Bloom #poem #poetry

 Suwan Wanawattanawong; Shutterstock

you cut a piece of my hair
it curls between your index finger and your thumb
in the distance
silhouetted against the snow
knotted kerchiefs
the dress of a woman who insinuates herself on people’s skin like mold on walls
in the little house hidden by oak trees
in the unmade bed where every night you sleep alone
I listen to the mineral eyes of a saint
while between your palms
the Little Prince plays with white plumes
signs that birds exist
the winter buries us deep in the ground
our bodies gestate until the birth of spring
when on the top of an unspoken hill
you and I will bloom
into two trees whose fruit will feed the children of the world

Happy Holidays to all my followers. May your 2021 be fabulous.

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