The Finalists of the Poetry Contest Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose

Finalists of the Poetry Contest Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose

My Dear Readers,

Congratulations to the 13 finalists of the poetry contest Woman: Splendor and Sorrow: | Love Poems and Poetic Prose!

I am thrilled to present you with their names, the titles of their poems, and the title of the poems from Woman: Splendor and Sorrow : | Love Poems and Poetic Prose that inspired them. The finalists are listed in no particular order.

Ingrid Wilson, Event Horizon, inspired by the poem You in Another Life.

Eric Daniel Clarke, Somewhere Stations, inspired by The Train to Vienna.

Cindy Georgakas, Chance Meeting, inspired by Self-Indulgence.

Virginia Mateias, Crystals from the absurd, inspired by Moonlight love.

D. Wallace Peach, Eclipsed, inspired by The moon and I.

Joni Caggiano, You Were The Best of Us, inspired by The child to be.

Jeff Flesch, and… love… is seen, inspired by And.. love…

Karima Hoisan, The Stars of Wadi Rum, inspired by Sahara.

Carrie Yang, Yellow, inspired by Yellow.

Vipul Vij, Hues of Emotions, inspired by September Tango.

Timothy Price, One Side Sacred The Other Side Profane, inspired by Between Sacred and Profane.

Jaya Avendel, I met you before, inspired by The Orphic Egg.

Eunice Aformanor, Let your heart …, inspired by Daughter of this Earth.

Thank you to everyone who enter the contest. It was no easy task for the reviewers to come up with 13 finalists. Yet, they did. The next stage in the process is for the reviewers to select the winners. I will feature all poems on my blog after the winners are announced and their work is featured.

As a reminder here is how the selection of the winners is done:

The selection method is similar to that of a double-blind peer review: the reviewer doesn’t know the identity of the author, and vice-versa.

To achieve that the following steps were taken:

  • Create a master document with all submissions. Remove the name of the authors and replace them with numbers.
  • Create a second document with the name of the authors and their assigned numbers.
  • I will not participate in the process of determining the winners. Winners will be determined by two of your peers.
  • However, I will disclose a piece of information and deviate a bit from the fully double-blind process:  the editor of Vita Brevis Poetry Magazine, Brian Geiger, will be one of the reviewers. 


First Place: $300

Second Place: $150

Third Place: $75

Funding for the prizes comes from my royalties.

The winners will be announced soon!


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