lovers without love #poem #poetry

you, quest of lovers without love
your unrelenting islands beaten by the wind-blown sand
the sea
extends its waves beyond the singularity of night
the silk of clouds is looking for the sky
scales of reeds chime songs,
cries of those whose loves have sunk

I bathe in the aromatic rose of the moonlight
the night bathes in the foam of the blue waters
a bed sighs
the silhouettes of three carnations gossip on the floor
empty hearts expecting to be slaughtered

the sand receives me
in the distance a mast decides to flicker
the quest of lovers without love
on a wicker chair
a lonely glove


image:  KHIUS; Shutterstock; [link]


my poem “marry me” published #poetry

My poem “marry me” published by KashmirPen Newspaper.

midnight suspends itself on a rock wall
the Hands of Fatima knit shades of blue over the valley
sounds, chirps of migratory birds
flutter of old keys hidden in lonely drawers
run with me and let’s get married
the forest speaks…

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I am the one #poem #poetry #published

I am the voice of your past loves
resounding in your wildest fantasies
dressed in roses at the altar of your dreams
I am the one you’ve never had
my soul flows from the tears of the Nile
from the hands of children who still beg
through ruins, darkness, and deep pain
through wars which they will never understand
I am the last who will be saved
for I have sinned under the shadow of your cross
when Spanish fountains cry in the sunset
I am the Desdemona who you’ve never met
today Granada’s just the place
in which García Lorca once was killed
I am the feather of a gold macaw bird
and in the city where bells toll
I am the one whose cries you’ve never heard.

first published in STRAW #zine, London, October 2018


image: By Anna Ismagilova; Shutterstock; [link]



Leaves of poetry #poem #short prose

Fathoms of your kisses float on my fingers.
Water lilies sleep on green lips of hidden lakes.
Leaves of poetry murmur in a willow tree.
Ripped apart by the gallop of an Arabian horse the night bleeds.
Sand and blood. Memories of the forgotten breath of our Sahara: the Sahara in which fate played games.
Spaces, times, light crawl upon each other like flapping fish in a net.
The enigma of “to be.”

The simplicity of me.


image: S. Splajn; Shutterstock; [link]


“atrocities” – featured poem at Spillwords press

Good morning Gabriela,
We want to congratulate you as we have selected your poem to be a featured piece on,
On the day of publication – 7/6/19 at 3:30am Pacific Time (PT) – “atrocities” will be displayed in our FEATURED POSTS section on the front page.”

My most sincere thanks to the Spillwords editors for selecting my poem “atrocities” as a featured piece.
it rains atrocities on fields of love
predatory nights, barbed wire walls…
You can read the entire poem here
Hugs to all my followers.
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you love me #poem

you love me
like dolphins love to swim in warm and shallow waters
luscious humid silhouettes of the aquatic world
your fingers touch my skin
like priests in darkness the new testament
solemnly touch

you love me
says the royal palm tree in the garden
which every morning waves to me
I lost my golden earrings and I found them
among the crushed carnations spread on our bed
the night in which Mendoza wine fermented our destinies
into its scent

you know
I’ve never understood why you love me
the Howard Miller mahogany grandfather’s clock has stopped
somewhere it’s winter on the mappemonde
lost paradises hide in silver bracelets
why did you come?
and if you came
why did you leave?