The Miracle of Christmas #short prose #flash fiction

The waves found me laying alone on that dark faraway beach, Miguel’s Maria de Guadalupe medallion broken in my right palm, my face bruised by tears and scratched by humid sand, waiting for the miracle of Christmas to heal my never-ending pain.


55 thoughts on “The Miracle of Christmas #short prose #flash fiction

    1. Good morning, Drew.
      Thank you for your kind words. May all your wishes come true! My wish list is growing very fast. I added: a wand, a crystal ball, a broom stick .. 🙂
      Have a wonderful day, Drew!

      1. Aw…. You are again so sweet.
        I don’t think my spells work. I need more ammunition 🙂

      2. LOL Let, me see……Ms. Poetry Warrior.
        You have cannons, you have written about spears and swords, and you have your special Starbucks run attire (LOL). Spells???
        This sounds like all out war. LOL

      3. Dear Mr. Poetry,
        That may be true. However, I do not have strategic depth.
        How is your novel going?

      4. Strategic depth…..LOL
        Worked on my manuscript for about 8 hours yesterday. One of the perks of being single. It is coming along. Very happy with my baby too. Thanks for asking.

        G, destiny awaits our books. I know you will succeed, after all, you are a fighter. LOL

      5. I an thrilled to hear things are going well. The destiny (and no only 🙂 ) awaits your book, Drew. As for mine, I wish . I need to find time.

        May you have miraculous rest of the day, Drew. Don’t forget do have some fun too!

      6. I did not know that. I’m learning.
        Thank you so much for your wishes.
        Looking forward to reading your next post!

      7. How do you feel now? (I do not expect an answer.) That is my way of saying that there is a way for you to know which one to post. You are the only one who knows. That’s magic!

    1. Aw… I am glad you liked it, Shantanu. I know miracles happen. I am waiting for one. Thank you, my dear friend.

    1. My dear Eric, thank you for being here.
      I suspect most people in Great Britain are waiting for a miracle. That said, I would love to know your opinion. What’s the way forward?

      Wait! Did you say “England”? 🙂

      1. England, home, my blood (though a quarter Scot, truth be told!) – Westminster, the hounds bay, leashes slipped, odd couplings next week! My opinion, my way, stand tall, take the lead, call to heel, no deal – there’s a big world out there!

      2. “My opinion, my way, stand tall, take the lead, call to heel, no deal.” I see, my dear Eric. The spirit of the British empire still lives in your soul 🙂 I do not think your wishes will come true. However, prove me wrong! Prove me wrong, Eric 🙂

      3. Just spirit, G – I’ve no hankering for old ways – you only have to watch the Euro-vision Song Contest to see we’re not European – we’re stitched up there too! Seriously though, the powers that be don’t want to leave so will try and get us to vote again – and fix the question balloted to ensure we do – the press are playing to their tune too! Right I’m going to have a glass of wine and watch the early evening news! Catch up again soon!

      4. “We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined” 🙂

        Seriously Eric, it is a very difficult situation. Europe has great problems, but they pale in comparison with the whole “Brexit” issue. Your politicians… I better stop.

        Enjoy your glass of wine and the evening news!

  1. Sounds like me and my heart. Awaiting for the best miracles to pour out. I’ve been good all year, Not just for a Christmas miracle but I found myself.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful wishes. May your Christmas be filled with love and joy. Now and forever!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for your king words. May you have the happiest holiday ever!

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