“the night of candlelight and wine” a collaboration with Francisco Bravo Cabrera #poem #poetry

My Dear Readers,

the night of candlelight and wine a collaboration with Francisco Bravo Cabrera, an artist whose work I admire tremendously. Please visit Francisco’s site here

A rose with thorns you wrap around my wrist
I tie your eyes with scents of mandarins
your heartbeats spiral red Cabo de Palos winds
your touches gallop on my wildest dreams
Valencia, garden where the lovers meet
where statues chant the prayers of the hours
and where some other winds,
perhaps the winds of Lent, not ours
will lift Mediterranean sands so we can’t see,
sighs of the future that the two of us could be …
Their hands clap bulerías por soleá 
you and I, the same passion, we move to the same rhythm
your eyes undress a Carthaginian fountain 
my hands undress a shadow, is that you? 
we die in love as we had died before
in photographs that are not ours
in the port of Cartagena where we’ve never met
blindfolded looking for each other 
like hedonistic lovers in the nights of carnival
we speak in languages known only by the flesh
this is the night of candlelight and wine
the night of gaps between the piccolos and tubas 
you touch me with a branch of olives
I mark your skin with colored glass
until the morning rises from the sea
and thus… 
Valencia, look what’s happening to people like us

read my 2019 Spillwords Author of the Year interview here
@Gabriela Marie Milton

image: Eki, by Francisco Bravo Cabrera, oil on canvas, 40x50cm

55 thoughts on ““the night of candlelight and wine” a collaboration with Francisco Bravo Cabrera #poem #poetry

  1. An exquisite composition. I can feel the Mediterranean sun, smell the salt breeze with hints of Sangria, and hear the rhythms of flamenco in my ears. I love collaborating and this is such a great example of why. Their is vast beauty in the mixing of two minds. Well done and bravo to you both! ❤

    1. Good morning Brad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am thrilled you enjoyed the poem and really humbled by your words.
      “Their is vast beauty in the mixing of two minds.” I can’t thank you enough for the praise Brad. You are a true friend and a poet that I deeply admire.

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely collaboration of two such talented artists.

    “blindfolded looking for each other
    like hedonistic lovers in the nights of carnival”

    I am in awe. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Katy,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful comment. Your words humble me. Thank you for reading.

  3. Gabriela and Francisco what a glorious collaborative piece. This collection of descriptive words makes one smell, feel, remember and experience a wonderful night of love. “Tied hands, scent of mandarin, statues chanting, passion undressing shadows, night of gaps, and Valencia”. I was thinking this piece could sell a lot of trips to Valencia! Love the beautiful painting too. You two work so well together. I love you both. What a wonderful Tuesday treat. May you both have a blessed week. Hugs 😘😘 Joni

    1. Joni, sweetheart, thank you so much for being here and for your wonderful support. I am humbled by your beautiful comment. You are a fabulous friend and a poet that I admire very much.
      “I was thinking this piece could sell a lot of trips to Valencia! ” Haha! I have to ask Francisco. Perhaps we can be hired by a travel agency 🙂
      I am glad you liked the painting. It is smashing, isn’t it?
      You have a blessed day hon and lots of love from me.

      1. “You could sell it for next years Carnival”. Who wouldn’t want a chance to experience such an evening. 😘😘 I really do enjoy all of Francisco’s talents just as I am in awe of your work Gabriela. I hope you do this again soon. Love y’all 💕 Joni

      2. Joni, your ideas are fantastic. Actually I have a piece call “carnival night” on my blog. I wrote it about a year ago. It is private now. I may work on it and ask Francisco to help me.
        I love you too Joni and I am sure Francisco feels the same.
        Have a great day honey bun

    1. Thank you Rene. You are so kind. I am sure Francisco will be so happy to hear that from you.
      Enjoy your day sweetheart.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really glad you liked it

    1. Thank you so much, Gina.Your beautiful words mean a lot to me. Have a wonderful evening, my dear 🌸🤗💕

      1. my pleasure, I was busy and just got to reading your poem, makes my evening absolutely special now

  4. Oh my goodness!! I step away from WordPress for a day or so and this is what I see when I return!!! I’m sorry I’m late to this.

    Gabriela and Francisco, this collaboration is utterly breathtaking. I feel swept up in a citrus-scented breeze, that that seems to breathe and dance
    with romance. The two of you work together seamlessly and beautifully. I was mesmerized start to finish, and tried to pick some favourite lines but got too dazzled with choices.

    Artwork is fabulous too.

    Please do this again, and soon.

    1. Rachel, you are adorable. You are you and it feels so good to have you here. I am so glad you liked this collaboration.
      “The two of you work together seamlessly and beautifully.” Honestly Rachel I thought so too. I am glad you see it the same. It’s hard to pick a line. We are too good 🙂
      Seriously, Rachel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the praise. I am really humbled by your words. I am also glad you liked Francisco’s art. I hope he reads your comment.

      Now, down to business:
      1. When do I get an introduction for you and Watt so I can schedule your post?
      2. Yes, we are going to Hawaii. You and I are going to vanish from this world for a while. Don’t pack anything. Bring yourself the way you are. I’ll take care of the rest. The paradise wants us.
      3. Did you scouts find my pearls? 🙂
      4. I sent you a whole ship filled with flowers. It’s almost there. Look for it.

      1. “It’s hard to pick a line. We are too good 🙂” – you absolutely are. I could of have said this better myself.

        Business? You are a tough task master dear G. I would be nervous to be playing cards with you, I think.

        1) honestly, I do not know where to even begin or what to say with this. Someone once asked me if I am the nz equivalent of the CIA because of the paucity of info on my about page. I’m not trying to be secretive. Or mysterious. I promise (ok, maybe a little mysterious, but can you blame me?)
        2. WHEN??? (Already packed)
        3. Of course. The darkest and most rare baroque pearls in the Pacific Ocean. I told you, only the very best for you.
        4. The boat turned up in my dreams. My house is now filled with flowers. Even the hallway. It’s amazing, thank you 😊 ⛵️🌸💜

        I’ll email you xoxoxox

  5. Good afternoon G,

    I hope your day is going well.
    This is such a beautiful collab. The beauty of it is the flow and the natural mesh of two talented artist. There are one or two lines I suspect are yours, but the entire composition
    is beautiful. So, it reads as if were written by one wonderful talent, instead of two.

    Hopefully, there will be more collabs in the future.
    (Followed your friend).

    Have a gorgeous day my dearest friend.

    1. Good Evening Andrew.
      My day went relatively well. I hope you are doing wonderful and your evening is filled with love.
      Thank you for the praise. You are sweet. BTW are you using any sugar?
      “There are one or two lines I suspect are yours” Really? There is no sunset anywhere 🙂 It will take me some time till I’ll be able to write about sunsets. You handicapped me, Drew 🙂
      I am glad you think the collaboration is beautiful and happy you followed Francisco. He is a great artist.
      Enjoy the rest of this magnificent night.

      1. Hmmmm. Sugar. Nope. Gave up sugar and milk when I gave up coffee. It was a three for one deal. But I will confess, I do miss the coffee.

        Evening have been lovely. Decorated by beautiful sunset (please write about them). Let me read the beauty of the sunset in your words.

        I hope your weekend is full of inspiration.

      2. I hope your weekend is full of inspiration too, Drew.
        Take good care of you.

    1. Aw… thank you so much, Charlie. I am thrilled you liked it. Blessings, my dear friend.

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