Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow by Jeff Flesch – reviewed by Gabriela Marie Milton

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Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow, by Jeff Flesch, is a superb collection whose pages are saturated with poetic intelligence.  The author builds a magnificent correspondence between the natural realm and the spiritual one, without making use of language techniques most symbolists employ(ed), preferring the un-revealed/the unknown to the revealed/the known. In Jeff’s poetry nature does not need any intermediary to speak to the soul and vice versa.

Nature has always provided a feast for senses. In this collection nature provides more than the aromas of daisies and lavender, or the silhouette of the willow tree projected against the sky. It provides a journey of self-discovery which ultimately leads to a better understanding of the self.

The message is clear. The more you understand nature, the more you understand yourself.

I dance to the tune of the moon/learning more about nature/and the aspects/of self/hidden under the trees in bloom/

The identification of the movement of natural elements with love is one remarkable element of Jeff’s poetry.  

while I sit and I listen/to the clouds bursting wide open:/a deluge, like the love I feel for you/

Sometimes nature plays a restorative role and other times it becomes part of the author’s sorrows: pebbles always underfoot, while salt/ stings my eyes/always being told boys don’t cry/ pain is deep… or/and part of his love: finding the center/of a love both soft and cherished//as apples bow trees/ know that you always have been true to me:/

In the last piece included in this collection we find one of Jeff’s beliefs which serves not only as a closing argument but also as a direct way a expressing the idea that time heals everything.

At the end, we set sail on the winds of time/and let go the pain we’d held inside.

I find it interesting that despite the restorative capacity of nature, and its intimate link with the human soul, the ultimate healing does not come from nature. It comes from time.  A change of perspective that adds new depths to Jeff’s book.

Nature Speaks of Love and Sorrow is an astonishing collection. Jeff’s poetry not only delights the soul. Equally it delights the intellect. It is a must have. No one will regret reading it.  

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