When we write together, inspiration seems to brush shoulders with us like it might with an old friend, and words gather themselves effortlessly and travel to the mind.”

All’s well that ends well

Over time, real time, life has segmented me in sides and faces with very vague definitions.  I sense that there are things about me that are routinely yet obscurely fed to a vending machine which gives me newer passions, different interests in return. Maybe I can trace it back to “when” but “why” is draped in nights when I lay awake with a dream in mind, and the next morning seems to blur it into a background that slowly fades into wallpaper that needs to be torn down because it’s just not as pretty anymore.

The ‘why’ is so much harder than the ‘when,’ but December raises the downy hair of yesterday on the back of my neck. No embrace for the girl of that calendar month, just a sigh of resignation and despair that rustles all the other pages of the calendar. My eyes see a whole year of good intentions and failed dreams that cling so desperately to that wall and under my skin. It’s like the realisation that last New Year’s hope was just an impulsive mistake and I forgot to make any brightened resolutions.

And it becomes an yearly abstraction, a push that plummets fractions, breezeblocks, out of an otherwise linear tower of reality. I look back at the lost pieces, and with what may be an illusion of growth, smile. That ache seems so small, unimportant, and what I have now seems okay for a minute. Maybe longer. Depends on the length of the song I listen to, and the longevity of the setting sun.

I can only say it in a whisper but this year has magnified the aches that have lingered for a lifetime. There’s a desperation in looking for the missing pieces in the fading colours of the sunset. In the hungry chaos of noisy gulls, I try to collect my crowded thoughts into groups of words that might ease my chapped lips and pour my coffee in the morning. I string them into necklaces and charms made of sentences – poems of moonless Septembers and melancholy Sundays. That way I can at least look at tomorrow without shielding my eyes.

There is something about words strung together in a sensible philosophy. Its incomparable to have had times in your life that sharpens its blunt edges and cuts into parts of you, refreshes everything somehow, and becomes strange to look at. Like gawking at your reflection on the mirror plated wall of a hair salon, while the barber keeps trimming your hair in a really bad way but all you can do is investigate your face and strike your eyes with a gaze they obviously meet. Just to realize, that it’s all there what needs to be, what isn’t, will grow back with more original strands and fibres. There’s always a road to walk towards everywhere, and since ‘all roads lead to Rome’, why does anybody worry.

Please continue reading on Rachel’s site here
or on Watt’s site here

I truly hope you enjoyed their magnificent work.

A gentle reminder that my book, Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings, will be available for pre-order on April 14th; publication date April 20th.

Love and good health to everyone.

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62 thoughts on “All’s well that ends well (a collaboration) – a stunning piece by Rachel and Watt #Guest Post

  1. I have followed Rachel’s blog for awhile and I appreciate the introduction to Watt’s works. A flawless composition so well-blended and crafted that it is hard to believe it was not written by one hand. A thoughtful and generous sharing, G!

    1. Hi Brad, that you so much for your comment. Yes, both of them are great writers and their collaborations are fantastic. I do not know who wrote what when I read them.
      Thank you for commenting. Always a good and generous friend.

  2. Good afternoon G,

    Thank you for sharing this. Magic happens when great writers come together.
    I will comment on their blogs.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day.
    Be safe, stay inspired.

    1. My pleasure, Drew. “Magic happens when great writers come together.” That’s actually true. Both of them are fantastic.
      Stay safe and creative.

      1. I am so humbled by your comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Absolutely beautiful words and visual feelings from both writers. Exquisite example of two talented and creative individuals coming together. Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs. Thanks beautiful Button. Joni 💕❤️😘🌸🌺

    1. Thank you so much Joni. They are great, aren’t they? They are both very talented and both write beautifully. What mesmerizing me is how easy they can come together and gorgeously speak with one voice.
      Joni thank you so much for your generosity. Your support means a lot. May you and your family be blessed. May you have a magnificent Easter 🤗❤️💕💐

      1. Hello Beautiful Button – Yes they are very descriptive and vivid writers and I agree, it is hard for me to imagine writing with another person that beautifully. It is like their minds melt together in an endless stream of inviting words, drawing the reader along for the experience. I am following both poets. Thanks for sharing their work, it is such a treat to have wonderful poetry to read. I look forward to reading more of their work as I also enjoyed their style very much.

        You and Francisco work beautifully together as well and I look forward to your next collaboration. Thank you again for all your kind encouragement to me Button. I have another poem coming out on Spillwords on April 13th, one day before your book will be ready for pre-order. Yah! So excited.

        I pray you have a blessed Easter as well and that the Lord takes good care of you and keeps you and yours safe. Love you, and thanks again for all your sincere encouragement as well. Hugs Button

      2. Hello beautiful honeybun. They are exceptional writers an I am so glad you like them and followed them. Thank you so much for that.
        Wonderful! Congrats! I can’t wait to read it and gived it 5 stars. And if you agree sometimes mid-May (end of May) I world like to have you as a guest on my blog. It will be my pleasure to feature your work. Please let me know.
        Sending you love and blessings honeybun.

      3. Thank you beautiful Button. You are too kind. I really appreciate you. I would love to be a guest on your blog at the end of May. I would be honored. What a blessing. Thank you Button. So thoughtful of you. Your always thinking of others such a tender and kind heart you have. That is why you have such an amazing gift. What a gem you are Button. Please continue to be safe and healthy my friend. Are you going to send out a link on where you can pre-order? I love your back cover by the way and again the artist whose painting is on the front is amazing. She sounds like a jewel too. I am assuming there may be a link on Vita Brevis Press to pre-order since they are the publishers. I want a hard back. I am so excited for you. Poetry is finally making a come back, it is about time. Thanks again Button love 💕 you. J (honeybun)

      4. Hi Joni,
        I am thrilled you accepted my invitation. It’s a real pleasure to have you as a guest. I am grateful for your friendship and your support . You really touch my heart. Yes, the links will be on Vita Brevis and I will put them on my blog too. However if you want a paperback we need to wait till April 20th when the book will be released.. You can pre-order the e-book version but not the paperback version. Tey the painting on the cover is special It done by a women that I love.
        Thank you honey bun and we will talk more about the guest post soon.
        Enjoy your afternoon.
        Love and hugs

      5. My pleasure and honor Button. I really do want a hard cover of your book. I want a book I can put on the shelf. Hugs and love 💕 Joni

  4. My dear G, I am so sorry I am late to this post. What an honour it is for you to have posted this piece on your beautiful blog. There really is nothing more meaningful than when a talented and treasured friend and writer supports your writing. I consider myself incredibly lucky. Thank you thank you and thank you.

    Happy Easter to you my gorgeous Gabriela. Lots of love and happiness and a little chocolate being sent your way, I hope you gave a wonderful weekend. Xoxoxo

    1. My fabulous Rachel, always my pleasure. You are a magnificent writer and this collaboration is stunning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to be my guest.
      Happy Easter to you sweetheart. Funny I thought many times about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere (probably because I was there several times during Christmas ) but never thought about Easter. Easter in the fall. I like how it sounds. Will you write a poem about? I know you do not like fall sweetheart but I was born in the fall and that’s my fav time of the year (besides eternal summer 🙂 )
      Love, hugs, and thank you again for agreeing to be my guest.

      1. Easter in the fall…. you create magic in places I never would have thought to look. I will do my best to create a poem of this G ❤️. I guess it is a little different. I know you like baking bread. Here on Good Friday my family tradition is to make ‘hot cross buns.’ I hadn’t realised but I don’t think these buns are an American tradition. They are basically a spiced fruit bun with a cross piped on the top. I made them yesterday (managed to get flour), they have to rise three times! Takes forever but for me they smell and taste like Easter. What Easter traditions do you have?
        Sending love to you xoxo

      2. Hi Rachel. You will create the magic sweetheart with your “Easter in the fall” poem. It will smell hot cross buns and chrysanthemums (can’t figure out the plural now 🙂 ) I know what they are and they are truly delicious but I don’t recollect having them for Easter. Here is what Google says: traditionally eaten on Good Friday in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and some parts of the Americas. So the United States has them too.
        You made them yesterday and they smell like Easter? Could you please send me one too?
        Oh, the smell of freshly baked hot cross buns … It sounds divine.
        “What Easter traditions do you have?” Oh, sweetheart, my family is Catholic but for reasons that I cannot disclose here they baptized me in a Greek Orthodox Church. Since the Catholic church allows communion and everything else to Eastern Christians I generally attend Catholic masses. The Western Christmas is at the same time with the Greek Orthodox Christmas. But Easter generally is not. This Sunday is the Western Catholic Easter and it is Palm Sunday in the Greek Orthodox tradition. Bottom line Rachel I always celebrated two Easters. And you know what I like about the Greek Orthodox Easter? There is one mass. At might-night. It last three hours. Three hours of magic.
        Sending you plenty of love Rachel.

      3. So midnight mass and two Easter celebrations for you…? I am so curious about your background. I once went to a Christmas Eve midnight mass – at Westminster Abbey. It felt very sacrosanct and steeped in tradition.

        It seems hot Cross buns are mainly a commonwealth tradition. I will send you a home made by me one and the smell of fresh bread and cinnamon – my Easter gift to you dear G. Take care darling friend xoxox

      4. Oh, sweetheart the time will certainly come when I would write you more about my background. It used to be that we will celebrate the Western Easter and then the next week my parents took me to a Greek church for the midnight mass. It was beauty and magic. Oh, Westminster Abbey mass! I am sure that’s really impressive. You should not have said that. Because you know what I want to do now: go to a Westminster Abbey mass. I have that on my list.
        Thank you. What a delicious gift. Tonight I am happy.
        You are fabulous Rachel. Thank you for being you . Happy Easter to my magnificent friend 💐🌸🎉🌿❤️

      5. I had a great Easter, I hope yours a great too Rachel.

  5. G, WordPress crashed just as I clicked ‘post my on my comment, can you let me know if it posted?? If not I will rewrite!! Much love dear friend

      1. I don’t think WordPress would wish to see an enraged kiwi (scarier than what you might think), so it better not 😂. Nothing can stop me from reading you, especially after I get my hands on your book. I hope they will do international shipping!! Xoxoxo

      2. Oh, no, WordPress cannot stop us.
        You are so sweet Rachel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can’t per-order paperback copies. You can pre-order only the e-book. The paperback comes on April 20th when the book will be actually released. And yes it will be released world wide,
        Thank you for everything Rachel. Don’t forget to send me a hot cross bun.

      3. I sent you one.. did you get it? I might have to preorder digital but I will also be getting the paperback too. Then I can touch and breathe your words better 💜🍞🍫🍂🍁🌏🌊 xoxox

      4. I got it. And it’s delicious and it smells spring. Thank you 🙏 As for my book I am grateful to you Rachel. Very grateful. I do not know what else to say 🤗🌸💕🌿🙏

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart for your wonderful comment. I know you like both of them and that warms my heart.
      Love and hugs to you

      1. Thank you so much sweetheart. Rachel and Watt are really talented.
        Love and hugs to you

    1. Hi Katy
      It is beautiful indeed. I am so glad you liked it.
      Have a wonderful rest of the day sweetheart.

    1. Tom thank you for reading and for your kind words. They are brilliant indeed.
      Stay safe and have a great rest of the day.

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