Midnight Prayer

Give me the power to endure

The wind that’s blowing from the oceans

Its colors mixing earth and sky

With magical, erotic potions.


Give me the power to surrender

To violent, burning rain of kisses

Under forgotten constellations

To understand what your soul misses.


finally now when I’m leaving,


Give me the power to survive

The pain of Mary Magdalene

In the three days of agony

Before the playing of last scene.



Mediterranean Play


Come with me to the Mediterranean

The highway of ancient world

For in the silence of its eye

Still lives the infinite of number Pi.


Climb with me the Mount Parnassus

In fall when Dionysus’ priestess will arrive

Their souls immersed in subterranean desires

Into the burgundy of wine, let’s dive.


Metamorphose me into Cleopatra

The tragic queen of pyramids and lust

Just for one night,

And when the dawn will break

The innocence of our love recast.



Bedroom Tales (I)

Come, red carnations stain the sheets

And candles flicker in the heavy silver

Red wine is breathing in the crystal glasses

Fine lace is flowing in the alcoves like a river.


Come, watch the shadows playing on the wall

When aromatic air is resting on the pillows

The Siamese is pouring in her basket

And bowls are filled with reddish tamarillo.


Now, please, don’t move, the cat is sleeping

And dreams of guarding pharaoh’s tomb.

Don’t talk, you’re here just to listen

The jacaranda’s magic bloom!