Gabriela Marie Milton – interview in New York Glamour Magazine #poetry interview

Gabriela Marie Milton – interview in New York Glamour Magazine

My Dear Readers,

I am extremely grateful to be featured in New York Glamour Magazine.

Here are a few snippets from my interview:

NY Glam: What are your top three favorite books?

My favorite poet is Arthur Rimbaud. His work Illuminations left a profound mark in my soul. I recently found a blog in The Guardian written years ago and entitled: “Rimbaud was no genius: The vagabond prodigy promised greatness but never delivered.” I beg to differ...

NY Glam: What three social topics/theme do you care mostly about and why?

Discrimination, abuses of power, and climate change. To some extent they overlap. I despise discrimination with its claim to primordial identities…

NY Glam: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Read. Write. Do not compare yourself with others. Stay close to people who inspire and help. Stay true to your heart… Forget about social constraints. Social constraints are put in place by structures of power that fear talent of any kind. They fear progress because…. Greatness always encounters resistance.

I would be very grateful to you if you could read the entire interview HERE.

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