maritime lovers #evening fantasy

your arm rises from the middle of a colony of orange fish

a Portuguese man o’war stings my arteries

purple venom changes the color of my skin

the ocean holds you back

a red coral hurts my right thigh

my blood attracts sharks

i want to reach you

i dive deeper

phantoms of your love words spread on the surface of my brain

green ivy on a wall of bricks

seahorses show me the way

i see you

you swim with a yellow-edged lyretail

you turn around

your eyes pierce into mine

don’t speak!

if you speak we’ll die!



your “i love you” cuts the ocean in two


avalanches of water fall from the sky

stars shed tears on the forgotten tomb of maritime lovers

why couldn’t you wait?


you smile

your kisses caress my lips

yellow angel fish surround us

humid silent touches




Barista Favorite: i am your soul/short-prose-fiction — Go Dog Go Café

I am honored and delighted that my poem “i am your soul” was acknowledged by Go Dog Go Café. For more beautiful poetry please visit Go Dog Go Café.


look for me my love

my body shines like lightening

striking down from Mount Olympus

i’m in the tremble of each tear

that poor hungry children shed

i’m the prayer of the lonely

the garden where the virgins blush

the mystic bite of occult ecstasies

i’m hidden in the Sistine Chapel

in haunted graveyards at midnight

i’m bursting from the keys of the piano

which plays alone Beethoven’s  5th

now call for god and breathe me in

for i am your soul.


We are pleased to announce the Barista Favorite from March 19th’s Promote Yourself Monday at Go Dog Go Cafe. It is short-prose-fiction’s poem i am your soul. You can read more of short-prose-fiction’s writing at Short Prose look for me my love my body shines like lightening striking down from Mount Olympus i’m in the […]

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Pedro di Santa Fe #evening fantasy

a sunset dressed in purple royal palm trees

folds of white drapes move like courtesans in a hot humid breeze

an open orchid falls and gently rocks my drink

your poetry stains my soul with red carnations’ ghosts

i dream of you…


he moves

somebody calls him Pedro

his eyes two abysses filled with desires

his body flames the tunes of Spanish songs

his passion makes the scented tavern swell

the white drapes cry and fall in love with him

he slowly sips my drink

i want to touch his lips

the ghost of a carnation pulls me back!


your poetry!

i will wait for an eternity…


i laugh

i leave

an old song hunts me

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, Pe

Bellissima Aventura di Santa Fe

i leave

i laugh

the purple palm trees wave at me.




Astral Mandolins #poetry

Play in your room the mandolin tonight

Painting the air with aurora borealis’ verses

When arabesque designs awake my soul

The shining sound the time reverses.


Play in the streets your mandolin tonight

Into the touching of the cords your love for me

The beatings of my heart choreograph the scenes

Making the aurora australis never flee.


When you are done, come to my room

We can unmake the bed, and lie in silence still

Immersed into the sounds of astral mandolins

Watching hermetic lovers dancing the quadrille.




Shared Pain #Glass Lovers

“Shared pain bonds acutely. So, Clara, tell me how acutely shared love bonds?”

Miguel turned his luminescent green eyes toward the Basilica. I did not answer. I thought of Jacques and Miriam and the pain that we all shared.

It felt like some cosmic ritualistic initiation in which the protagonists had their hearts taken out every evening, only to be inserted back into their empty chests early in the morning pumping despair and agony instead of blood.


Wasn’t there any salvation?


Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers.