Sunday Hues #Guest Post #in mind and out #poetry

An exceptional poem written by my fabulous friend Rachel. She blogs at [in mind and out]

My most sincere thanks to her for accepting to be my guest.

This afternoon wears my sadness
in her palest eyes of Sunday blues
she said she’s not a languid Friday,
with arms stretched out in forever
she is the …

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Sunday #poem #poetry

this Sunday
hangs black drapes on all my windows
look, i packed some memories for her
my crocheted dress
he liked so much
the smell of jasmine from my hair
a symphony
three roses and aromas of some fruit
prayers and a poem that i wrote
the red of tamarillos from the Spanish bowl
the innocence i cherished
when i was sixteen
this Sunday doesn’t stop
she wants my soul


image: EhayDy; Shutterstock; [link]