hello miss (hola señorita) #poetry

travelers in colored carts

head to roads of no return

a fortune teller speaks of love

milk and honey wait for me

mama’s young

the lilac is in bloom

the hands of the rose garden

wave to me

i turn the key of the blue room


the time leaps forward

and i walk the streets of old Granada

swollen dreams of paintings and guitars

i stumble on your body’s heat

your arm rises in the air

your eyes gleam cinnamon and green

your laughter cracks the galaxies

“hola señorita

you grew up

just to meet me”

32 thoughts on “hello miss (hola señorita) #poetry

  1. Oh, my G. Your are a gifted story teller.

    My apologies. Good morning. You cleverly inject so much magic into your work. This leaves us begging for the answers to so many questions. “You grew up just to meet me.” Breathtaking. One of my favorite authors, Anne Rice, has such an ability to transport her readers to different times and places always hypnotizing us with her writing, encouraging us to turn to the next, forcing just to read one more chapter before bed. You writing can do just that. Trust me, if this were a longer piece, I wouldn’t be ale to put it down. (So sorry for the comparison, I know how women hate that. May Erato strike me on the head with her kithara).

    Enchanting. Breathtaking. Stunning. Inspiring.

    1. Good morning!
      Aww.. thank you for such a wonderful comment!
      I do not hate comparisons. We all do that even if some of us do not recognize.
      However, my dear friend, comparing me with such authors humbles me. You are so sweet!
      All I can hope is that some day a longer piece will be in print, and you will not be able to put it down. I am putting pressure on myself now.
      I hope I did not disturb too much your coffee ritual 🙂
      Have a lovely day in NYC and thank you again!

      1. Disturb my coffee ritual, haha. My coffee is cold after reading this piece several times before commenting. I am afraid I may have to switch to ice coffee to read you beautiful writing, but even that may be a lost cause since I believe your work can melt the polar ice caps (the way it does me).

        Recently, I have been so busy, my current novel has taken a back seat. You have inspired me to get back to work, Thank you for that. (Funny thing is, I believe our manuscripts parallel one another – love stories that go beyond time. )

        Grateful for the inspiration.

      2. Drew, if I do not finish my novel, I really want you to finish yours. The thought that I can inspire you makes be happy. That kind of happiness means a lot to me!
        Is your coffee already cold? Can I make you another one? LOL

        Thank you for your magnificent words!

  2. “Your laughter cracks the galaxies” is a GORGEOUS line. Your vivid imagery had me sitting outside a veranda and taking in the lovely Spanish scenery, drink in hand as I sip, letting the words of your poem float around me… and then you throw in that line. Magnificent! 😊🌸💜

    1. Thank you so much, my lovely K! I am delighted that you liked it!
      Now, your wonderful comment makes want to sit with you in the veranda of your dreams, so we can enjoy the scenery together!
      Have a magical day, my dear!

    1. Thank you my dear! Have a magical week too! Again, it was a pleasure to hear your beautiful voice!

      1. Oh, I am sorry, I mixed up my replies re: voice.
        However, my thanks and my good wishes stand!

    1. Thank you so much my dear! Your words mean a lot to me. It was a pleasure to listen to your beautiful voice!

  3. It’s brilliant. Tell me, how do you write such vivid scenes. It’s cinema pure and true! You are gifted. What on earth are you doing here. Go to Hollywood.

    1. Ah, my dearest, you are so sweet to me!!!! I don’t think Hollywood would take me.
      Maybe i’ll come to you one day. That will really warm my heart!

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