Thoughts [3] #short prose #flash fiction

We prey upon our own fantasies.


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53 thoughts on “Thoughts [3] #short prose #flash fiction

  1. We really do. Pick off the flesh, wear it on our mouths, and blow raspberries, before we burn slowly, feel real again.

    1. Gorgeous comment, Watt. Thank you. I should add it to my sentence and we have a collaboration.

      1. My most sincere thanks for your wonderful words. I am sure Watt will appreciate them too.

      2. You seriously are a great writer and you deserve such words. You have a great influence over my work and you write stuff that is very inspiring for me. May you and Watt have a great collaboration together. Wishes and regards,

      3. Dear William,
        This is so generous of you to say. Knowing that I can inspire you makes me happy. Please know that I enjoy your writings and your work inspires me too.
        Best wishes

      4. Bojana, thank you so much. I highly value your opinion. As for the collaboration I am not sure Watt was serious. Iโ€™ll check with him.
        Hope everything is well with you guys.

  2. Its interesting on how we prey on our own creations, for fantasies are figments of our own imagination. Its also interesting how fantasies can often not be all one hoped of them. Great and thoughtful piece, Gabriela.

    1. “for fantasies are figments of our own imagination.” Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, Kevin.
      Your words made my day.
      Best Wishes

  3. Very true. I eat them alive until thereโ€™s nothing left. Of course being introverted means that my fantasies stay in my mind, but I nonetheless feast on them.

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