destiny #poetry


your poems tattoo

new destiny lines in my palms

i bleed scented roses

colored in Pompeian red

my hair entangles in hibiscuses

stolen from the tropic of cancer

the bed grows thick aerial roots

the wind plays an archaic song

i toss and turn in silky sheets

it smells pines and dark ocean

your heavy kisses fall on my palms

my destiny lines lead to your soul

i wake up

where are you?

a lonely verse sleeps on my pillow

a rose sighs

bleeding love


ropes of destiny #poetry


you’re looking to the vial

i’m looking to the dagger

neither of us worthy of

the redemption of Verona’s lovers

the die is cast

vain efforts to escape each other

end nowhere


erotic pollen

settles between our skins

it rips my heart apart

it makes your heart bit faster

ropes of destiny

tie us


Prompt: static