my new poem “the day that never comes” in “Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen” #poetry

the sea throws fishing nets into the sky
the blood of stars drops on a lonely shore
ships fantasize under the reddish voice of night
fingers of the truth pulsate inside the wombs of underwater weeds
I comb my hair with dreams of roses and of salt
you smoke cigars…

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@Gabriela Marie Milton

June Publication of the Month at Spillwords – Voting open #vote

My Dear Readers,

Below please find the text of the email that I received from Spillwords Press. Voting for June Publication of the Month is now open. You do not need a Spillwords account to vote. You can vote with your twitter of FB account.


Dear writers,
We want to congratulate you all, as your pieces have been nominated due to Popular Demand for Publication of The Month of June!
 You can vote here:
 Voting will cease on 6/29 upon where soon after we will reveal the winner.
 Here are the nominated pieces:
 – Seduction – Gabriela M
 – In Silence – Luzviminda G. Rivera
 – A Gathering Of Minds – Anne G.
 – Beyonce – Marla Lacherza Bracco
 – Amigas – Jose A. Gomez
 – Rodina-mat Zavyot! – Olja Dobric
 – Nothing Up My Sleeve – Shawn M. Klimek
 – Pages Torn Out – Prikcab (Ian Perlman)
 – The Heart Of The Wind – David Dephy
 – Take Me To… – Allen Baswell
 – Uncertainty – Aishwariya Laxmi
 – Unbound Ties – Mary Ellen Gambutti
 Good luck to all!


Spillwords presents: “Spotlight On Writers – Gabriela M” #interview #spillwords

Dear Readers,

I am grateful to the Spillwords team for giving me the opportunity to share more about me.
“...most fascinatingly America is a country of dreamers. We are all dreamers...”
“..I have very few moments when I get stuck creatively…”
You can read my author interview here.
Love and hugs to everyone.


image:  Billion Photos; Shutterstock; [link]