The Easter of Roses – poem by Gabriela Marie Milton

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and you my love
who know that spring has come
peaches grow on one side of the moon
injured lambs scream on the other
taste of strawberries
my hair freshly cut
herds of feelings return in the night from the waters
possessed by new ghosts we look for each other
the baptism of rain and thin yellow candles
a verse from Seferis bites from my lips
the Easter of Roses with its cold morning showers
never to sin your hands nailed in white marble
the rode of your anchor
my love
it’s spring
it’s me
free your hands from the marble


My book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings featured in San Francisco Book Review and Manhattan Book Review.

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154 thoughts on “The Easter of Roses – poem by Gabriela Marie Milton

      1. Thank you again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweetheart 🥰🌹❤️

    1. Darren, that’s so kind of you to say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your beautiful comment Cheryl. I hope you are well. Sending you love. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you Timothy. I saw Fuzzy. He is adorable. I left a comment. I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend.

      1. I saw you found Fuzzy. I’ll be working on taxes. No fun. No fun at all.

      2. No fun, Indeed. Good luck. I am going for May 17. I cannot do them sooner. I am too tired.
        Say hello to the kitties. Maya and Mr. Churchill send hugs.

      3. Spunk is ornary as usual. The kittens have disvered they can go out in the catio, roll in the dirt and leaves, and bring loads of dirt into the house. The other kitties are doing well, they send hugs, purrs and kitty kisses to all of you.

      4. I am glad they are enjoying. Thank them for the hugs, purrs and kisses.

  1. Your imagery never fails to captivate and hold me hostage in the beauty of the world you create. And there I am always chained to your words….beautiful verse, my dear friend! 💖🌹

    1. Oh, thank you my dearest Brad. It’s spring. Break free.
      Love and roses for you.

      1. And what a year could be 🙂
        That ride sounds so tempting. I love bikes 🙂

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You kind words made my day. Have a beautiful rest of the weekend.

  2. Oh my, what a lovely poem is this!! ❤️ Your choice of words in every poem is so amazing Gabriela. That’s why I love reading your works. Keep up the beautiful work and you inspire me always.
    Xoxoxo ❤️

    1. You are so sweet. Your words touch my heart. You bring warmth and love in my life. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are. There is so much hate and ugliness in this world. I need the beauty and the light you bring.

    1. Thank you so much hon. I hope everything is well with you guys. Love to everyone.

  3. An astounding poem, Gabriela. The imagery, the emotions, the way it weaves through.. Just brilliant! Stay blessed 💫❤️🌹

  4. ‘Free your hands from the marble” is a beautiful ending line. It warps away from the lovely, fresh, bleeding feeling of springtime growth and suddenly becomes set, strained, trapped even. Thank you for a thoughtful piece of writing. <3

    1. Hon, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I am glad you liked the piece and I am very grateful for your support. I am sorry I did not visit with you lately. I am heading to your side right now 🌹

      1. Thank you. I am so thrilled your work was published in another anthology. Congratulations again 🌸🥰🌹❤️

  5. It’s such a lovely & lively masterpiece….that one can almost see it on the mind screen….much love Gabriela ✨ ❤️

    1. Hi David, it’s simply a grammar question. I am not a native speaker of English so I had to make a choice; a choice between “you who know” and “you who knows.”
      I opted for the first because “the verb in a relative clause beginning with who should agree with the noun that who represents. In the sentence, “It is only you who know my secret,” who represents the pronoun you, which takes the 2nd person form, know.
      That said, it is not crystal clear:

      Take care

      1. Thank you so much David. You are wonderful. Much love to you and to those you love.

  6. Wow, Gabriella this is “food for thought” and one i would love to hear more about from you. Call me remedial in my poetry which is true, but my soul would love to hear from the poet in her own words. And I understand interpretations from your readers is the main thing, but it’s always a gift to hear out of the lambs/horses mouth.

    1. My Dearest Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and thank you for wanting to hear from me. Once I am done with teaching and with other university obligations I would love to write a post about my poetic themes and my sources of inspiration.
      Thank you again and have a beautiful Monday.

      1. Thank you Cindy. Enjoy the rest of your day. 🌸🥰🌹❤️🌸🥰🌹❤️

    1. My most sincere thanks. That is really sweet of you to say. Sending you love and blessings my dear.

    1. Aww.. Christine, thank you. I am so grateful for your kind words. I hope everything is well. Sending you love.

  7. And when you think it cannot get more intriguing.
    Dear friend,
    This is haunting. There’s such a wonderful rounding up to the poem, it almost is breathtaking. There’s a complete reversal of metaphors in several lines, and I wonder how beautiful spring even is. Your wonderful wonderful imagery just captures some mind-blowing sun-lit flower dreams, but the undertone of darkness really really leaves me in awe.
    “peaches grow on one side of the moon/
    injured lambs scream on the other”
    I am rather stoked. Wish you a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Such visuals and beauty in every gorgeously crafted line dearest Beautiful Button.

    “who know that spring has come
    peaches grow on one side of the moon
    injured lambs scream on the other”

    I love the way your feelings and faith are given to us through such amazing metaphors.

    “the baptism of rain and thin candles”

    “never to sin your hands nailed in white marble
    the rode of your anchor”

    I hope you had an amazing Easter day on Friday dearest Button. You are just about the sweetest thing ever, thanks for sharing your heart with us. Sending my love to you with touches of white lilies and a glimpse of their trumpet sounds. xoxoxo


    1. My dearest honeybun,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am thrilled you liked the piece. You made my evening with your beautiful comment. I hope you and your husband found the home of your dreams. Please let me know.

      Yes, I had a great Easter on Sunday. Thank you.

      Sending love and blessings

      1. WOW! Basilike, my family is Catholic. I am the only one who was baptized in a Greek Orthodox Church. So, I celebrated Easter on April 4 and automatically assumed that the Greek Orthodox Easter was on the 11th. On the 11th we had another little celebration. No church of course. The only odd thing about that day was that nobody send me any text saying Christos Anesti. But, I thought everyone was probably tired. At a certain point during the day I thought I should send some texts but I did not. Lucky me.
        WOW. Now I am going for May 2. I can’t believe I did what I did. But I have something to look forward to.

      2. Well, it sounds like you are having three Easters this year! What can be better than that?

        To be honest, I am always confused about when we have Easter. May is always the greatest month, since the weather is warm and we can enjoy the outdoors. Have you ever spent an Easter in Greece?

      3. I am still in shock. Yes, I did. 5 years ago. It was wonderful. I have to get back to Greece. I am thinking this summer. We’ll see.

        Yes., May is beautiful.

    1. Hi Priscilla, thank you so much for your beautiful words. They made my afternoon 🌹

  9. An amazing poem. The allegory and insights into the mind paint a compelling picture. I must ask my wife to buy your book. After a long time, I read something which brought me back to my school days of Wordsworth and others.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words mean the world to me. I hope you and your wife enjoy the book.

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