maritime lovers #evening fantasy

your arm rises from the middle of a colony of orange fish

a Portuguese man o’war stings my arteries

purple venom changes the color of my skin

the ocean holds you back

a red coral hurts my right thigh

my blood attracts sharks

i want to reach you

i dive deeper

phantoms of your love words spread on the surface of my brain

green ivy on a wall of bricks

seahorses show me the way

i see you

you swim with a yellow-edged lyretail

you turn around

your eyes pierce into mine

don’t speak!

if you speak we’ll die!



your “i love you” cuts the ocean in two


avalanches of water fall from the sky

stars shed tears on the forgotten tomb of maritime lovers

why couldn’t you wait?


you smile

your kisses caress my lips

yellow angel fish surround us

humid silent touches